One Way of iPad Photo Editing is To Use a Digital Artists Tool – Art Studio

iPad Photo apps vs a Digital Art App So I spent quite a bit of time trying out a few of the photo editing applications,Photoshop Express, QQ image editor HD, Instagram and also Photopad by ZAGG. Of the bunch of those I found that the Photoshop Express from Adobe was the most polished, iPad app […]

Creating art on the iPad Using ArtStudio and a Stylus

Using the iPad for drawing is great iPad use for both kids and also for artists, the only difference will be in the finished quality of the work. Using the iPad for drawing like this is also an educational use of the iPad also. Once the old fashioned artist types get their head around using […]

Six iPad applications for creating charts diagrams and visualisations.

Sometimes we want to make diagrams on the iPad and there are a number of applications that will allow us to do that. Some are within spreadsheet applications and some are dedicated tot he task of charts and graphs. One of these is a drawing application which versatile in a different way. Numbers – Apple’s […]

The Amazing iPad a Drawing Tool for artists

Drawing on the iPad Software The ipad application for drawing that I have and enjoy using is ArtStudio. I also have Ideas Sketch and PS Express, although I have not actually done much with those two. With ArtStudio there a number of icons at the bottom of the iPad , Tools, Colour picker, layers, shape […]

Checking Out iPadOS beta


iPadOS First Look Great to have the icons on the screen smaller and fitting more of them per page. Even when you have the today view pinned to the left side of the first screen you still have more app and folder icons. Good to finally pin your widgets. Reminders Improvements Completely different layout of […]

Other things I like about the new iPad

I was seriously tempted to get the 11 inch iPad instead of the 12.9 inch. It wasn’t the difference in price that was tempting me. It was more to do with the weight of the object and of the perceived size. I was thinking that a small one would be nice. Easier to carry around […]

Affinity Photo – Best iPad Photo Editing App

Best iPad Photo Editing App

Affinity Photo – Best iPad Photo Editing App Affinity Photo for iPad is an amazing app with great technical depth. So much so, I recommend watching all the tutorial videos available within the app. You could just try playing with all the menus and options, but you’ll be bound to miss a lot of what […]

Art Photo in Topaz Studio

Art Photos

Messing about with photos in Topaz Studio I couldn’t resist working with some of the photos I took while away in France in Topaz Studio. The last time I was using Topaz I spent most of the time just working with Topaz impression because I am used to the effects I can get from it. […]

Flic Button Switches Part Two

Flic button switches

Flic button switches Troubles Not so happy with the Flic button switches this morning. I moved the office Flic Switch to the Mac App (It was connected to the iPad) and it’s giving me problems. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The bluetooth connection seems to be flakey, or it could be some other […]

iPad vs iMac – Document translation Spanish to English

Which is best iPad vs iMac – iOS or macOS I had a rather long document in Spanish I needed to translate into English. I decided I would start by doing this task on my iPad. The document was a PDF, so I needed to use something which would allow me to select text copied […]