pre-orders for 3G-enabled iPads getting them soon

import an iPad from the USA to the UK.png

iPad customers in the US will be getting the 3G version of the tablet computer from Apple, in their sweaty little mitts, as it is scheduled to arrive on April 30th. Some people will be hitting the refresh button on the Fedex web site to see where the parcel is, containing their 3G Apple iPad. They ship directly from China usually but there are reports that they could already be in the US awaiting shipment.

The people that have not pre ordered will be standing inline to get a bit of the buzz at an Apple Store or possibly a Best Buy or other Apple reseller. International customers are still being left out in the cold and it is no consolation that the delay to the rest of the world is delayed because of the runaway success in the US.

That last statement is complete spin and it would be more correct to say that Apple got the numbers wrong with the manufacturing or that they had problems with the process or the ability to ramp up production if the iPad proved as popular as everyone expected. Apple must think that we in the rest of the world just got off the last banana boat if they expect us to swallow that load of cobblers.

The delivery date for the rest of the world is still end of May with pre orders possible from May 10th. There will be a few more that can’t wait that long and will go through the BundleBox route