Rooting Nexus 7 and Updating iOS

How to root the Nexus 7 2013

Helium App Sync and BackupI had been waiting until I had a day free to root the Nexus 7 as I had been thinking it would do better to have plenty of time to do such a job. The thing is, is that things can go wrong and you have to leave time to be able to undo the mess up, but fortunately today everything went perfectly to plan. Well nearly! I had made the backup using the application Helium, backing everything up to Google Drive. Today was the first time that I had to give the application and process a proper test by using the restore from backup feature. Not so much a feature really, but the whole reason for using such an application, if it doesn’t back up from the restore then it is a pretty useless application. For the most part my applications are getting reloaded back onto my Nexus 7. The only thing that is bugging me is that it is taking such a long time dragging the data back in from the cloud even though there is actually a local copy on my hard drive. With having such a slow Internet connection, as you can imagine it is taking rather a long time.

Raybansandfedora YouTubeI looked up on YouTube for information on how to root the Nexus 7 and I found a tutorial by Raybans and Fedora. All I had to do was to follow the recipe step-by-step and hey presto, I had the Nexus 7 properly rooted. Now that I have superuser access to the device it means that I can run some applications which only will run if the user has root access. These would be applications such as Titanium Backup and the one of more interest to me is called BBQ Screen. So now I will be able to send video from the Nexus 7 over the Wi-Fi to my iMac and on there I will be able to use ScreenFlow to record. I already use this application on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and it works fairly well. It wouldn’t be quite as good as the application Reflector which I use to record from iOS and my iPad, but it just about does the job.

Updating iOS 7 On the iPad and on my iPhone 4

It is always very simple to update your idevice to the latest version of the operating system. I saw that with the iPhone 4 I could have done it over the air without connecting it to my computer, but I prefer to connect up via USB to the Mac to do the job. Once again, my dreadfully slow Internet connection is holding me back and it is taking absolutely ages to download the update to the iTunes application. The iPad is now completely up-to-date and at present according to iTunes I have only four hours remaining to wait for the download to finish for the iPhone. Patience is something that I can’t profess to have, but I really don’t have much choice.

It seems that for the most part, the update to iOS 7 is down to correcting a security problem with the logon feature. I daresay that there are one or two other things that will have also been added into the mix considering that the size of the file must be fairly big for it to take so long to download.

IOS 7 on my iPad

Moving to iOS 7

I have been enjoying the update to iOS 7 from iOS 6 as it looks so fresh and it is always nice to have something new to play with. It really does seem like a new operating system. Obviously, it is easy to see that there have been influences from Android which have been put into the Apple mobile operating system. The way to close down an application is very like the way that it works on Android Jellybean and the notification system also takes hints from Android. So I need to spend a little bit more time using the iPad to really see where all the changes are. I have to admit that during the last week I have been using Android more extensively, on account of having the Nexus 7 to play.