A good day to do an upgrade to Yosemite and to iOS 8.1

listen to ‘A good day to do an upgrade to Yosemite and to iOS 8.1’ on audioBoom I quite like OS X Yosemite I took a little while to decide whether I should upgrade to the latest version of the Mac operating system OS X Yosemite. My main concern was whether the speech to text […]

Better blogging by adding audio – Audioboo

For a couple of years I used to do podcasting regularly I had a podcast in which I talk to Mac users about how they use their computer. Instead of going down the route of many of the Mac podcasts where they talk rubbish rumours or are sometimes talking about the Apple news, I decided […]

Talking about CyanogenMod on phone

While waiting in the car at St. Feliu de Guixols I really wanted to test out to see how the application Audio Evolution Mobile woodwork after the update to the CyanogenMod on the Samsung Galaxy S3. It worked really well and I was able to mix the recording down to a wave file and then […]

TwistedWave Audiobus and Bossjock

listen to ‘TwistedWave Audiobus and Bossjock’ on Audioboo Bosjock is cool if you want to do a radio DJ type performance and now you can send the audio from it to other iOS apps such as Garageband on iPad and on the recently upgraded Twisted Wave. Loop some sounds and play them as a sound […]

Dog dumping bastards

People can be so cruel to animals While we were out walking with our dog yesterday we met a dog which we had noticed the day before running around the urbanisation. I thought it was a dog belonging to one of the houses that we go past and it was strange because the owner of […]