iPad Productivity Tips for Entering Text into iOS

iPad Productivity Tips I think of my iPad as a proper computer. It is something on which to get work done. It’s a good thing to consider how you’re going to get your words into the device. Due to the mobility of the device I use it in various situations so what works well in […]

Sharing between Mac and iOS

Sharing between Mac and iOS – There are a couple of different applications you can use to share information between your Mac and your iOS devices. For sharing between Mac and iOS there is Push bullet, Desk Connect, Dropbox. How good and useful these applications and services are, depends upon exactly what is you want […]

Start with Ulysses writing app iOS

Ulysses Mobile – Ulysses app iOS The Ulysses app iOS is a good addition to the iPad Pro for someone who wants to do writing on both the iPad and also the Mac. I’ve looked at Ulysses despite being a user of the writing app Scrivener, which is a super application. When you are using it […]

Game of Threes and Finding Aeroplanes

The Game Of Threes I don’t often get drawn into playing games on my iOS devices, as I prefer to make use of them for creating content and being productive. There are occasions now and then when having something to fill a couple of minutes that are not otherwise going to productive, where a game […]

Pixelmator for iPad – First Impressions

Loving the iPad Air 2 For Creativity I have been very busy to set up lots of different applications on my new iPad and one of these is the new Pixelmator for iPad app. My first try at using it yesterday didn’t go quite so well as I thought it would. I was trying to […]

Phraseology for iOS and Terminology for iOS

Finding out what I can do with the Phraseology application for iOS . It is not too difficult to get acquainted with what it does and how it does it. Early in the morning at the campsite job and I'm trying to get it to analyse the text for me. More text statistics There is […]

How to use the Drafts app on iOS

Entering text on your iOS device – How to use the Drafts app When I first saw the application called Drafts I immediately thought that it was a silly idea and should have died at birth. On account of the fact that there were a number of people that were raving about the Drafts application […]

Getting in the groove with the BossJock iOS app

I always wanted to be a DJ or a performance artist There is a new app for iOS as I have just got my hands on called BossJock and it is just made for anybody that wants to be a DJ or once to record their own radio show. For the younger members of the […]

At last – Twisted Wave a good iOS audio editor

I did try out another audio editor for iOS and it well wasn’t very good, because it had a weird sort of interface. I also have a number of audio recording applications on my iPad and iPhone, but none of them were any good for editing audio. I had seen that there was the application […]

Pencil Camera for iPad

This is an application for adding filters to your photos on the iPad. It can be photos that you have taken already and are in your camera roll, or it can be photos that you are about to take. In fact, these artistic filters can also be applied to iPad video . These will be […]