The BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus

Boxwave iPad Stylus Review

Whatever Steve has against the use of a stylus with the iPad and the fact that having one is fraught with the possibility of losing it pretty quickly, there are times when a BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus will be just the thing you need to get the best out of a particular application. Mainly I would be talking about the drawing applications when having a pointy stylus is most certainly going to give better results than using the finger.

Some artists may relish the thought of using ArtStudio or one of the other drawing and painting applications to create the art work with the fingers. The notion of going back to the childhood innocence of drawing with the fingers. It kind of depends on the sort of art you like to create. Some drawings will need something more accurate and that will be the Boxwave capacitive iPad stylus. I have heard that it is more durable that the pogo sketch styli.

You can get the BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus in Jet Black, Metallic Silver, Crimson Red, or Lunar Blue colours and it is pen like in style, so it is easy to hold and work with. Another reason why a boxwave capacitive iPad stylus is such a good idea is when the day is one of those freezing cold day and taking off the gloves is not going to be a great idea. Then of course let’s not forget the ladies who like to have long finger nails, using a stylus will work better there also.

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Possibly the Boxwave capacitive iPad stylus could do with a cover for the tip so that the foam will survive being in a carrier of some sort. It does come with a bit of string on the end of the pen shaped device and you can use that to attach it to the iPad so that you don’t lose it. I would recommend that myself as it will be swinging all over the place and probably will lead to scratches of your screen. Much better to keep the Boxwave Apple iPad capacitive stylus in a case. In some iPad cases there are places that are designed to hold a Boxwave Stylus or a stylus from another manufacturer.

Whatever the size of your hands you should find no problem with using the BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus as it is a good size to suit a vide variety of people. It will work well when you have a protective covering on your iPad to save your screen from scratches. You can use with applications like Penultimate and Noterize for note taking as well as with apps like PS Express and Idea Sketch. The price is OK and well worth a look – Box Wave or the Targus stylus is worth a look, then go and do some drawing.

So is this the best stylus for iPad? Are you going to be an iPad 2 stylus user? Looks like there will be some users of the iPad that will be hunting for stylus pens do to that stylus iPad thing.