The making of a zombie gorilla baby

I bought a Wacom stylus to draw with on my iPad and my mom brought it here from the UK when she came to visit and of course I didn’t get much time to more than look at it in its box. So no a couples of weeks later I finally got working with it on a drawing that is based on an art speed drawing video on YouTube. A guy called Byron Zempel did a painting in the tradition way with pens and brushes with ink and paint of a zombie character. I took it as my inspiration and started work in ProCreate drawing and painting app for iPad .

I had great fun with the Wacom stylus which has pressure sensitivity so that I can get a thicker line by pressing harder on the tablet. Loads more control over the drawing due to this. I even gave away my old stylus to my mom. This one connects to the app on the iPad using BlueTooth. I have another app that will supper the use of the stylus for drawing too.

My drawing ended up looking quite different from Byron’s painting and I kept on drawing and adding more and more by using layers and trying out various brushes in the Procreate app. Sometimes it is hard to know when to stop. I suppose I could have made snapshots along the way, but I didn’t bother doing that. There are some brushes that have textures that I can use to Imitate real brushes and then some which give stylish effects. You kind of have to be careful with how you use these as it can be easy to mess things up. At least we get a certain number of levels of undo which can take us back to a prior version. I sometimes use that to go back a couple of steps if I see that I have drawn a line not the way I want it to be.

Here is the video I looked at before I started work on the iPad.