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The Range Tool in Audio Evolution Mobile

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Good and geeky

Home, home on the range tool

I have got quite fond of the application called Audio Evolution Mobile to use on my android devices, both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and also the Nexus 7. The application is a multitrack digital audio workstation for mobile and is extremely useful for creating audio files. In the previous video we looked at the basic uses of the application and in this one we are moving on to look at what you can do with the Range Tool.

Selecting with the range tool

You can select parts of audio clips of just one track or across multiple tracks so it is possible for you to choose complete sections in your timeline. Once you have selected the audio that you require then you can copy it and pasted into other sections of your audio. This is particular useful when you have spent time setting up the exact positioning of one audio clip next to another on different tracks. When you use the range tool you can take this audio and pasted so that none of those timings change when you put it in at a different point in the song or podcast or whatever.


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