Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated

Getting the wrong end of the stick

I It was really weird the other night when I went out for a walk with the dog and I saw that there was a e-mail from my aunt looking for my e-mail address it wasn’t weird that the e-mail got me even though she didn’t have my e-mail does that came somehow or other from a Skype message what was word with that when I got back home from the walk I also saw that there was an iMessage from my mother with the question “ do you have health problems?.” It was a bit too late at night to be able to do anything about it although I did send my mum a message and told her that I didn’t have any health problems and told me that she had had a phone call from her brother, my uncle asking if I had some problem with my health.

Was it something I said?

So that left me wondering as I went to bed if I had said something that had let them take the wrong end of the stick and think that there is something not quite right in one of my audioboos or one of my blog posts. Anyway, the next day at about lunch time my aunt rang me up and it seems that my uncle had told her it seen on Skype that ‘our David’ meaning me, had said something about having terminal cancer on Skype. Well my uncle should have checked the name much more carefully because it was someone else with the name David. But then you know how it is with old folks and technology, they are easily confused. At least I was able to ring up my mum and to tell that I was okay and that she didn’t need to worry. In any case at least I managed to have a very pleasant chat with my aunt about this that and other stuff such as the recent wedding in Estonia.

A visit to Barcelona

My mother has invited herself over to visit and I have promised to take a for a day out in Barcelona when she comes. It is amazing really that she has been here a number of times already but we still haven’t gone to visit the city which is only 100 kilometres away. She will we coming for a visit at the end of october for a week. She is nearly 75 and I call her the techno granny because she bought herself a mac laptop 1 day and since then she has added an iPhone and an iPad mini to the technological stable. She spent more than a year visiting the apple store in Birmingham, probably annoying the apple geniuses in store getting them to show her how to do things. It was certainly a good thing that each time she went in she got a different assistant in the store because she does need to be shown things more than once before she remembers how to do it. In any case, she said that she really enjoyed going and getting the lessons and it was another thing for a retired person to do during the day. Maybe what we can do is to go and visit the apple store in Barcelona and see what new toys are there although we should be spending more time looking at the tourist sites such as La Pedrera and La Sagrada Familia. We will probably have to lash out on one of those tourist buses that take you around the the city, considering her age and that she can’t really walk that far. I haven’t been either is it to Barcelona myself for some time so it will be quite good too go , although I would prefer to go to see some other places and take photographs. Rather than taking pictures of the tourist places I would like to instead be taking photographs of urban grunge. I will have to make a special trip on my own to be able to do that.

Silly O’cLock in the morning

This morning I am at the campsite at silly o clock in the morning and there aren’t too many more weeks left before the campsite closes down for the winter. In any case, there is the possibility that I will be going to part time in about a weeks time. If I could stay at full time for longer, until the end of the season it would be better as I could do with the money. At the moment I have a pressing requirement to finalise my divorce and that could cost me around about 500 euro, possibly more. To be honest I would rather spend money on buying a new toy search as the newly available nexus 7.

The campsite is very quiet at the moment, in fact you could say it is as quiet as the grave. Right at this very moment there is a rather lovely sunrise happening over to the east with the sun coming up over the mediterranean sea. I should really have brought my camera in with me to take some sunrise type shots. Mind you, what is the point seeing as everybody takes pictures of sun rises and sunsets because they are pretty and I prefer to do those urban grunge type photographs as I mentioned. Give me a impressive but dirty looking old factory any day of the week. I don’t get that much time for taking photos while I’m at work, but I am still pleased that I have the new zoom lens that I bought for the Estonia trip.