Rush trip to Ireland

Delighted to be going to see my son and my grandson again so soon. The reason for the trip is to get the divorce sorted out. It was all a bit last minute because the woman at the court wanted to get the paperwork four days before the next court date, which is the same day as my brothers birthday. She had previously said that sending by email would be good enough. It took over a week for my letter to arrive. Maybe I should have used a courier. So papers were in only two days before and I was given the green light and I had to buy a flight that cost 50 euro more than I could have paid a couple of days ago.

My present wife wants to come too

Oliver, my grandson ours as cute as can be and Victoria would love to be with me on this trip. Moreover, she wants some cuddles of the baby. In the most recent pictures he is smiling more and they do tend to grow rapidly. So the difference of one month will be noticeable. I’m looking forward to doing some babysitting myself. I’m just a big old softie.

Winter is here

Crappy weather since the weekend here on the Costa Brava. Still, it sets me up with what I can expect from the December weather in Ireland. It was cool enough there on our last visit,a month ago. I’ll have a couple of days for relaxing, but I might get a paint brush put in my hand. George probably hasn’t got much done since he was away for a week in the cold Northern lands off Estonia. Oliver had to be shown off to to Estonian granny too.