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Sharing between Mac and iOS

Sharing between Mac and iOS – There are a couple of different applications you can use to share information between your Mac and your iOS devices. For sharing between Mac and iOS there is Push bullet, Desk Connect, Dropbox. How good and useful these applications and services are, depends upon exactly what is you want…

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How to use the Drafts app on iOS

Entering text on your iOS device – How to use the Drafts app When I first saw the application called Drafts I immediately thought that it was a silly idea and should have died at birth. On account of the fact that there were a number of people that were raving about the Drafts application…

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Pencil Camera for iPad

This is an application for adding filters to your photos on the iPad. It can be photos that you have taken already and are in your camera roll, or it can be photos that you are about to take. In fact, these artistic filters can also be applied to iPad video . These will be…

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