Ulysses for Writers – Mac and iOS

Hot off the presses – Ulysses for writers 2.5 As I’m writing this document in Ulysses for writers app, I am delighted to see an email come in to say Ulysses Mobile is now available for download. This is fantastic for me as an iPad Pro user as I’ve been getting impatient to have the […]

Creating Web Forms using Hype App and Web Form Builder

How to make web forms with HTML 5 Hype I have been building up an email list for my Good and Geeky brand of books. Part of what you need, to do this is to create web forms and landing pages. I have my email list with Mail Chimp which is a really useful email […]

First Look at Affinity Photo – MacAffinity Photoshop Alternative

Affinity Photo The new application from Serif joins the already released Affinity Designer and as the title suggests is more of a Photoshop alternative. The two applications are supposed to work well together, so you have the vector design possibilities in Designer, which will also do some bitmap work. You can open a document which […]

Was the WWDC Keynote a bit Ho Hum?

There is no such thing as finished software The Worldwide Developers Conference in America for the Apple developers recently happened and they told us about the new operating system for OS X and for iOS. We’d better not forget there is also the new operating system for the Apple Watch coming. Usually with the update […]

Scrivener The best Software for Writers

Getting started with Scrivener On Mac 20 questions the website many times I have talked about how I love to use Scrivener. In the Mac 20 Questions podcast I interviewed the main developer of the application Keith Blount. I’ve written many thousands of words within the application for my blogs and I have a lot […]

Weird Yosemite Upgrade – Podcasting and Using FTP Apps

The upgrade to Yosemite 10.10.1 was a weird one When I got to my computer first thing this morning the screen was dark and yet the computer was actually running. It wouldn’t start up, so I had to switch it off with a hard restart. When it started up again it invited me to upgrade […]

Affinity Designer – The Best Mac Illustrators Application

This is the illustration App I have been looking for Since I changed over to the Mac from Windows about eight years ago I have been looking for something that was as good as CorelDraw. I was something of an expert with CorelDraw, having used it for about 12 years on a daily basis and […]

Dragon Dictate and Yosemite

So I have upgraded to Yosemite and DragonDictate seems to be working so far. I was a little bit dubious about whether I should do the upgrade or not and this was based totally upon whether DragonDictate would work within the new OS X operating system. It is this speech to text application that I […]

Recommended Plugins for Aperture

Working with plug-ins in Aperture Photomatix Pro Aperture is very good in terms of being able to add effects to photographs and because it was made with the photographer in mind, generally the effects are quite subtle. Certainly they are subtle in terms of comparison with things like HDR High Dynamic Range photography. One of […]

Aperture for professional or enthusiastic amateurs photographers

While Aperture is really very good at what it does with organising and storing your photographs, Apple has given it much more functionality that makes it very useful indeed. As with iPhoto you can make changes by applying effects to your photos, but you get a larger range of effects and adjustments with Aperture. Not […]