The Apple way of doing things – Apple Watch

There is something to be said for using just one company to provide all your technological needs. I have chosen Apple mainly because I like the feeling of quality and ease of use. It is extremely useful to have a system that just all works together. It’s easy when you don’t have to massage and […]

First Apple Watch in Spain

Possibly the first Apple watch in Spain There is the possibility that other people living in Spain have done similar to myself. Having connections in one of the first waves of countries that Apple debuted the watch, I was able to put in my order and even get it on day one. Getting the watch on […]

Good and Geeky Apple Watch

Had to Get the Apple Watch It is true, I am Good And Geeky and obviously I couldn’t help myself when the Apple Watch became available. The buying of the watch didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked it to have gone. This wasn’t down to a bad use of technology on my […]

Not being in the first wave of countries for the Apple Watch

Cross Border Ordering the Apple Watch I can’t help it, but every now and then I check the order on the Apple site for my new watch. Yesterday I saw that there had been some changes and I wasn’t too happy about it. They were checking the credit card, which had already been checked when […]

The Apple Watch – Should you buy One?

It has been a week since the Apple event in Cupertino where they announced the iPhone 6 and also the Apple Watch. This morning I actually got around to watching the video of the event. I would have watched it sooner except for the fact that my brother was visiting and so I have been […]