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Hello and welcome to the NoStylus website, this is a website all about the iPad, the iPhone and of course the iPod too. I am an owner of an Amazing iPad one and I would like to think that when the iPad three comes out, I will be able to get one of those. Presently I am using the iPhone 3G and I am sure that I am due an upgrade imminently. I don’t actually make money phone calls, so I am wondering if maybe I would be better off having an iPad touch that is running IOS five. The only problem with that of course is that with the iPod Touch you don’t get the 3G mobile connectivity. Well actually it is not the only problem because the camera on the iPhone 4S is one hell of a lot better than the camera on the iPod Touch. But then that might not be such a problem because I am more of an SLR type of guy. I have my eye on the Canon T2i or the T3i. I could get one of those instead of the phone and still have cash left over for a good 50mm lens. It is amazing how much we are willing to spend on iPhones, though.


Touchscreen Computing

Articles coming on the NoStylus Website Touchscreen Computing

We will have articles here on this No Stylus website such as – Top ten iPad apps. There could be one or two articles that would be similar to that because my top ten iPod apps tend to change on a weekly basis. There is a possibility that I will discuss the use of a stylus, even though Steve Jobs made derogatory comments about the stylus when introducing the iPhone. There is a case for using a stylus if you are using an art application and also if you are using an app which turns handwriting into text. Without a doubt you do get better quality hand writing or drawing, when you are using a stylus. Even so, this website is all about touchscreen technology and the apps running on the devices. There will be a heavy Apple bias, though you never know there might be other touch screen iPad killers that attempt to challenge the head start that Apple has. So there may be one or two articles in which other touchscreen devices are talked about, although I expect it will be in relation to how they compare with the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhone.

Keep coming Back for the Latest Articles

This is a new website and it is going to take some time to get all of the content on here, that I would like to see on this website, so keep coming back as I will be posting new articles frequently. I do not intend to have articles on this site that are solely based upon the rumours, that the fan boys love to talk about. I have no interest in trying to second-guess what Apple are going to produce for us. I would prefer to write articles detailing how to use the devices. You can expect us to be getting into details regards how to get the best from the applications and also from the hardware.

iOS Business and Productivity – A bit of fun too

Touchscreen Computing with NoStylus will be looking at apps that are to do with productivity and doing business. We’ll see how these touchscreen devices can be integrated into our working lives. I am especially interested with looking into how they integrate with each other and also with our desktop computers. But there is nothing stopping us having a look at the fun apps for the touch screen computers too. As you might expect I am a Mac user, I have an iMac on my desk in the office. I will be willing to accept well written articles from Windows users that are connecting up through iTunes to the iOS devices.


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