Upgrading to El Capitan and Dragon For Mac 5

Today is a day for upgrading

El Capitan is going to be available today, but I don’t think I’m going to get updates because already have the gold master version of the operating system on my iMac. I’ve had El Capitan on the Mac for a week or so now and it doesn’t seem hugely different. I have only just got around to trying out the split screen view which I wasn’t too bothered about because I was using an application called Cinch which was doing the job for me. IMG 1487 Dragon fo Mac 5

Dragon for Mac 5 is working fine

The main thing for me is that I can use my DragonDictate / Dragon for Mac 5. That speech to text dictation application is working as well as it is expected to work in the first iteration of the new version 5. There haven’t been any problems with any other applications either. As I was writing this there’s been an update to the Dragon for Mac 5 app and it claims to fix the problems we’ve experienced in the new app and makes it El Capitan compatible. I will to do the El Capitan update on my wife’s computer. She doesn’t particularly like updates as they change the way things work but it will have to be done anyway. Maybe I won’t even tell her and she won’t even notice. She would be more likely to notice of the work big changes in the Keynote presentation software.

Notes could be used for journalling

So far I’ve not given much time for the new Notes application as I tend to use other applications for keeping my notes and I prefer to use something that does plain text. I don’t really need something that does rich text. For somebody who doesn’t want to spend any money on an application for journalling the notification could be quite a good option. You could use Text Expander to automatically put dates in. The application is good for adding photos and you can even do little drawings which could be something quite nice in a journal. I’ll be sticking to Day One but Notes does work across devices in the same way so you can keep up-to-date with your journal over on iOS and everything will sink across to your Mac. Notes in El Capitan

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