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The Mac 20 Questions podcast 116 talking to Kurt Sasso

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Good and geeky

Kurt has a podcast called Two Geeks Talking and I chatted to him before about making podcasts for my podcast Answer 20 Questions. I spotted him online again recently and I said to him would you like to be on the Mac 20 questions podcast and he said sure why not. Now the funny thing is, is that although he has used Macs here and there he is not a full-time Mac user. So when I asked him during the interview about what Macs he is using now, it was a bit of a shock for me when he says that is not a Mac user. Like the consummate professional as I am (What a laugh!) I continued the podcast and in any case Kurt is a good bloke, a geek and he wants to be a Mac user at some point in time. So we talk about him doing a course which is in line with him being a podcaster and having an interest in movies that are based upon comics. His podcast interviews have been in the realm of comics, it is all in the same area creatively speaking.

Kurt Sasso

Is the industry standard software the only software that you can use?

I perhaps should have asked him what sort of applications he uses to make his podcasts. We did talk about the video end of things and the need to use Avid, which in some areas of the film business is an industry standard. Sometimes I’m not sure that industry standards are the best thing or the only thing out there. Certainly doesn’t mean that you are obliged to use applications such as Word, just because that’s what most offices run with. Doesn’t mean that you have to use Avid when we have the marvellous Final Cut Pro X available to us for making movies.

Making audio podcasts or making video podcasts

I prefer to make audio podcasts because I have a pretty poor Internet connection. On bad days getting a good connection for Skype for an interview can be difficult even for audio, so I’m sure I would struggle getting good quality video interviews for a podcast. Kurt has a preference for using Google plus hangouts for making video interview podcasts. One of these days I will give it a try anyway and see how well or how badly it works. The only thing with making video podcasts, is that generally you have to put some trousers on.

Being creative, producing creativity

Kurt tells me that he would like to be a producer and during the interview he explains what the role is of a producer in the media business. We also get talking about how it is that some television series get cut for various reasons and how the long-suffering viewers get left in the lurch. It might well be that the television series was a bit rubbish and didn’t deserve to be taken on to series 2 and it might well be that they just ran out of money or the actors became unavailable. Off the top of my head I can think of three TV series that I was watching that were lost in this way. Such is the way of the world. Do make sure that you check out the podcast of Two Geeks Talking as it is a very good listen if you are interested in the world of comics. Kurt Sasso really knows his stuff in his chosen area of expertise.

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