Publishing Using the Shortcuts App From Drafts

I do my writing ✍️ in Drafts and I want to do it all on the iPad. So I downloaded the shortcut I found. The Drafts app is text only so I have to get images and then do a markdown link to its url. I sent the image in through the Transmit app and […]

Discovering great iPad art applications for creativity

Let’s take a look at Enlight. I am constantly amazed by the quality of the iPad art applications we have available for making innovative, fantastic digital art. One of my favourite iPad and iPhone art applications has been iColorama. I find it’s quite easy to get into a situation where you enjoy using a particular […]

Third Party Keyboards in the Middle of the Night

Bit of a headache so I was finding it difficult to sleep. Got up to take a pill 💊 and have a look at my computer. Loving the Swiping Swype way of writing. It’s a great way to type quickly on the virtual keyboards. You don’t have to be that accurate with finding the keys […]

Loving my iPhone

I’m finding that having a larger iPhone is really very useful. I can do lots more things with the device and quite often I would rather do it with the iPhone rather than picking up the iPad. There are still things with the iPad is better at such as anything where I can use the […]

Got The iPhone 7 and iOS 10 – Loving it!

Collecting from Barcelona I thought I’d have a trip to Barcelona to collect the iPhone 7 although I normally have the new things from Apple sent to my house. The reason I did it this way is because it’s likely the couriers would not get the iPhone to me on the proper day. They always […]

Managing Photos in Photos App

This morning I spent time with the application Photos and I was really quite impressed with the way I could have it find faces for me. The more faces you confirm as a named person the better it gets finding them. Because of this you need to go back to it a couple of times […]

iPhone 7 Plus Ordered! One Week to Wait

I didn’t have to think about it for too long or too hard. The iPhone I’ve got now is two years old and it’s time I upgraded. I had already put €500 into Apple gift cards which I was using as a way to save for the next thing. This could have been for this […]

Apple Watch Health Benefits – Lose Weight

One of the best things about using the Apple watch is to let it record your health data and the Apple Watch health benefits. It encourages exercise for 30 minutes per day, burn up a set number of calories and to spend time standing up so you’re not sitting down all the time. I have the […]

Apps to do one specialist job well

There are benefits to having an app that does one thing and performs that one purpose very well. The advantage is found in the level of detail given to performing that one specialist task. The developer of the application has considered in depth what’s needed to do a good job of that particular process. You’ll […]

Improve learning techniques with technology

I’m still learning things because I am a lifelong learner. I’m looking to improve learning techniques with technology because that’s the way I roll. Diving deep in the subject is one way of making sure you learn things fully. So if you’re learning to speak a new language then you should go to that country […]