Too Young and Handsome To Be a Grandad

I can never resist making a funny comment or being silly, despite my age and the fact that I should know better. Plenty of people become grandparents at a younger age than myself. I am 55 at the moment so I am not exactly a spring chicken anymore. Indeed, my brother who is four years younger than me became a Grandad five years ago and I teased him mercilessly about it. It’s what brothers do to each other! So when my son got married just over a year ago, privately I put on a bet with myself that it wouldn’t be too long before a family would be started. So I have had to start teasing myself and making fun about being a Grandad despite being too young and too handsome. Anybody that really knows me would be able to see through this very easily and know that I am incredibly proud and actually looking forward to being a this new stage of life.

The various stages of life

There are times when I think of my own three sons and I miss the time that I had with them when they were young. Times change though and you have to realise that is no point in being sad and you might as well just remember fondly the happy memories. Hopefully I will be able to see enough of my new grandchild when he or she arrives that I can experience a new form of family joy. It is going to be a little bit difficult seeing as I live in a different country. Hopefully there will be enough visits to and from so that I will get to know our new family member.

It’s a drag getting old

The title of this is a paraphrase of a bit of a Rolling Stones song, but it doesn’t really have to be a drag getting old. So long as you can stay healthy, there are plenty of things that bring happiness and enjoyment. As you can tell from what I have written so far in this, I am incredibly proud of my son for taking a big step forward in his life. He told me that he visited some friends a couple of weeks ago who already had a toddler running around their house and he was wondering what it was that he had letting himself in for. It kind of makes me think about when I was changed into being a family man when he arrived on the scene and about how you just kind of get on with it. All of a sudden you have this new little person that seems to take control of your life whether you like it or not. I did like it – I loved being a dad to my son, a dad to all three of my sons. I expect that I will also enjoy being a Grandad.