Remind Me App – Which One?

What’s The Best To Use For A Reminders App

I have a number of tasks I have to complete while at work which I need to be reminded about. In previous years I used the application Due. I was happy using it and it worked really well for what I needed to do. The best thing about it is that it has this persistent reminder thing. It will tell you you’ve got to do something and then five minutes later tell you again. It’s not an unlimited number of reminders but it is often enough for the message to get through. It also works well on the Apple Watch.

I’m not quite sure why I stopped using it, but I looked at the possibility of using Reminders app by Apple instead. Also I was using the application Sorted which had some nice features. I put it on all of my devices, but the only thing I didn’t like was that the synchronisation between devices was slow. When I had checked something off as done on the phone it would still be persistent on other Devices. It just took too long to synchronise.

Apple Reminders

Using Reminders has been pretty good, but sometimes I don’t get the message from the app. Also it doesn’t have that persistent way of reminding I have with Due. Other good things about Apple Reminders is that it has a good interface which is easy to use and you have extra things like tags and location. You can also give the reminder a flag and a priority rating. You can even have subtasks, although I prefer not to use them because you have to open up the reminder and look inside to see what those sub tasks are. So you don’t know what you’re supposed to do until you actually go looking inside. Unless of course you can just remember what those subtasks are.

Other Options For A Reminders App

I’ve been looking at one called Ticktick which looks pretty good. Has a good looking interface as well as the bells and whistles you would expect from a modern reminders app. I had this running at the same time as Due for a whiole. Fairly pleased with the application although I’m thinking it’s too expensive to use. I have too many Subscriptions running already. The subscription for Due is only €5 per year which would only cover two months with ticktick. I don’t think the free option is going to give me enough.

Another one I have looked at in the past it is Omnifocus just too expensive. I did pay for it once and it has all the best features, but it’s too complicated and too expensive for my usage. It’s a sledgehammer for cracking a nut as far as my needs are concerned.

Back to Due Again

The other useful thing with Due is that you get timers. The auto snooze you can set how many times you want it to repeat up to 10 times for repeat in definitely when possible. I have mine set for three times. When you need to change the time on the time picker you have buttons when you want to change it quickly. There is a thing called Critical Alert and these will always play a sound and appear on the lock screen even if your phone is muted or do not disturb is on.

Another option is to create an event. This allows you to move the reminder from the Due application into your calendar application. It’s easy to create Reminders in the Due application, but you can also create them in the Apple reminders app and import them. This is very easy to do and it works seamlessly. Only works on the iPhone app though and not in the iPad app, which is a little bit strange.

I normally like to have my applications everywhere so also available on my Mac. I’m not going to be doing this with Due because it’s too expensive on the Mac. For a start you have to pay €18 to buy the application and then there is another €9 per year they expect off you to get the upgrade.

To Do App by Microsoft

I look to briefly at this one as it is the application which used to be called Wunderlist List. I used this one in the past also and thought it was okay. When I looked at this a couple of days ago I wasn’t really impressed with the design of the application or the usability. The good thing about it is that it’s free and it is available on all the platforms.

Another Possibility is GoodTask

This is an add to Reminders essentially. There is a free version and it 10 Euro upgrade to unlock everything. It really likes to nag you into buying the upgrade. I’ve been looking at it briefly and not loving it so far. The buttons for making it a recurring task and It seems you need the upgrade to get back into a task to change it. Or you tell it to open in Apple Reminders and make changes there. Possible to change the due date, clear date, followup. There are also bulk actions. It is not a bad option to use GoodTasks and the price is not excessive either. Still think I’ll be sticking with Due for my daily reminders for the moment.