Getting an iPad Software Update Soon – iOS Five?

NewImageIt seems the rumour mills start the day after an ipad software update, the last one being 4.3.3 about what is going to be there for us in the next new ipad software update. Now that we are coming up to the WWDC – Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference the rumour mill has cranked up to fever pitch once again with iOS 5 rumors and also rumours about the iPhone 5, which might be named iPhone 4S.

New iPad Software Update

In the rumours some people are predicting turn by turn direction which might come from a different maps provider, although another rumour site thinks that Google will be the maps provider for at least another year. Do you think that the mapping features could be improved in a software update for ipad?

Voice Control For iOS Devices

How about voice control for iOS devices, it could be another feature added to keep a couple of steps ahead of the Google Android devices. I would be great to be able to talk in a message for Twitter or email and have the voice control built in. I have already tested this with the Dragon Dictate software on the iPad and having in the operating system could be possible with the other rumours that are going around that Apple might buy Nuance, who owns Dragon Dictate.

Seems to me that this competition between Android and the iOS operating systems is healthy and good for us users. In the same way the SLR camera users keep benefiting from the leap frogging that Canon and Nikon keep doing to be the provider of the best latest camera.

What ever is coming with the Apple iPad update software we can be assured that the rumour sites will be going crazy during WWDC and if the new version of the operating system is announced there we will be mad to get out hands on it as soon as we possibly can.

What would you like to see in a future release of an iPad software update?

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