Take Control of Scrivener Two

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The Take control books are popular and now there is one to help you learn more about Scrivener. This is written by Kirk McElhearn

Scrivener is the writers application that I use just about every day. I find it really good for organising my writing work for all my web sites and for the articles that I write for the revenue sharing sites like InfoBarrel. There is a help file with the application but now you can get an eBook which show you more things that you might perhaps be struggling with.

Naturally if I am recommending Scrivener then I am happy to recommend this too. The ‘Take Control’ series of books are well know for having good explanations of software.

Kirk McElhearn is a freelance writer, specializing in Macs, iPods, iTunes, digital music, and more. In addition to having written or co-written a dozen books, he is a Senior Contributor to Macworld magazine and he contributes to several other Web sites and magazines.

  • Find out what’s the difference between a Scrivener folder and a file?
  • How do I change which columns appear in the Outliner?
  • How do I open the Inspector and control what appears in it?
  • What is the relationship between Corkboard index cards and Finder items?
  • How do I monitor character, word, or page count?
  • How do text format presets work?
  • How do I track changes when I revise a draft?
  • How do I change the colour of a revision level?
  • What is the difference between an annotation, a comment, and a footnote?
  • How do I export in an ebook format from Scrivener?

I have used Scrivener to make eBooks and it does a great job of it. This Take Control of Scrivener Goes into detail of what you need to do to set it up. Get a sample of the book.