Good and Geeky Apple Watch

Had to Get the Apple Watch

It is true, I am Good And Geeky and obviously I couldn’t help myself when the Apple Watch became available. The buying of the watch didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked it to have gone. This wasn’t down to a bad use of technology on my part, it was all down to going out to walk the dogs and forgetting to take my key. I got back to the house just in time to put in my order so I would be first in the queue and among the first to receive the Apple watch. I had to wait for a half an hour for someone to bring me a key so I could get in and place the order. I did try to make the order from my iPhone outside in the garden. I was able to get good Wi-Fi to connect to the Apple Store, the only problem was I didn’t have my credit card with me to put in the three digit code off the back of the card.

Apple under promised and over delivered

Due to putting in the order late, as in about 15 or 20 minutes after I would have liked to have made the order, the timeframe for the delivery was going to be in May. They gave me a window of from 12th May until 26th May for it to arrive at my mother’s house in England. Living here in Spain I couldn’t order from the Spanish website. We still don’t know exactly when the Apple watch will be available in Spain. There is talk, that it may be in June. I am glad that I don’t have to wait that long. There was a little bit of a problem in that they flagged the order as being cross-border. I have made orders to the UK website for Apple before and didn’t expect to have a problem. I have orders sent to my family in England and I have paid with my Spanish bank credit card. This time there was a problem as they didn’t want to take the money from my Spanish credit card. The only way around this was to ask my mum to put it on her credit card and for me to give her the money when I see her next week. After a couple of phone calls to Apple to sort this out I was in business again. I should have been able to do this on the Apple website on the orders page for my account, but they made me do the phone calls. At first, I wasn’t sure it had worked out, but the following day I saw the credit card from my mom had been added to my account.

Can you imagine my surprise on the 23rd of April to get an email from Apple to say that my Apple Watch would be delivered on the 24th of April. I was amazed and delighted that I would have my Apple watch delivered on day one of them being available to the world. To the world, that is unless you were a supermodel, fashion designer, popstar or some other rich person who got them a few days earlier. Anyway, true enough the watch arrived on the 24th of April to my mom’s house in England. I was even able to use a tracking code and find out exactly when it was going to arrive. I love it when you see technology that gives you up to the minute information. I got a text message from the parcel carriers to say that my mom’s house would be the next house to be visited by their little van with all of the Apple watches in it.

An older lady style of unboxing

I asked my mom to do an unboxing for me and I recorded it using FaceTime. It was really funny because as older ladies tend to do, she set the iPad so that I could only see the top of her head. No amount of asking her to move the position of the iPad had any effect whatsoever, so I had to go with what we had. I didn’t really mind, as it made it that little bit more funnier. In any case, she was able to hold up the Apple Watch in front of the camera and give it a twirl for the video. The video has proven to be quite popular and has been watched over 1000 times already. People must like my mom and appreciate why we call her Techno-Gran.

Getting my hands on the watch

Apple watch

As I write this, I am two days away from my travel to England. We were already set up to travel to England for a wedding which is on Saturday. We arrive the day before, so I will be able to have the Apple Watch on my wrist on Friday. On Thursday I will contact my mom and ask her to get it out of the box and put it on charge so that it will have a full charge as soon as I have it. It will only have to last until the evening time on Friday when I will have to take it off at night time. Night time, beside the bed is going to be the Apple watch battery recuperation time. When I get up on Saturday morning I will have another full charge in the watch ready for the day of the wedding. I expect to do a lot of steps during the day and spent plenty of time on my feet. It is not going to be difficult at all to achieve the health and fitness goals. I’ll be standing a fair amount of time during the day and completing a certain number of steps. I imagine there will also be plenty of exercise as the dancing will certainly be at a level of movement more than a brisk walk. I will be shaking my booty and the Apple Watch.

As I will be in England and not connected to the Internet as much as usual, unless I can get Wi-Fi in the hotel of the wedding, I won’t be able to get full use of the watch straightaway. I have already organised to have Wi-Fi at the hotel where I am staying, so let’s see how that works out. I will probably spend some time at my mother’s house and to be able to connect to the Wi-Fi there too.

My use case for the Apple Watch

There are many people who are wondering how they might be able to integrate Apple Watch into their lives. There are some people who are thinking that an Apple Watch is a fancy and desirable piece of tech, but not absolutely necessary. For myself, I can already see many useful moments for my Apple watch. While I am at work I have to use my iPhone for telling the time and I’m sure the boss sometimes thinks I am using the phone for other purposes. I am! On account of this, it is going to immediately useful that I’ll be able to leave my iPhone in my pocket more often. When I need to know what time it is I will also be able to sneak views of other things on my watch, such as when text messages have come in. When I am working there are times when it is incredibly boring and I need to entertain myself with something to listen to. What I do now is to have my iPhone in my pocket and my hand over the volume control. When I need to speak to somebody, including the boss, I can quickly reduce the volume. This allows me to keep my brain fed with podcasts and stop me from getting bored, while still being able to do my job to the best of my ability. I use the podcasting application called Overcast and it is already updated to be Apple Watch compatible. I’ll be able to change the volume and to pause what I’m listening to directly from the watch. It’s going to be useful for taking phone calls and I hope I don’t look too silly or geeky talking to my watch. I’ll also be able to silence a phone call coming in by putting my hand over the watch face. So if I’m talking to somebody, such as a guest to the camping site and the phone call is coming in on my Apple Watch I’ll be able to quickly deal with it.

My Apple Watch

What I would really like is for my wife to also have an Apple Watch, so that we can both use it for sending messages to each other. She is not able to take her iPhone into the classroom because she tells her students they are not allowed to bring phones into class either. She could have an Apple Watch on her wrist which could be on silent mode and give her a little tap to say an important message has come in. The students would not be any the wiser. The only problem we would have is that she is using an Apple iPhone 4 and I would have too make sure she was upgraded to a least an Apple iPhone 5C. I know that she would like to have the iPhone 6+ and I also know we can’t afford it.

Apple Watch ready applications

There are over 3000 applications already available to use with the Apple Watch. There have been a number of updates to the applications I use, in iTunes. In fact, it has been annoying with the number of updates every day over the last week I have had to download. I have just had another look at iTunes and there are another nine updates waiting. Now that developers have been able to get the Apple watch into their hands they will be updating their apps once again. Improvements can be made based upon them actually using the device in the flesh. Things are looking very promising indeed for the Apple Watch and wearable tech in general.


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