Stylus Decisions – iPad Stylus Reviews For More Information

Using iPad Stylus Reviews To Decide Upon Which Stylus To Buy After reading a few of the iPad stylus reviews, it was time to go out and buy one for myself. There are a variety of iPad stylus available and some of them are quite informative about how you might use an iPad stylus. You […]

iPad Microphone To Use For Recording Audio – Best iPad Mic

The iPad does have sound facilities for recording. There is an iPad microphone and it is sensitive enough that you will be able to record within a meeting, or in a classroom. Because of the sensitivity of the microphone, I’d suggest that you would want to have a fairly quiet room, with just one or two persons […]

iO Studio Dock iPad Recording Device for Podcasters and Musicians

iPad Audio Recording The Complete Solution From Alesis This I/O Studio Dock from Alesis, is absolutely amazing, for iPad audio recording. In terms of audio tech, available for the iPad, I have not seen anything better than the I/O dock. Mobile iPad audio recording with the iPad now has hardly any limitations, due to this […]

Is The Targus Stylus The Best iPad Stylus For iPad?

iPad Stylus Review A number of manufacturers have made a stylus suitable for the iPad and it is even possible to make your own stylus for your iPad. There is the Boxwave stylus, Targus stylus, Acase stylus and a number of other styli that can be used for writing and drawing on the iPad. You […]

Creating art on the iPad Using ArtStudio and a Stylus

Using the iPad for drawing is great iPad use for both kids and also for artists, the only difference will be in the finished quality of the work. Using the iPad for drawing like this is also an educational use of the iPad also. Once the old fashioned artist types get their head around using […]

Recording audio on iPad with the iRig Microphone

Non iPad users for some weird reason ask “Does the iPad have a microphone”, well it does and the iPad microphone location is in the top left corner when you are looking at the front of it. The microphone on the iPad is quite good as an audio voice recorder, but it would be better […]

Buying a Keyboard Case for the iPad – ClamCase ZAGGmate Writer

When you have an iPad is also a good idea to carry a Bluetooth keyboard with you if you know that you are going to do a lots of typing. Naturally when you carry your iPad with and you have a ipad bluetooth keyboard case for it and so you’re likely to need a keyboard […]

The BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus

Boxwave iPad Stylus Review Whatever Steve has against the use of a stylus with the iPad and the fact that having one is fraught with the possibility of losing it pretty quickly, there are times when a BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus will be just the thing you need to get the best out of a […]

The Amazing iPad2 Zaggmate Cover review

The iPad ZAGGmate is the award-winning aircraft-grade aluminium cover which has a built-in wireless bluetooth keyboard for the original iPad and there is an iPad2 version of the iPad ZAGGmate. It has to be one of the best designer cases for iPad. The iPad Case is an Aluminium iPad Cover with a wireless iPad keyboard, […]

What do you think is best Wifi only or with 3G

I have the WIfi only and I have to admit that lately I have been thinking that if I were to buy the iPad two I would get one with 3G also. It would save me having to carry around the MiFi unit that I have. The MiFi is pretty useful though and does the […]