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Using iPad Stylus Reviews To Decide Upon Which Stylus To Buy

After reading a few of the iPad stylus reviews, it was time to go out and buy one for myself. There are a variety of iPad stylus available and some of them are quite informative about how you might use an iPad stylus. You may also find it useful to have a look at the iPad stylus reviews, that are more concerned with how you might make your own iPad stylus.

The Amazing iPad

iPad Stylus Reviews Confound Of The Designers


To use a stylus with the Amazing iPad, it’s not really what Steve jobs had in mind when the iPad was designed. In fact the stylus that Steve Jobs had in mind for us to use, was the finger. The good thing about using the finger of course, is that you don’t have to worry about carrying around another device or tool to be able the use your Apple tablet.

Despite what the designers of the Apple iPad thought, you will find in the iPad stylus reviews that there are some instances where a stylus is a great idea. One such case would be if you are an artist and using applications such as Art Studio to create some digital painting and drawing art. I can confirm that this is the case because I do have Art Studio, and it is much easier to use with a stylus.

When your using the pencil tool or the brush tools in ArtStudio with a stylus, you will soon see that you have much better control over the drawing. You won’t need the iPad stylus reviews to tell you that you will be able to do better digital art by using a stylus. It feels much more like you have a pen or a brush in your hand, and so, much more mimics the old way of doing things.

Handwriting Recognition In The iPad Stylus Reviews

As you’ll also find in the iPad stylus reviews, they have said that having a stylus is the best way to use one of the handwriting recognition applications, such as Phatpad. We are more used to be able to write using a pen, after having spent many years using the old analog device. It is therefore only natural that when we want to write something, having in our hand a tool that is something like a pen, is more comfortable and therefore more effective. In my iPad stylus reviews, for the Boxwave stylus and the Targus stylus, you will see what it is like to be able to use one of these tools. It is actually quite easy to use the handwriting recognition software Phatpad, although you do have to be quite careful in the way that you write your letters. My handwriting is fairly terrible, but Phatpad has been able to convert it into editable text.

The price of a stylus is not very high, even when you buy a quality one like the Boxwave iPad stylus or the Targus stylus, so it is not going to be too expensive to buy one to try out. You could get yourself a stylus and do your own iPad pen review. Lately I have been using the Targus stylus and I am very pleased with it in terms of build quality and usability. The body of the stylus is made of metal and the end of it, the bit you write with is a kind of soft rubber button. I was kind of worried that having a metal pen in close proximity to the iPad would lead to scratches on the glass. After using the Targus stylus for a while, I find that in use it is unlikely to scratch the iPad.

Not the Same As Using a Wacom Tablet

In the iPad stylus reviews you are likely also to be able to find out, which of the stylus designs will give you the best fine point to draw with, or to write with. To a certain extent you don’t need to worry about having a fine point on the actual stylus, as the software will determine the width of the line that you draw. Neither does it matter, how hard you press with the stylus, as it does not work in the same way as the Wacom drawing tablets, which have the pressure sensitive abilities.

The Amazing iPad

iPad Microphone To Use For Recording Audio – Best iPad Mic

The iPad does have sound facilities for recording. There is an iPad microphone and it is sensitive enough that you will be able to record within a meeting, or in a classroom. Because of the sensitivity of the microphone, I’d suggest that you would want to have a fairly quiet room, with just one or two persons speaking. If you have a larger number of people speaking at the same time, then you will not be so likely to get a very good recording. Although the internal iPad Mic is quite good for general use, there are other options for external microphones.

The Amazing iPad

Making Audio Recordings With the iPad Microphone

I have seen in a number of online stores, there are external microphones that are very inexpensive to buy and don’t have any cables, they just simply plug-in to the microphone jack on the iPad. Even though they are cheap microphones, they are very sensitive and will actually perform better, than the internal microphone that is included with the iPad. Whatever type of computer you are using, this is always the case that an external microphone will allow you to make better sound recordings.


free applications

iPad microphone and The iPad as a Skype Phone

These small thumb tack type of microphones can also include a speaker, and with this you can have the iPad work as a Skype phone. These microphones will also work with the iPod touch. The price of these tiny microphones generally work out at between $5 and $10, so you could buy a couple of different models and try them out. To use as a Skype phone you will also need to be connected to the Internet, either by Wi-Fi or 3G.

iPad Microphone iRig

The next step up from the expensive microphones would be the iRig microphone. This is a microphone that is designed especially for the iPad, it has a cable that connects into a special connector that fits into the iPad. The connector gives you a place to plug-in some headphones or speakers, so that you are able to listen back to your recordings. The microphone itself is a hand-held microphone, on the end of a cable, it looks quite professional and is similar to the Shure SM 58 in looks. The iRig iPad microphone also comes with extra software and the makers recommend that the microphone can be used for creation of music and also for voice type recordings, such as a podcast.

There are a number of voice recording applications, music recording applications and digital audio applications for iPad. One particular audio recording software of note, for the iPad would be Garageband. I have only just bought Garageband for the iPad, so I will have to have a play with it first before I can give you a review of it here on the website. I am very much looking forward to having a play with Garageband and using a microphone iPad.

iPhone Headset Used As An iPad Microphone

When I am speaking into the iPad, using the DragonDictate software, I quite often use the headset from my iPhone, which has a microphone for iPad included. For the purpose of dictation the microphone on the headset is good enough for the job. If I were to use that microphone for other uses, such as for recording voice overs, then I would be disappointed, when compared to using my Behringer B2 studio microphone.

When using the iPad Mic for taking audio notes, you will find that there are a large number of note taking applications that you will be able to record your voice. iPad audio note taking is popular with students and can also be used in business meetings. It can be especially handy, when you are using a note taking application that synchronises the typed or handwritten notes along with the audio recorded with your iPad microphone. What is the best mic for iPad?

The Amazing iPad

iO Studio Dock iPad Recording Device for Podcasters and Musicians

iPad Audio Recording The Complete Solution From Alesis

This I/O Studio Dock from Alesis, is absolutely amazing, for iPad audio recording. In terms of audio tech, available for the iPad, I have not seen anything better than the I/O dock. Mobile iPad audio recording with the iPad now has hardly any limitations, due to this excellent device from Alesis. So whether you are a podcaster, musician or producer, you will be to record, work on your music and perform, in all sorts of situations and locations.
The Amazing iPad

Alesis Studio Dock 2 The Alesis iO DOCK Docking Station , is an iPad audio recording device that will allow you to connect MIDI, microphones, both with Phantom and without phantom power, other instruments such as guitars and also there is a port for your headphones. In the Alesis Studio dock you even have a composite video connector, that could be used as a source for projecting video behind a band on a stage. You may also connect the video to most televisions and computer monitors too.


iO Studio Dock for iPad audio recording

The I/O dock looks to be very solidly built, so that you will have the reliability for using while you’re away doing your recording or performing. It will not be necessary to keep it in the relative safety of your studio. The I/O dock also works as a protective case for your iPad, at the same time providing all the connectivity you need, for your audio iPad applications.


There are a number of iPad audio recording applications and one that is always going to be worth a look, is Garageband. If you are a musician or a podcaster you can use this to connect up your top-quality condenser microphone and do your multitrack recording. IPad audio recording

Musicians using the Alesis Studio Dock for iPad audio recording

Guitarists that connect to the Alesis iO DOCK Docking Station , will enjoy using the guitar direct switch, that means they will be able to play and record, while writing to the amplifier or effect modelling applications. A band will be able to connect the output from a mixer, to record the performance or rehearsals sessions and it can also be used as a loop playback device.

The iPad for musicians using MIDI instruments

The iPad audio recording device also has MIDI jacks, that can be used to sequence external keyboards, drum machines synthesisers and samplers. There is also a input for a foot switch so that the application defined functions, such as the stop or start of recording can be enabled.


IO Dock Pro Audio Dock For iPad  iPad 2

This excellent audio recording device for the iPad is really easy to set up. You just have to slide the iPad into the slot at the top of it, and then start plugging in the microphones, guitars, other musical instruments, including MIDI instruments and your headphones and start to make some music. Overall this is a top-notch, excellent tool for iPad audio recording whether you are a musician or a podcaster.
The Amazing iPad

Is The Targus Stylus The Best iPad Stylus For iPad?

Using the ipad with a Stylus

iPad Stylus Review

A number of manufacturers have made a stylus suitable for the iPad and it is even possible to make your own stylus for your iPad. There is the Boxwave stylus, Targus stylus, Acase stylus and a number of other styli that can be used for writing and drawing on the iPad. You have to try one to see if it suits you in terms of how it feels to write and draw with and also how well it works.

So how do you want to use your stylus, what is it for? Are you looking for the best iPad stylus for drawing or do you want the best iPad stylus for writing? Whichever stylus you go for, you need to look at the end or the tip of the stylus, to see if it will give you a fine enough point to do your drawing or your writing. It is possible to get a fine tip stylus for the iPad so that you can do delicate precision drawing or writing. Looks like this could be a candidate for best iPad 2 stylus,

Targus Stylus for Apple iPad 16GB, 32GB, 64GB WiFi + 3G, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod, Tablet

The Amazing iPad

The Best Stylus For iPad Writing

Obviously when you choose a stylus to do some writing in applications like PhatPad, you want to use a stylus to suit your writing style. It certainly will be good to have a stylus with a fine tip, if you need to do delicate, accurate drawing or writing and maybe have a stylus with a broader point or a broader nib that can be used in a more painterly fashion. For example if you are using ArtStudio on the iPad and creating art with your iPad stylus for drawing you might want a fatter tip on the stylus. A popular stylus for the iPad is the Targus – 3 in 1 stylus for Apple iPad 2. You can use it on the Apple iPad first generation and second generation, as well as the with the iPhone, iPod, Motorola Xoom or a Samsung Galaxy S. The three in one of the stylus name means that it can be used for drawing on the screen and it also includes a laser pointer and an ordinary ink pen.

Targus Stylus for Apple iPad 16GB, 32GB, 64GB WiFi + 3G, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod, Tablet

The ink pen part of it uses a standard refill for the ink and it also includes an extra refill. I can’t imagine why you would need to have a pen when you have iPad note-taking applications that allow you to create your notes either in a handwritten form, as a drawing or as typed in text. I suppose quite often someone that creates electronic documents with iPad will need to use a laser pointer in a class or a meeting, so that could be useful now and then.

A good thing about the Targus stylus is that it works right out of the box and requires a no drivers or downloads to be installed before you actually can use it to do your writing or drawing. It comes provided with the batteries, you just need to put them into the best stylus ipad and begin writing, scrolling, tapping and doing at whatever else you do with your iPad note taking application or drawing application.

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Is the Targus iPad stylus the best iPad stylus for writing?

The stylus allows you to type accurately so you can tap the keyboard with a stylus rather than using your finger, you may use the stylus to take notes to draw on your screen, turn pages, play games and do all of the other things with your iPad. The stylus for iPad makes it easy to do a double tap for zoom or if you need to do a slide across of an onscreen switch in one of the many dialogue boxes you will find in the various iPad applications for either note taking drawing or writing.

Targus Stylus for Apple iPad 16GB, 32GB, 64GB WiFi + 3G, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod, Tablet

Seeing as there are quite a large number of stylus devices that you can choose from to use with your iPad, what you may decide to do is to buy yourself a couple of different ones. This could be a good idea anyway, in case you lose one or you need to try out a view different styli to see which works the best for you. Apart from the Targus stylus for Apple iPad there is also a stylus available from Griffin technology. Acase is another iPad stylus and Kensington also make a stylus that will give you a soft durable stylus tip that will not scratch your screen. Other stylus products may also include pens and laser pointers but obviously these things are not really necessary for use with your iPad.

Buy an iPad Stylus or Make Your Own iPad Stylus?

The cost to buy an iPad stylus such as the Boxwave iPad stylus is not terribly expensive and there is no real reason why you should make your own iPad stylus. I suppose some people do like to make things for themselves or have something that is custom made in which case there are plenty of places where you can find out how to make your own iPad stylus. I am still working out which is the best iPad stylus for me, I do like the Targus stylus for iPad.


Creating art on the iPad Using ArtStudio and a Stylus

ArtStudio  draw paint and edit photo for iPhone iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App StoreUsing the iPad for drawing is great iPad use for both kids and also for artists, the only difference will be in the finished quality of the work. Using the iPad for drawing like this is also an educational use of the iPad also. Once the old fashioned artist types get their head around using digital media they actually start to love the creative process. It is tough to lose the tactile qualities and feedback you get from using a pencil, art pen or brushes. When you get into using the best stylus, a Boxwave Stylus instead of using your fingers and also see how good it is to be able to change the pencil to a brush so quickly and easily in an app like Art Studio iPad, you will be hooked.

In ArtStudio there is something for everyone, it offers lessons for new users and it also have the breadth of tools that lets you be extremely creative. There are layers that let you leave on part of the drawing in place while you work on another part. You could do a basic outline drawing that you can work over the top of. There is a set of icons at the bottom that you can move out of the way if you want, so you have the full screen to work on. In that row of icons there is the tool chooser, colour palette, layers, shapes, effects, the equivalent of a file menu for import, new image etc and a settings icon. When you touch any of these icon you have the thing pop up that you have chosen. Touch it again to move it out of the way.

Img2210There are so many tools to choose from to list in this article, you have to scroll down to see them all, even in portrait mode. When you are using a brush tool you will also see a couple of sliders at the top to adjust the width and the opacity. You can have two colours loaded up and hit the swap button to change from one to the other easily. There is also a pen dropper tool for choosing a tool from the canvas.

Sometimes I might not be totally happy with a line, circle or fill that I have just put on the drawing and I can use a undo button if it is not possible to use the eraser tool to change it back. There are so many tools and effects that I keep finding new ones to use. Like the custom brushes that you can easily create.
The marks that you make are very fluid and painterly and you can of course do things like squeeze a tube of paint to have a colour that you can then move around and manipulate with the smudge and smoothing tools. I have also just found the selection tools so that I can select an area and confine the marks I make to that area. In that there is a lasso, a magic wand, rectangles and circle shapes to use for selecting. There there is a three finger tap which brings up a quick menu for brush settings, zoom and clear layer.

If you want to use ArtStudio iPad to do some photo editing that can be done too by importing from the camera roll or off the clipboard. All in all the application is an excellent canvas for artists whether you are using your finger to control it or a BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus. I like to use both and it depends on the tool being used from the tool box in the app. Drawing on the iPad will be one of the best iPad uses for styluses or styli.


Recording audio on iPad with the iRig Microphone

050 iRigMic stand bigNon iPad users for some weird reason ask “Does the iPad have a microphone”, well it does and the iPad microphone location is in the top left corner when you are looking at the front of it. The microphone on the iPad is quite good as an audio voice recorder, but it would be better if we could have an external microphone for iPad so we could do some better recording. One such microphone is the IK multimedia iRig handheld microphone. The iRig microphone is good as an iPad external microphone for all sorts of vocal applications whether you are singing songs or if you are recording something for a podcast.

It connects through the 3.5mm dual mini connector and because of this you can do real-time monitoring on some headphones or speakers. A microphone for iPad of this sort could be very useful if you have been trying to connect your Zoom H2 recorder and found that the iPad doesn’t allow it to be connected.
The Amazing iPad

Recording Quality Audio with the iPad

With a handheld microphone you’re able to get the microphone closer to your mouth, or where the sound is coming from so that you get a better signal-to-noise ratio and a therefore a better recording. There is a three level gain switch which makes it adjustable to strength of sound. So whether somebody is speaking softly or if there is band playing loud rock music, you will get a good recording level in the audio voice recorder.

The build of a microphone good, it is in a tough metal housing and it has a quality electret unidirectional condenser type of microphone. The shape of is is the standard so that it will fit in normal mic stands.

iRig Microphone and iPad Audio Recording Apps

There is some software that comes with the microphone called Vocalive and it has some real-time effects for you use whether you are a singer and vocalist or if you are a podcaster. In the software on the iPad there are a number of different effects such as choir, pitch fix, Phazer and more and there is one which has a image like a tape recorder for simple recordings, how quaint. These effects can be used when you are recording a guitar or when you are recording with a voice using audio voice recorders like the iRig and an iPad.

On the website for iRig microphone they claim that the microphone on iPad will be ideal for singers and vocalists if they are doing live performances or recording sessions. It is unlikely that an inexpensive microphone like this will be used in a studio, but this mic will be very good for quick one-off recordings while out with the iPad. The iRig microphone can also be used with other iPad applications and record audio on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. You might use it for music creation or personal entertainment and also it is good for video, multimedia and gaming applications. When you are recording video on the iPad 2 this microphone will give you hugely better sound quality as it is better than the iPad 2 microphone.

Does iPad have a microphone that is worth using? Yes but an external iPad microphone is always going to be better. When you are looking for audio recorders or accessories microphone based, the iRig iPad solution will answer the does iPad have microphone question and your microphone iPad problem will be sorted.
The Amazing iPad

Buying a Keyboard Case for the iPad – ClamCase ZAGGmate Writer

When you have an iPad is also a good idea to carry a Bluetooth keyboard with you if you know that you are going to do a lots of typing. Naturally when you carry your iPad with and you have a ipad bluetooth keyboard case for it and so you’re likely to need a keyboard case also. Or a case that will hold both items.

There are some iPad cases that come with a keyboard when you buy them and provide protection for the iPad as well as giving you a keyboard that you can use for some faster typing then using the on-screen keyboard. It completes the set for some users a case for ipad and keyboard.

The Amazing iPad

D-Lux Black Leather IPad Folio Case With Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (Laptop Style Keys)

So there you have one possibility which is to buy a case that comes with a keyboard, but if you have an Apple Bluetooth keyboard already, you might like to look to see if you can find an iPad case or an iPad keyboard carrying case specifically for that keyboard. Clamcase iPad keyboard case When you buy a case for a keyboard, you want it so that the tech is protected and also that the keyboard doesn’t scratch the iPad in transit and it is a good idea if it is a case that doesn’t allow the keyboard to turn itself on while travelling. If the keyboard turns on when you’re travelling it is likely that it will drain the battery of the iPad. So let’s have a look at a couple of iPad keyboard cases.


ClamCase iPad Keyboard Case

ClamCase all-in-one Keyboard, Case and Stand for iPad (first generation)

Another possibility is a ZaggMate iPad keyboard case product called the ClamCase, which kind of turns your iPad into a small laptop or a netbook. The ClamCase is in two parts and the bottom part of it has all of the electronic bits of the keyboard. In the top part you can clip your iPad. There is a hinge which connects the two parts of the case into something that looks like a netbook.

A good thing about using a keyboard that is specially made for the iPod rather than the Apple Bluetooth keyboard is that it will come with a row of convenience keys above the numbers. This will add some useful features. There will be a home key, lock and search keys as well as volume controls, play, pause and fast forward.

I’m not sure how well and keyboard and iPad configurations like this would work because you are going to be constantly lifting your fingers from the keyboard to touch the screen to do things. There are some keys on the keyboard that will do things so you don’t have to touch the screen, Zaggmate keyboard case


ZAGGmate Keyboard case for iPad

There is also the Zaggmate iPad case which doesn’t go quite as far as transforming the iPad into a notebook computer, but does come with a keyboard. Also have a look at the leather cases that have a built in Bluetooth keyboard. They also have special keys that will activate iPad 2 features.


When you buy an iPad 2 keyboard case like this you should make sure that you have access to all of the iPad controls and ports. The leather case with keyboard also has some extra keys and the leather folder has a magnetic closure so that the iPad is more protected when it is folded together. The Zaggmate iPad keyboard case looks pretty good too.

Writer, an iPad Keyboard Case

Writer iPad keyboard case

Writer is an iPad keyboard case which they are aiming at professionals it’s quite small and slim and it has a similar sort of design at the hinge as you would find on an Apple keyboard. it is a good looking iPad case with keyboard

Do you really need an ipad case with keyboard?

Quite a lot of people when they see these keyboard cases wonder what is the point of it all. If you have a computer bag that is big enough you can just carry a Apple Bluetooth keyboard if you have a lot of typing to do.The iPad is supposed to be used by touching the on-screen keyboard and be minimalist in terms of you not really needing anything else.

What is your preference? Can you type fast enough on the onscreen keyboard? Will you buy an ipad keyboard case or an iPad case keyboard?


ClamCase all-in-one Keyboard, Case and Stand for iPad (first generation)

D-Lux Black Leather IPad Folio Case With Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (Laptop Style Keys)

The Amazing iPad

The BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus

Boxwave iPad Stylus Review

Whatever Steve has against the use of a stylus with the iPad and the fact that having one is fraught with the possibility of losing it pretty quickly, there are times when a BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus will be just the thing you need to get the best out of a particular application. Mainly I would be talking about the drawing applications when having a pointy stylus is most certainly going to give better results than using the finger.

Some artists may relish the thought of using ArtStudio or one of the other drawing and painting applications to create the art work with the fingers. The notion of going back to the childhood innocence of drawing with the fingers. It kind of depends on the sort of art you like to create. Some drawings will need something more accurate and that will be the Boxwave capacitive iPad stylus. I have heard that it is more durable that the pogo sketch styli.

You can get the BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus in Jet Black, Metallic Silver, Crimson Red, or Lunar Blue colours and it is pen like in style, so it is easy to hold and work with. Another reason why a boxwave capacitive iPad stylus is such a good idea is when the day is one of those freezing cold day and taking off the gloves is not going to be a great idea. Then of course let’s not forget the ladies who like to have long finger nails, using a stylus will work better there also.

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Possibly the Boxwave capacitive iPad stylus could do with a cover for the tip so that the foam will survive being in a carrier of some sort. It does come with a bit of string on the end of the pen shaped device and you can use that to attach it to the iPad so that you don’t lose it. I would recommend that myself as it will be swinging all over the place and probably will lead to scratches of your screen. Much better to keep the Boxwave Apple iPad capacitive stylus in a case. In some iPad cases there are places that are designed to hold a Boxwave Stylus or a stylus from another manufacturer.

Whatever the size of your hands you should find no problem with using the BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus as it is a good size to suit a vide variety of people. It will work well when you have a protective covering on your iPad to save your screen from scratches. You can use with applications like Penultimate and Noterize for note taking as well as with apps like PS Express and Idea Sketch. The price is OK and well worth a look – Box Wave or the Targus stylus is worth a look, then go and do some drawing.

So is this the best stylus for iPad? Are you going to be an iPad 2 stylus user? Looks like there will be some users of the iPad that will be hunting for stylus pens do to that stylus iPad thing.

The Amazing iPad2 Zaggmate Cover review

IPad Case Aluminum iPad Cover  Wireless iPad Keyboard | ZAGGmate

The iPad ZAGGmate is the award-winning aircraft-grade aluminium cover which has a built-in wireless bluetooth keyboard for the original iPad and there is an iPad2 version of the iPad ZAGGmate. It has to be one of the best designer cases for iPad.

The iPad Case is an Aluminium iPad Cover with a wireless iPad keyboard, You’ll be wondering how you ever managed to use your iPad without one. The case is made from high grade aluminium same as used by the military so that must mean that it is very tough and it has a bead blasted finish that matches the finish on the iPad. So it looks sexy as well as protecting your amazing iPad to the level you would expect.

iPad2 Zaggmate Cover with Keyboard

I quite like to type on the onscreen keyboard of the iPad, it is especially good for people that want to type and not have any keyboard clicking noise. But you can certainly type faster if you have an external iPad keyboard. The iPad ZAGGmate cover comes with a bluetooth keyboard although if you want you can buy the case without for $49. It is a good choice for the amazing iPad because it really looks very sturdy indeed. An excellent choice of the designer ipad cases, that have become available.

Award winning iPad Case Aluminum iPad Cover  Wireless iPad Keyboard | ZAGGmate

There is a hinge which can be arranged to give up to ten different angles for viewing and typing and it works both in portrait mode and also landscape mode. The base of the designer iPad case, Zaggmate for the iPad2 and the original iPad is large and flat so that it works well on your lap or other soft surfaces such as when you are using it in bed. Using the iPad for business will be better when using this iPad ZAGGmate.


Custom iPad Cases

ZAGGmate iPad Case w/keyboard comes with a Micro USB cable for charging the keyboard. The battery has a 501 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which only needs charging infrequently. It will last several weeks before you have to plug it in. The Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG is specific to the Apple iPad 2. So when you are making a purchase make sure you get the right designer ipad 2 covers for your iPad.


It is easy to pair up the ZAGGmate iPad Case with the keyboard and you only have to do it one time. It will only pair to one amazing iPad at a time, so that you don’t have the keyboard controlling more than one iPad at the same time.

Extra row of keys on the keyboard of the Zaggmate

There are extra function keys on the keyboard so that you can easily perform some of the basic functions.There is a home button, important, a search, slide show, a toggle for the iPad Keyboard in case it shows and you need to get it out of the way quickly. There are also keys to be able to control the music volume and the mute button.

The iPad ZAGGmate cover is one of my recommendations for looking after your iPad because of the extra utility you get with the wireless bluetooth keyboard you can get to go with it. All in one package an iPad cover, a stand and a bluetooth keyboard, brilliant or what? Most definitely one of the cool designer iPad cases.

Video About the best cases for ipad

What do you think is best Wifi only or with 3G

Modem orange 3Gwifi E5 pI have the WIfi only and I have to admit that lately I have been thinking that if I were to buy the iPad two I would get one with 3G also. It would save me having to carry around the MiFi unit that I have. The MiFi is pretty useful though and does the job well. I can connect up to five devices to it and that is a neat trick.

The main thing with the MiFi though is the battery and how long it lasts. If I had the 3G connection in the iPad it would be very useful in that I could get a longer session of being online without having to worry about how many minutes I have left to use the battery.

I was able to get the MiFi from England from the phone company called Three, there were the only ones that were selling in such a way that it was affordable to get and unlock for use here in Spain. I have it set up with MasMovil and it is working out very cheap to use. I just looked at my account and I see that I paid €15 and have it set up to renew automatically as a PayAsYouGo account. I have only paid the one amount and never had to top it up. Just goes to show how much I use the iPad on a 3G connection. Maybe it would be a waste of money to get an iPad with the 3G built in?

How do you use your iPad?

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