Mac20Q RoundTable 15thMay

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Once again making use of one simple question put in turn to each of the guests to stimulate a conversation about Mac and how we use them.
For this round table meeting I went with….
Question – What piece of software would you Like to buy – Why do you want it and what is stopping you buying it so far?

I was expecting cash flow being one reason for having to wait especially with something like Final Cut due to the cost of it. But then other reasons like a couple of other apps doing the job already, you know it would be better with the new app but can’t quite bite the bullet seeing as it is more or less covered already.

What is the trigger to buy the new software
Is it the need for something new and shiny?
A problem that has to be solved
Just waiting on that recommendation from your online friends about it so that you know you just have to stump up

During the chat we talked about Bento and Filemaker applications. Even Appleworks gets a mention. Paul does the real stuff with MySQL databases. You can even keep a bit of database in a spreadsheet like Numbers. Then of course there are specific things like DVD finder or Delicious Library. Of course a To Do list is a database also.

LogMeIn the iPhone application is something that can be useful especially if you are looking after other people’s computers for a living.

FinalCutPro and the Express version are also applications that the panelists are lusting after, and I don’t blame them. I use ScreenFlow and VideoCue to do some video editing, avoiding the latest iMovie if I can. iMovie isn’t so bad though if you spend some time getting used to it.


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