Switching from Android to IOS

I have ordered an iPhone 6

I put my order in for a iPhone 6 last Friday and although it is only been four days since I put in the order and it said that I would have it sent to me within 5 to 7 days, I have already been checking. I’m looking forward to using just Apple products and not switching over from Android and the iOS on my iPad and the Mac. There are plenty of things in the new version of the operating system on iOS 8 giving me other reasons why it is better just using the one system. The extensibility features are pretty cool. Last night I was using Photos application and getting access to filters from an application called Paper Camera directly within Photos. It is the little things like that that make all the difference.

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Good bye to the Nexus 7 also

I am pretty pleased that I can pass on my Nexus 7 tablet to my youngest son at the end of the month. It is still a very good Android tablet that I would keep my hands on if it wasn’t the fact that I will probably get myself a new iPad when they become available next month. When I want to use the new handoff feature in iOS 8 and the Mac again it will be better still for having all Apple products. Another thing that I particularly like about the new IOS 8 is the extensibility feature and this is going to be pretty good when I’m using Touch ID. My passwords manager that I like to use 1Password will allow me to sign into some other applications by using my fingerprint on the Touch ID, how cool is that then?

Android was OK – Mostly

The experience of using Android was on the whole pretty good. There were one or two things that I really enjoyed using and it did work better than my previous iPhone 4. At least it did, until I wanted to upgrade to the latest version of the Android operating system and the carrier who was responsible for sending that out didn’t do so. I didn’t like being stuck on an old operating system so I had to resort to rooting the phone and putting on CyanogenMod. This kind of worked okay for some time but I have to say that over the last couple of months the way that the phone is working is really annoying.