Speech To Text Software on iOS and Mac

Good and Geeky way to write When we have using speech to text software it baffles me why it is, when people are on about writing these days, they often are thinking about using pen and paper, or even worse using a pencil. It’s not the most efficient way to get the words out of your […]

Add review questions in iBooks Author

Seeing as the iBooks author is so good for the making of textbooks that can be used for study purposes, it is good to see that Apple put in the interactive widget that allows you to add review questions. The way that this works, is that at the end of a chapter or section you […]

Starting the day with Siri and Dragon Dictate

Before I even opened my eyes I was able to send a post off to Facebook, check the time and also I sent a message to my wife. The spelling in the Facebook message was okay but a couple of the words were incorrect instead of saying sent her, it said centre. Siri read the […]

I am a writer and author and I write non-fiction books. I have one already published into the Kindle store. The second book is nearly ready to be published and I expect to have a third ready to go in a couple of weeks. This is a little different, in that it is a small […]

I want to be a writer

This morning I was listening to podcasts about being a writer while walking the dog. There was a podcast on self publishing, writing and marketing books by Simon Whistler called The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast. He was interviewing an author called Mark Wayne McGinnis who wrote books called Scrapyard Ship (Scrapyard Ship Series Book 1) […]

Geeky Writers Workflow – Banish Writers Block

When you have a pre-defined workflow that takes care of everything from the creative part of the job to the finishing up with editing there is no need to suffer writers block. There are tools you can use to get the ideas rolling and for you to never be short of things to write about. […]

Add 3D objects to iBooks Author project

This has to be one of the best uses for the iPad touch interface, adding 3-D objects to iBooks. I love the way that you can take an object on the page of your book and spin it around in all directions. If you know how to use one of the 3-D object creation applications […]

Self publishing with Kobo

I decided that my second book I would send to as many online bookstores as possible. To not bother with the KDP Select of Amazon for Good and Geeky Writer Workflow. I have heard on a few of the podcasts, there is not enough benefit in the KDP Select to make it worthwhile having a […]

Adding text to iBooks Author and dealing with styles

When you open up a new project in iBooks Author you are not given the opportunity to open up a project without having a template. What this does is to force you to use styles. It may seem that Apple is being the heavy-handed Big Brother that is forcing you to work in a particular […]

How to Use iBooks Author

iBooks Author is relatively quite an easy application to start working with, this is because it is quite similar to the way that the application Pages works in terms of the way that it handles text and images. Of course, with iBooks Author you do get a number of extra facilities, such as the ability […]