Looking for an iCloud Download – iCloud Review

Apple iCloud review

The cloud services that Apple have recently introduced called iCloud is their answer to the way that computing is going on these days, as in into the cloud. For some time now it has been possible to use Dropbox for data and file sharing. I have recommended to my readers many times that Dropbox is the best way to have a another backup of your data in the cloud. I still have a free account and I have 10 GB of storage space available. Many times I have used Dropbox for having files shared to me and also for sharing files out. As you might expect from Apple, iCloud does work a little different from the way that Dropbox works.

Comparing iCloud with Dropbox

iCloud review

With the Dropbox file sharing, basically what you do is to have a folder on your computer, and you save your documents into that folder. These documents are automatically sent to the Dropbox account in the cloud and then they are made available to your Dropbox apps. This Dropbox application that you have on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or you could have it on an Android phone, can access your Dropbox files, when you are computing on the move. With iCloud the way that it works on your iDevices is that the service is baked into the applications. To start with, we see that from iCloud you can have your files that you work on automatically uploaded to the online servers. Then those files that you have worked on will be pushed out to your other iDevices. For the moment the Mac is not quite in the loop with iCloud. If I want to get a file as I have worked on in my iPad that is in iCloud, I have to open up a browser window with iCloud to download that file. One would hope that in time there will be file compatibility between the iOS files and the Mac OS X files of iWork.

The applications which have iCloud included in them at the moment are the Apple iWork applications, Keynote, Pages and Numbers. So if you are working on a Keynote presentation using your iPhone, then that file will be immediately available on your other iOS 5 devices that have been set to work with iCloud.

The iCloud technology has been made available to all Apple developers, be that for iOS all for OS X and we will be seeing more applications in time that will have the iCloud functionality baked into them. Already we have iCloud connecting up to our e-mail and as part of the iCloud deal we get an e-mail address that is @me.com. Already I have set up my iCloud e-mail address and I have it so that all of the other e-mail addresses that I was using before are forwarded to my iCloud account. That way all of the e-mails that I get, I can see in one place in the Mail application on whichever Apple Computer I am using. I expect that given time there will be a list of applications that are available with the iCloud technology and perhaps that will help us to make our choice whether we want to buy that app or not.

ICloud and iOS5

Pictures flowing in the Photo Stream

For me one of the most useful items that is included within iCloud is the Photo Stream. I really love it when I can take a photo on my iPad and within just a few seconds the picture has found its way into the Photo Stream that I am viewing on my Mac. That picture is also going to be on my iPhone as well. I have it set so that photos that get into my Photo Stream are automatically brought into iPhoto to be kept for posterity. Or at least until I decide that I want to delete them. It is good news to find out that the amount of space taken up by the photos in Photo Stream and there could be up to 1000 of them, is not counted in the amount of space available for free in the iCloud service.

Find my iPhone

If you want to locate your phone, then that is also a part of iCloud functionality. I can go to the iCloud webpage and I will see the icons that will get me into the corresponding iCloud service. There is e-mail, which is excellent to have, in case I want to connect to my e-mail over the web from somebody else’s computer. And in amongst the other icons there is an icon called find my iPhone. I can go into this section of iCloud, the find my iPhone web application and it will tell me where in the world is my iPhone or my iPad. In fact this application can also be used to locate your iMac or MacBook Air if they are registered with iCloud.

I just went in there and gave it a try and it was unable to find my iPhone or my iPad but it did offer to e-mail me if it was found as a later date. I am not sure why it didn’t find my devices, it could be something to do with that these devices would have to be found, using Wi-Fi triangulation. Maybe if I lived in a town rather than on the edge of a forest this would have worked.

Apple iCloud download

When you upgrade to the latest version of Mac OS X and you have the latest versions of the iWork apps, that is as much downloading as you need to do, to be able to use iCloud on your Mac. As I mentioned, the access to iCloud on the Mac is through the web browser. You have to have the latest version of iPhoto which connects up to the Photo Stream.

Apple  iCloud release date

There is the iCloud download for your IOS devices and those devices do have to be the later models of the iDevices that are able to run iOS 5. You just have to connect your iPad or your iPhone to your computer by the USB cable and in the summary page of information for the device in iTunes you click on the button for Check For Updates. You can use the Find My iPhone application on your IOS device and you can do the iCloud download for that either directly on the device itself or through iTunes.

The Marauders Map otherwise known as Find My Friends

If you have somebody that you would like to stalk, although you will actually need their permission, you can use the Find My Friends application. This is another new feature of iCloud. What you can do is, to use it if you were having a meet up, all of the participants could give permission to be stalked for the day or the weekend of the meeting. Then at any time during that period any other people that are included will be able to look into the Find My Friends application and to see where everybody else went to. This Find My Friends Application could be very useful when people are on the way towards a meet up, for the way that it integrates with the GPS mapping. You could have the service tell you directions for getting to where the others have already congregated. Maybe if you have the iPhone 4S, you will be able to ask Siri to set this up for you.

iTunes Match

As part of the iCloud service you can have the items that you buy from Apple through iTunes, such as your videos and music pushed out to all of your iOS 5 and OS X computers. So if you buy a song on your iPhone, then when you get home you will find that song is already in your iTunes library on your Mac.

With iTunes match which is available as a cost of $24.99 you can have all of the music that you already have in your iTunes library available to you, on all of your devices. It could well be that you have a ripped copy of a CD that you own and you will be able to stream that set of songs from iCloud – iTunes Match to your IOS devices. Another great benefit of this is that usually the version that you can stream and download to your other device from iCloud will be of a higher quality than the version that you have already. The iTunes Match service is supposed to be available from the end of October 2011. As of this date in November it is late and has not yet been implemented.

Contacts and calendars with iCloud

ICloud email app

Having been a previous user of MobileMe, I was looking forward to seeing the way that contacts and calendars worked with iCloud. This is because in between using MobileMe and iCloud becoming available, I did try to do some synchronisation of my contacts and calendars using the Google services. It was not a complete success. The Google services were difficult to set up in the first place and never really worked out well, nor looked very good either. Before the advent of Google plus, I regarded Google as being well-known for making efficient software that was just a bit ugly.

There were one or two people that when upgrading to iCloud did run into a couple of difficulties with seeing duplicates of contacts or problems with the duplication of events in iCal. Much of the time this was due to unfortunate combinations of software and for most users it did actually work quite well. I prefer to use the Apple supplied software that came with my iMac, my iPad and my iPhone for the calendar functions and the contact list functions. I like the way that the address book integrates with other applications on my Mac or on my iPhone. I can start typing a name while in my mail application and it will give me the suggestions, so that usually I only need to type a couple of letters to have the full e-mail address in front of me, of whoever it is I’m writing to. It is also useful while I’m in e-mail to be able to click on a date and have that date pushed into my calendar app, iCal, as an event. Usually it will also take into consideration any time zone differences.

Apple iCloud review

Overall the introduction of iCloud seems to have been very successful. The one or two issues that did come up, such as the duplicating of some addresses for some people and the lateness of iTunes match are not too difficult to get fixed.

While it is very handy to be able to have the push technology used when you are working on your iWork applications, we will have to wonder how quick there will be any sort of take up from third-party developers. If there was a Scrivener for iPad application, it would be very useful to be able to work on whichever device and have my documents there and also available in the same condition in which I left them, while editing them elsewhere. Apple do certainly need to do something about making it possible to save documents in the same way on the OS X side of things, rather than making us have to do manual uploads and downloads of the iWork documents we have been working on.

iCloud review – Apple users worldwide are enjoying using iCloud and the crowd experience of iCloud will be found in an iCloud wiki. It is possible to go and look in the help forums on the Apple website, where Apple users have talked about their experiences and pooled their information about how iCloud has worked for them.

Save money with a refurbished iTouch and free iTouch apps

Cheap iPod TouchWhen times are tough, get a refurbished iTouch / iPod Touch

It is obvious in these more difficult financial times, that many of us would like to save money, but at the same time we would like to still enjoy our tech devices. One way to save money is to use the Apple refurb store to buy the latest tech at a discount. I have used the refurbished store to buy a MacBook and it was an excellent purchase of an excellent piece of software. I got a discount of about 18% on the MacBook and you can generally expect to have a discount of between 15 and 25 percent, depending upon the product. You will usually find that if it is an older model then you will get a bigger discount. For the new, latest generation Apple technology iDevices, the discount will be around the 15 percent. I highly recommend looking at a refurbished iTouch or iPod Touch, to give it its proper name. If you were looking for a way to save money with buying a cheaper iTouch device rather than buying the latest and greatest iPhone 4S, then here is a way for you to save even more cash.

Refurbished iTouch devices are better than new

The refurbished models of the iTouch or iPad, or even if you decide to buy yourself a Mac such as the MacBook Air, are actually better than the models that you would buy from the normal Apple Store. This is because they are as good as new ones, but will have benefited from an extra amount of care and attention to make sure that they are in tiptop condition. They are certainly not second-hand, it could be that packaging was lost and had to be replaced. It is also possible that the item was returned for something minor and may have only been opened, looked at and sent back. From my own personal experience of buying from the Apple refurbished store, I would thoroughly recommend it.

refurbished iTouch

Some Apps are worth getting even if they have to be paid for

There are some applications that we use and are good enough to pay for and are well worth spending the money on, such as Evernote for iPad for example. There are also free iTouch apps and a whole load of best free iPhone apps that you can fill your refurbished iTouch with. So saving money by getting a refurbished iTouch / iPod Touch and only using the free iTouch apps doesn’t have to curtail your enjoyment of the device. You can still do some quality mobile computing while still having some money left in your wallet. To be honest, if you know what applications you want, to do the task that you want to do, then you can probably get away with only spending a small amount of money to get yourself kitted out with everything that you need. Most users tend to do just certain things most of the time. A writer will spend most of his or her time using writing applications. Then a writer will probably use just four or five other applications on a regular basis. So it would not really be necessary for you to keep spending and buying new applications that maybe you won’t actually use in the end.

Get the apps when you need them

Often the way it works with our finances is that money comes in bit by bit. Some people get paid weekly and some people get paid monthly, then there are those people that work freelance or self-employed who get paid whenever the job is done. So if you are an iTouch or iPod Touch owner and you have started off with a refurbished iTouch device. To keep costs down you filled it with some free iTouch apps in order to find out exactly what it is that you want to do with your iTouch handheld computer. Then the next thing to do is to choose carefully a few paid for applications. If you have heard on the grapevine that there is a particularly good application to do exactly what you need to do, but it costs a bit more than some other applications, then you might decide to splash out the cash to buy it. It can be more sensible to do this, than to go from the free iTouch apps to the mid range applications, that might not do all that you want them to do. If that midrange iPad application doesn’t do all that you expected of it, then you could end up having to pay for the better, more expensive app in the end anyway.

Need to save money ? – How much does an iPod Touch Cost ?

How much does an iPod Touch cost

If cash is short and you can’t afford to buy yourself an iPhone, then you might consider getting yourself iPod Touch instead. Although there is quite a difference in the technology in the iPhone and the iPod touch, depending upon your needs you could find that iPod Touch could be just what you need. In this case you will want to know how much are iPod Touches, so that you will have an idea about how much money you will save by going for the cheaper iDevice. Questions that you are going to want to ask are going to be along the line of :-

  • Do you need the five or eight megapixel camera.
  • Do you really need GPS.
  • Is it necessary for it to be able to work as a phone.
  • The dual core A5 chip, is the faster speed necessary.

Those are the sort of questions that you will ask about the technology side of the question, iPhone versus iPod Touch. Maybe all you also want to consider the cost of the iPhone in terms of your phone plan and whether you can get some sort of subsidy from the phone company to aid your purchase of an iPhone. If you are going to be spending a certain amount of money per month on a phone calls. Would that amount cover the necessary monthly charge you would need to pay to get a subsidised iPhone. Unfortunately there is no way that you will be able to get an iPod Touch for cheap money, in the same way as you can with the iPhone.

Cost of the iPhone SIM Free

First of all let’s take note of the price of the iPhone as a base level and we will question if the iPhone 3GS is worth looking at, because at this stage it could be far too old to consider. On the other hand, it still is a good phone and possibly has a better specification than the iPod Touch, so we have the iPhone 3G S at a price of €359. Then there is quite a large jump up to the iPhone 4 and for one of those I would have to pay €499. Both of those models are running with 8 GB of storage. Moving on again to the next step up the iPhone price ladder we are looking at the iPhone 4 S and this latest iPhone is going to cost from €600. All of these prices are for iPhones without a contract. I would think that for many people having a phone without a contract is a better idea in terms of overall price. It really depends upon how you use the phone. Do you make many phone calls. It is a shame that there don’t seem to be any phone plans for the contract phones, where they take into consideration users that don’t make that many phone calls but want the iPhone purely for the Apple geekiness and the use of data.

How much does an iPod Touch cost

Really – How much does a iPod Touch cost?

So in contrast how much does an iPod Touch cost? To get yourself the latest iPod Touch the prices start at €189 and this is for the model that has only 8 GB of storage space. There is no 16 GB version so the next price up is €289. As you can see with those prices we are getting a device that will run iOS five and if you get the 8 GB version you are saving quite a lot of money. If your main consideration is running the latest iOS 5 version of the operating system and the latest applications, then the iPod Touch could be just what you are looking for. Certainly the iPod Touch is not the same as having an iPhone, so it really does depend on exactly how you plan to use the iDevice.

My own needs – iPhone vs the iPod Touch

I could be quite happy at getting an iPod Touch for cheap money deals, because for most of the time I am using it as an iPod for listing to podcasts and occasionally music. I really don’t make any phone calls, but I do still have to carry a phone around with me, just so that I am contactable and can make the odd phone call from time to time. Certainly it would be a bit of a pain having to carry more than one device around. Also I would have to think about how I would have 3G connectivity with the iPod Touch. There is the MiFi which is an excellent tool to use in order to provide up to 5 Wi-Fi connections from one 3G mobile phone account. I still wouldn’t be able to make phone calls although I could possibly get around this by making Skype calls. Maybe even paying for phone calls to mobile phones and to landline phones by using the plan within Skype that you pay for.

Savings made.

Buy the iPod Touch instead of an iPhone to save €170. That is the cheapest iPod vs the cheapest iPhone. Save €210 by getting a iPod Touch with 16GB instead of an iPhone 4.So it is not really an easy choice and sometimes the only thing to do is to just save the extra cash and get what you really want. Right now I am thinking along the lines of the iPhone 4. I am not so bothered by Siri and the iPhone 4 would be a big jump from the phone I have now anyway. At least we know how much are iPod touches.

Getting it back with an iPhone locator or iPad locator

 iPhone locator  iPad locator

Get my touchscreen computer back – iPhone locator and iPad locator

If you put your iPhone, iPad or your iPod Touch down someplace or other and you don’t know where, there is now an app that you can use to find it again. In fact you can even find your Mac using this find my iPhone software. This excellent, innovative software which you can install for free on another iOS device can even be used to protect the data on the device, in the case that the iPhone, iPod Touch or your iPad has been stolen and you don’t expect to get it back. At the very least your data, your sensitive information will be protected from the thieving gits.

This Find my Phone is a brilliant tool as an iPhone locator and you can also use it as an iPad locator. Imagine if you will that you are using your iPad on an aeroplane flight and you put it into the pocket on the seat in front of you. With all of the hustle and bustle of getting off the aeroplane, the grabbing of your coat and your luggage from the overhead lockers, you completely forget to pick up your iPad out of the pocket. There is a chance that you could get your iPad back, if an honest person has picked up your iDevice. If the person is not so honest, then you still have a better chance of getting back your beloved iPad back, if you have your iPhone with you and you start up the Find by iPhone app and get it to locate your lost device.

iPhone locator

iPhone locator and iPad locator Tricks

Not only will this iPad locator find your iPad for you, you can also get it to display a message to say where the iPad can be taken to be returned to you. This application can also be used to play a sound loudly, as in full volume. This is particularly handy if you have located the general area of where your iPad is, but can see it yet. Perhaps the iPad is in somebody’s bag or pocket, all you have to do is to get the iPad to call out to you and tell you where it is.

When you are travelling around with your iPad it only makes sense to set a pass code lock in case it does fall into the wrong hands. In the case that you have forgotten to do this, then you will find that it is possible to remotely lock your device, that could be an iPhone or an iPad or even an iPod Touch. You can do this to your iPad as a security measure and then only at the last moment, if you are more sure that you are not likely to get the iPad back take the next stage, which is to remotely wipe the data off the iPad. In these days of stolen identities, being able to look after your identifying details and your credit card information, if that is also stored within your personal data on the iPhone, is super important.

What about a phone locator for Android?

There are Android apps that will do some of these things to find your phone. Not sure how they compare to this Find my iPhone App from Apple. Part of the functionality of the Find my iPhone app is supplied with iCloud and you do have to be using iOS5 to make it work. It will do a better job of finding an iPhone because it has a GPS radio in it where the iPad doesn’t. It relies on an assisted GPS from the triangulation of the 3G signals.

How do I Know What generation is my iPod Touch – Can it have iOS 5

What generation is my iPod Touch

This is something that we need to know from time to time, the question of what generation is my iPod Touch? Lately this is because the operating system is split into versions for different iDevices and quite often there are separate versions for generations of the same device. This is hardly surprising seeing as the iPod has been going for some time now and stayed with the same name for the marketing purposes. This is just the same as the way that car manufacturers will give a car a name and even though it changes drastically over the years, it will still be called a Golf, or a Focus and so on.

What generation is my iPod Touch

I found that an easy way to find out what generation is my iPod Touch, is to look at the back of the iPod and try to find the model number. It was very difficult to see, I had to put on my glasses and still I could have done with having a magnifying glass. So look at the lower part of the iPod underneath where it is engraved with the amount of internal memory it has. So for me just underneath where it says 16 GB, I can see that first of all there is a serial number, which is in very small text. Then underneath the serial number in a sentence which starts with designed by – I can see at the end of that there is the model number. The model number of the iPod, I have is A1288. This is the important number that we are looking for. I can work it out from this model number and I can say on my iPod touch it is a second generation, 2G. The iPod Touch that I have is one without a camera and whether or not it has a camera is another way to help you work out which generation of iPod Touch you have.

More How do I tell what generation my iPod Touch is?

If when you look at the back of your iPod Touch to try and find out exactly what you have, and you see the model number A1318, then you have an iPod Touch 3rd generation. There are also other clues which can help you work out the generation of your iPod Touch. For instance if the back of the case is rounded (bevelled), rather than being flat with no audio buttons on the side then it is a generation 2 and not a first-generation iPod touch. The second-generation iPod touch also gained an oval shaped wireless antenna cover on the rear of the device, top left corner. On the previous model the cover was rectangular.

IPod Touch with iOS 5

The iPod Touch fourth-generation

This model of the iPod Touch, the 4th Gen has two built-in cameras and is available in both white and black. This is the current generation of the iPod Touch. It was introduced in September of 2010, just available in black and the white model of the fourth gen iPod touch was introduced in October of 2011. It is available in 8 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB configurations and is quite a desirable iPod, although not quite as desirable as the iPhone. The iPhone 4 has a much better camera front and back and the iPhone 4S, the camera is better again.

Before the iPhone event which was called ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’, which happened in October of 2011, I was kind of hoping that there could possibly have been a new iPod touch introduced. On account of the fact that I don’t make many phone calls, it would have been great to have an iPod Touch in the line up, that had the good cameras as per the iPhone 4 and also to have 3G internet connection. Alas that was not to be, so that still leaves me still in a bit of a quandary as to what to buy next. If the iPod Touch had a better camera I would buy it in a heartbeat. I would get one even faster than that, if it also had the 3G connection. That would kind of make it like a nano iPad. When it comes down to buying another iDevice like this, I think I will be better to wait until the next version of the iPad, the iPad 3. If that has the better camera to go with the fact that it already has 3G connectivity available in some of the iPad models, then despite the fact that it is a lot bigger than the iPod, it could be just perfect for me. I wouldn’t mind getting an iPod Touch 16gb 4th generation. For the moment though, at least I now know, what generation is my iPod Touch.

Why would I want to know what generation is my iPod Touch?

What does happen sometimes, is that an iPod Touch owner will be trying to update to iOS 5 and each time they click on the Check for Update, they get the message – This version of the iPod software (4.2.1) is the current version. It doesn’t matter if the iPod is restored and restarted numerous times, nothing seems to work. Often in such a case, what you need to do is to make sure that you really have an iPod Touch that is a third-generation model. That is why if you see the A1288 model number on the back then you really only have a second-generation model. And you can be sure that if the device only holds 8 GB of your data, then it is surely a second-generation model iPod Touch.

If you have verified that your iPod Touch is a model that can be upgraded to iOS 5, then maybe what you need to do is to download the update from Apple directly. Here is a place where you can get those iPod updates to iOS 5. Download what you need, then hold down the option key and click on Restore. Go to where you have your downloaded iOS 5 update, choose that and continue. If you haven’t been backing up your iPod through iTunes already, it is going to be a good idea to do a backup first. Doing an update to iOS 5 in this way will wipe out any data that is on your iPod touch.

Top ten iPod apps – What you have to have on your iOS iDevice

The NoStylus top ten iPod apps

If you’re one of those people that don’t have the iPhone because you don’t make many phone calls, you probably still want to have the benefits of the latest IOS software, which at the moment is iOS five. I know some people that have successfully used an iPod in conjunction with a MiFi to be able to have the iOS mobile platform, while out and about. Sometimes it is much handier to carry a small device such as the iPod rather than to be carrying around the larger iPad. This is despite the fact that the iPad 2 is much lighter than the iPad 1. It is also despite the fact that if your eyesight is such that you need something bigger to look at, then the iPad is going to be better to carry around for your mobile iOS computing. Obviously there are going to be occasions when you need to travel light and to put the iPod into the bag along with a pair of spectacles, is what you have to do.

Top ten iPod apps

The top ten iPod apps that are iOS must have applications.

1Password Touch

It is inevitable that when you are using your iPod Touch, you’re going to be doing some website surfing. In these days there is an urgent need for having good passwords on all of your websites, and those passwords each have to be different. To cover your safety with passwords, you have to have the app 1Password. You can have it so that 1Password is available on your Mac computer and have the passwords that you create on the desktop to be synchronised with the passwords that you will use with 1Password touch.

The way that it works is that you have one good password, that you can remember easily as your gateway into the 1Password system that creates good, but hard to remember passwords for all of your different websites.1Password and 1Password Touch makes it so that you don’t have to remember any of those difficult passwords. Best of all it will create passwords for you that will have high security and no one will be gaining access to your bank account, unless you do something stupid. I suggest the best thing to do is to buy the 1Password Touch version that works both on the iPad and also the iPod and iPhone, the universal 1Password.

GoodReader for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store


You can use the iPod touch, the iPad and also the iPhone even though the smaller devices are a little bit short on screen space, retinal display notwithstanding, for creating and working on documents. This means that you will need to have access to your files and GoodReader is a great way to get files onto your iOS devices. Using GoodReader you can get your PDF files onto your IOS device then use it for actually reading the document. You can also annotate your PDF files in GoodReader. Of course it is quite likely that you want to do some editing of some of your documents and with GoodReader you can send documents to other applications. You may for instance, decide to send a PDF through to the iBooks application where you may have better settings for it to be read easily. Although within GoodReader, it is not too bad and you can even have a text auto scroll and set the speed of the text as it moves across the touchscreen. Although I have to admit that I’m looking at a PDF at the moment and I haven’t worked out how to make the text scroll. Oh! Wait a minute, it has just started doing it, the reason it wasn’t scrawling before is because when it gets to the end of the page it stops. There is much more that can be said about GoodReader so look out for a full article detailing all the best things about GoodReader.

Games | Plants vs Zombies™  Download Games

Angry Birds, We Rule, Flight Control HD and Plants Versus Zombies

I have gone for a three in one recommendation for games that you can use while you are waiting in a queue. These are games that are easy and you won’t mind putting down, when you finally do get to the head of the queue. Yes, they are entertaining enough that you’re not going to be completely bored. You could also include Bejewelled and a number of other games within this list. With some of these games it is quite likely that when you are standing in the queue, someone might tap you on the shoulder and ask you to move forward a few paces. It could even be that you have left big enough gaps that you lose your space in the queue and end up waiting for longer. Warning, some of these games are quite addictive.


Evernote – The best note taking application

Taking notes while you are computing on the run, is inevitable. With Evernote you can insert all sorts of notes into the application and it is particularly useful the fact that you can include photographic notes. You can take a photo from your camera or put a photo note in from the camera roll. Evernote is particularly clever in that it will perform OCR on the text within an image, but just so that the notes can be searched. Evernote also takes audio notes, this can be very useful when you’re using one of the small screen iOS devices as it saves typing on a dinky wee keyboard. Audio is not so good if you need a note that it is possible to search.


SimpleNote for the quick one-off note taking

SimpleNote on the other hand is a text only note taking application which synchronises with a web application, which then synchronises with a notes application on your desktop computer. The one that I use on the desktop is called NvAlt. It is a good combination of applications and I can recommend it as it works very well indeed. I tend to have this for the quick short notes that are perhaps more short term.

Modem orange 3Gwifi E5 p

Skype the telephone app

If you are using a MiFi with the iPod Touch so that you have 3G connectivity, then Skype will think that it is on Wi-Fi and you will be able to make telephone calls using Skype. You will need to have a paid account with Skype if you want to call landlines and mobile phones, although the Skype to Skype calls will be free. On account of many of my contacts are also Skype users, I will quite often use Skype as an IM chat client, just for sending a quick message.

Dropbox – Copying and moving files to iOS Devices

Dropbox is an excellent synchronisation tool. When you are working on your desktop computer, save your files into your Dropbox folder and they are automatically uploaded to the cloud. Work on any files that you create on your IOS device and often there will be a facility within the application, that will allow you to save them to your Dropbox account. Once the files are in your Dropbox folder those files are then also available wherever else you want to use them. Dropbox is not just one of those top ten iPod apps, it is the number one of the must have apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

You will probably need a To-Do application

Again it is difficult to single out a get things done, GTD type of application because there are so many of them. My favourite lately is an application called Wunderlist, it is simple and it does the job for me. Another GTD application that is worth looking at, is called Orchestra, there is Remember the Milk, and Omni focus. There are not big differences between these applications, after all what it really comes down to is you are making lists. It is quite likely though, that you will find one that suits you better than another, so be prepared to try out a couple of them. I recommend that you start with the free ones first of all and work your way through to the expensive ones like Omni focus.

Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Smart Radio

Even though one of the functionalities of the iOS devices is the iPod functionality, the MP3 player, there are times when you may want to listen to something different. Stitcher smart radio gives you another route to podcasts and music channels and is well worth having on your IOS device.

Getting social with iOS

Within iOS 5 Twitter is included so that you can share what you are looking at, to your Twitter account, very handy indeed. But there is not just Twitter to consider, you also have Google plus, Facebook and LinkedIn to think about. There are a number of Twitter clients that you can use on an iOS device, I like Twittelator much better than the official Twitter application. Twitter Bird Pro is not bad either.

Twittelator Pro

There is now an official Facebook application which works very well, and is especially good on the smaller iOS devices, the iPhone and the iPod touch. Particularly good now, is the fact that it is a universal application which also works well on the iPad.

Top ten iPod apps

That is the first round of top ten iPad iPod apps and you can expect to see more posts like these. Keep looking out for the posts in which there will be more detailed information about using these various iOS apps.

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