Momento Journal on the iPhone

Another journalling application you might consider is the application called Momento. This application has also had a recent upgrade to version 3 and is cheaper to buy at only $.99. This is another smart Private diary/journal to help you capture and collect your memories. This is what it is all about after all, exploring your memories as a later stage to relive and perhaps even to share your life story. With this application you let it automatically collect your daily activities. It is designed to collect photos and videos from social networks, applications and devices you use daily. If you are looking for an easy way to keep a journal then letting it happen automatically could be just the thing for you. One good thing about using Momento is it also gives you video support. While it’s great to be able to collect photos along with your text, it’s another step upwards to use video. The same as with Day One 2 you have tagging as well as visual summaries. The visual summaries give you a quick overview of what went on daily, monthly or on an annual basis. The tags are keywords and it’s a great way to group together events that would otherwise be more difficult to link together. Momento journaling app is password and touch ID protected and you can keep your memories safe in iCloud or you may backup locally. This is for the iPhone but you might also look for the best journal apps for iPad.

Best journal apps for iPad

Best journal apps for iPad

Momento – A Handy Little Journalling Application

Momento Journaling app

Momento Journaling app

Momento is a contender for the list of best journal apps for iPad. What makes the application useful is that it will pull in posts, photos and videos from Facebook and Twitter. It will also let you feed in photos and videos from Instagram. If you use the application Moves you can have summaries of your places and activities brought into Momento. This would make it a little bit better and easier than Day One 2, where you would have to set up If This Then That IFTTT automation to do similar. The problem I have with this app is that it brings into too much information. If I add a like to something on Facebook it gets brought into the journal. Sometimes I don’t want every little mention in Facebook to find its way into my personal journal. I suppose you could argue that it is good to have more information to work from. The trouble I find is it gets overwhelming to have so much extra stuff that hides what you really want to see. It’s because of this it’s good idea to just be careful how many social network accounts you feed into the journal.

The iPhone 6 – Our One Week Anniversary

A week with the iPhone 6

My first full day with the iPhone 6 and I felt a little bit disappointed with the amount of time I got out of the battery. I found myself wishing that I had bought the larger version which has the bigger battery and has been shown to last longer. The following day I wasn’t using the phone quite so much, perhaps down to a normal level and the battery lasted well enough. Certainly, I do need to get my hands on some sort of external battery that I can use to put a charge in the iPhone 6 quickly where necessary. I have got used to having a very large battery on the Samsung Galaxy S3. It was very good to have two or three days from the phone battery but it did make it heavier to carry and a little bit bulky. There are plenty of external batteries that can be bought for the iPhone 6 to top up to and gain extra longevity.


Listening to podcasts

When the campsite gets quieter and there are fewer people I get a little bit bored and I need to have something to listen to. When I need to alleviate the boredom I can’t hardly download the podcasts quick enough. Whereas during the busy time I don’t have time to listen to podcasts. So the application I have been using most this week is the application Overcast. This is the podcatcher which is in vogue at the moment and this from the same person who brought us Instapaper. The application is quite simple and can be used free for the basic task of listening to podcasts. There is an in app purchase which gives a few extra features that are worth having. The first of these useful extra features is Smart Speed and what this does is to remove the longer silences in between speech. This can save you quite a lot of time overall when listening to podcasts. The other one which I find useful is the Voice Boost which somehow uses its magic to increase the volume of the audio and it does an EQ on the voice. Both of these podcast listening features are definitely worth getting hold of. Just checking the statistics for Smart Speed and it tells me that I have saved an extra four hours beyond the speed adjustments, that you can also apply to save time. With some podcasts I listen to them at 1.2 speed, this is quite handy with people who are slow talkers.

You also get the usual seek controls which allows you to jump forward by a specified amount and I have that set up at 45 seconds whether I’m going forward or going back. A feature that I would like to see in this application is the ability to set a start time for each podcast individually. There are a number of podcasts that always have 30 to 40 seconds of adverts or intro rubbish at the beginning that I would like to jump over. Being able to set a start time for a podcast would save me having to hunt for the 45 second jump forward.

Better use of some of my favourite applications


Day One

It is, without a doubt, great to have Day One always available to quickly add journal entries. It makes it much easier if I want to take a photo and to have it as part of my journalling activities. I have also found it very handy if I want to have a photo that is coming to me from What’s App put into a journal entry, such as a picture of my grandson.

Scanner Pro

While I was over on Android I did find an application that I could use for going paperless which was pretty good. However, it is quite nice to get back to using Scanner Pro because I like the way that it works. I did have some automation setup on my Mac so that scans when they arrived in a particular Dropbox folder would be sent by Hazel App into Evernote. I haven’t got around to checking whether that still is in place. If it isn’t, then I will reinstate it and it will be great to have all of my paperless stuff going into Evernote.


1password1Password was coming to Android anyway and I had been trying out the beta versions which worked well enough. Using 1Password on the iPhone 6 is much better, because I can use the Touch ID to unlock it and get into whatever password protected apps I need to get into. Also there are 1Password extensions which are built into some applications that allow me to much more quickly get a password inserted into the website in Safari.

My productivity applications

In my book The Good and Geeky Writers Workflow the applications that I prefer to use are iThoughtsX, Cloud Outliner and Byword. The other application I have not mentioned is Scrivener and you never know there might be an IOS version for that at some point in time. In my writer’s workflow it is quite likely I will be in a situation where I only have an iOS device on hand with me, such as the iPhone 6 or the iPad. So I need to be able to use something like iThoughtsX or the Cloud Outliner to gather my thoughts together and my ideas. It’s important that these ideas are in a place where I can get at them easy when I’m back at my desktop computer. This is why I chose applications which worked as a pair across IOS and also on Mac OS X. So now that I have the iPhone 6, I can do work while mobile on my favourite mobile devices. I know exactly where I can easily get my hands onto anything that I have done. It will get even better when Mac OS X Yosemite is available and the continuity feature is there to be used. I will be able to walk in the house with the iPhone still in my hand carrying some of my marvellous ideas and I will be up to hand off that document directly into the sister application on my iMac on my office desk.

IMG 0095

Audio with TwistedWave

I thought that I would be able to start using the Audioboom application to create my little podcasts. I have tested that application on my iPhone 6 and found that it isn’t up to scratch it. So I can still use TwistedWave for recording audio and easily use it for sending to Audioboo. The way that I do that is to send it as an email from TwistedWave which gives me the audio in a format which is small enough to send even when I’m still mobile. There are times when I will wait until I get back to base and in front of my iMac where I can put the audio into Amadeus Pro and give it a little bit of tweaking. In any case, I am very much enjoying having the use of TwistedWave with all of its abilities, once again.

Twistedwave 00365

Health, weight loss and fitness

Maybe I wouldn’t be quite so interested in these sorts of applications if it wasn’t for the fact that I have lost 14 kg since February. I lost so much weight that quite a few people have been asking me if I have been ill. Maybe I was ill, but the illness was giving up biscuits. Much of my ability to lose weight has been down to using an application called Noom on the Android phone. I used it to record my weight, the amount I was eating and it also recorded the number of steps I took her day. I was also able to record other exercise such as when I was using my bicycle going to and from work. So I definitely need something to continue keeping an eye on these things in order to keep the weight off. Luckily I found applications such as MyFitnessPal, MapMyWalk, MapMyRun, Lark, Moves and the Apple Health application. Some of these applications work together feeding all of the information into the Apple health application. It is quite handy to have all of the information collated into one place. I’ll be able to lose that other 2 kg and get down to my target weight with the help of these health and fitness applications for iOS.

iPhone 6 Coming to David Allen Wizardgold

China is a long way away

I ordered the iPhone 6 just over a week ago and finally it was released from the factory in China to make the long journey home to David Allen Wizardgold in Catalonia. I ordered the Silver model with 64GB and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. After 16 months of working with an Android phone I deserve to be getting the best again. Before that I was using the iPhone 4 and I have even had some use out of that recently before I sold it to help pay for the iPhone 6. I got a decent price for the iPhone 4 and next year I will be able to get a good price for the phone I am getting now so I can upgrade to the latest and greatest phone of 2015.

IPhone 6 pstel

The first part of the journey 

Leaving the factory the iPhone was put in the hands of UPS. I love the tracking facilities you get and being able to see which countries the parcel goes through as it makes its way to me. As I write this I have seen the iPhone visit Korea, Almaty, Kazakhstan and Köln, Germany on its way home to me. It is looking like it will make it here to me tomorrow Monday 6th October. This is two days earlier than I thought it would arrive. It is always good to under promise and over delivery and Apple are doing just that . 

Google Maps

 A day off from work

Great that I am going to be at home to receive the parcel and if it gets to me early enough in the day I will have some time to play with it. I am thinking of giving the iPhone a name. I don;t usually name my tech, but this one deserves a name. I’m thinking that the name of one of my favourite characters fro the Game of Thrones stories would be suitable – Arya. She is the resourceful girl in the series that is a fighter and tenacious despite the trials that she has to cope with. Arya the phone will be useful and a constant companion and then again I think a better name would be Nymeria which is the name of her Dire Wolf. OK that is decide then and what a good name it is.

What do you call yours ?

When I have to give hard drives a name I choose names from book I have read and liked. I do have some hard drives named after Flintsones or Buffy characters Do you name any of your tech devices? Put your answers in the comments below.

OmniFocus with iOS and Mac

I bought the latest version of OmniFocus for iPad

Although I told myself that I wouldn’t because it is too expensive and I already have the previous version, I relented and I bought it. I do kind of need some application like that to help me to organise myself when I am working for my own stuff during the winter break. OmniFocus is the best for this type of organisation and so I decided to shell out the cash. I will use it to follow through on the Snowflake Method for writing the novel during NaNoWriMo this year. So during October I will complete one stage of the organisational phase one after the other and then I will be completely ready for the 50,000 word sprint to the finish in November. I like to think that with all of the organisational outlining that I will do using the Snowflake Method that I will be able to bash out 60 or 70,000 words with ease.

OmniFocus The Omni Group

One of the things that I need to work on is the actual using of OmniFocus for iPad and OmniFocus for Mac. These two applications do work synchronously with each other which is pretty useful. Seeing as I already have the latest version of the Mac OmniFocus, it was another reason for me updating on the iPad. At least I was able to get into the pro version without paying any extra money due to already having the previous version on the iPad already. It was the same process also with the Mac version when I upgraded.

Rocksmith™ 2014 Edition Reserva el juego Página Oficial Ubisoft®

I don’t know where I will find the time!

With all of the writing that I have planned over the next few months I wonder how I am going to find the time to do the exercising and also learning to play the guitar. I bought the Rocksmith 2014 Edition
game/application for my Mac so that I can connect my guitar to it and play a game to improve my guitar playing. I keep looking at the DVD on the shelf and I need to copy it over to the Mac with an external DVD drive. My internal DVD drive doesn’t work. The DVD up there, it is kind of like it is haunting me. Even so, I think I should use the OmniFocus application in order to schedule some time, even if it is only a half an hour per day, to pick up the guitar.

It is the same sort of thing with the exercising as I won’t have the running in and out to Platja d’Aro on the bicycle, nor will I have all of the walking that I do while I am at work for keeping me fit. The dog will benefit from having longer walks and I will still be able to do one or two things for my work, while I’m walking. This will be the case to case of having the iPhone 6 with me and I will be able to use Siri to do some dictation. It might only be the case that I can just record some notes and I will try using Siri to do speech to text directly. If that doesn’t work then I can also do some audio recording of my voice that I can transcribe the later. I will also plan on having some trips out on the bicycle which will be great for the fitness and save me from using the car. While on the bike I can’t do much except ride, I can’t even listen to much as the wind noise means I can’t hear any podcasts unless they are loud or I ride slower.

Following an app suggestion I got the Moves app

A while back I had been thinking of getting the Fit Bit, but I was completely put off by the price. The Fit Bit is a gadget which you wear on your body and records your every move. The idea is that you record how many steps you take during the day and you use it to record your physical activity during the day. One of the problems that people have that use the Fit Bit, is that quite often they lose the object, or it gets put into the wash or generally trashed in some way or other. When they cost so much, this is rather inconvenient and expensive. So when I was listening to the podcast from the British Tech Network, I heard Don McAllister say that he was going to recommend an application called Moves. Basically what you have is an application that will take the place of the Fit Bit and what’s so good about it, is that it is much less likely that you will lose your iPhone5 and you don’t need an extra piece of tech to make it work.

I installed the application straightaway on to my iPhone

Screenshot 09 04 2013 18 05 2So while I was still listing to the podcast with Ewan Rankin and his crew I got my hands on this free application. I had the thing turned on and because I was at work it was able to have something to actually record. I do quite a lot of walking when I am at work and it recorded me walking for 20 minutes. Then I finished work, I got into my car and went to the supermarket and it recorded me for six minutes walking around the shop getting my bits and pieces.

Now for some reason it didn’t do the recording following another seven minutes of driving, when I did a small amount of walking from the car to the bank and back again to the car. The application now has me placed at my home address and I will see if it starts to do so more recording when I go and take the dog out for a walk. Walking for less than 30 seconds is nor recorded.

Will the Moves application kill my iPhone battery?

For sure, the application Moves will have an effect of draining the battery on my iPhone a little bit faster. Any of the applications which use the GPS sensors to track your positioning will do this. It seems though, that is the developer has worked out that it is possible to minimise the battery drain by having it detect when it is completely still and it is not needed to track your movements. I am still in the early stages of using this so I can’t comment on how this will work out on a long-term basis, but so far I like what the application does and I’m willing to risk running out of juice if I have to.

Using the application Moves in the real world

It is not necessary for you to do anything to tell the application whether you’re walking, cycling or travelling in a fast moving vehicle such as a car. I didn’t touch any of the settings and it seemed to know when I was doing what I was doing. The application tells me that so far I have taken 2,164 steps and it also gives me a time line. The left part of the timeline has an icon which shows you a map symbol, tap on that to see where it was when that part of the recording was created. I just tapped on the icon and I was able to add a name to the first place and to the supermarket. It even came up with the suggestion of the name of the supermarket that I went into.
Screenshot 09 04 2013 18 11
At the top of the screen is the button for Today, if I tap on that it takes me to a rudimentary calendar. You can choose to view either days or weeks. It is also possible to share your physical activity as recorded by the application Moves, through Twitter, Facebook, Mail or to your Camera Roll. Within the settings of the application you get a Frequently Asked Questions section which tells you all about how the application works and what it will record. For instance it doesn’t record walks which are less than 30 seconds. It says that it will even work if you’re walking on a treadmill, although it is likely that the distance calculation will not be very accurate.

Privacy of your data

There is quite a long section in the settings about your privacy concerning your physical movements. Obviously the application has to collect data about where you are and then use that data so that it can give you feedback. Judging by the amount of information put into their privacy policy, I get the impression that they are good guys and unlikely to do anything bad with your data.

The NoStylus verdict on Moves

I think I can safely say that this is a marvellous application, it is especially good because it is free. I haven’t had the benefit of being able to use a Fit Bit, so I can’t make a direct comparison and perhaps I don’t need to. I like what this application does and I think it is brilliant and it is going to save me from the expense of getting other tech devices to work with my iPhone or latest iPod Touch. If you are interested in capturing the data of your physical movements during the day so that you can use it as part of a get fit regime, then the Moves application will be an enormous benefit to you. Did I mention already that you can get it for free? Time for me to go and walk the dog. I can notch up soome more steps…

Geolocation on your photos

Over the last couple of days I feel like I have been banging my head against a brick wall, in relation to having my photos geo-tagged. The reason that it is a little bit problematic is that I am using iPhoto and I really don’t think that the Places feature is the best that it can be yet. I don’t have a camera which has geo-tagging included. Well that is not strictly true, I do have my iPhone and even my iPad that will add location data to my pictures. So really it is just the DSLR, my Canon Rebel T3i that is lacking the feature, but that is where I want to have my photos Geo tagged.

free applications


Using the iPhone to geo-tag photos

There are two ways of going about this, boIMG 0223th with advantages and disadvantages. What you can do is to make sure that your iPhone has the settings for the photos set to apply the Geo tag. To set this up you have to go into the privacy settings To switch on location services for photos. It took me quite a long time to find this in iOS 6 and I was even surprised to find out that on my phone, it was actually set to off. No wonder I had been having some problems in iPhoto, trying to get it to show the location of photos on the map! So what you can do is to every time you take a photo with your DSLR camera, also take a photo at the same time and place with your iPhone. This could work out a little bit tedious if you’re moving around a lot and I could see that I would quite easily forget to take the iPhone shot on some occasions. Using the same sort of technique you could just take one photograph in the region of where you’re taking your pictures that day or session. So in this situation, you would take one iPhone shot in the town where you’re visiting and use that to give the general whereabouts of all of the photographs that you take all around the town.

Whichever of those two methods that you use, per photo accuracy or a general location for a set of photos, you can set up the geo-tagging of the DSLR shots back in iPhoto. The iPhone shot will be back in iPhoto as soon as you’re back home if you’re using Photo Stream and all you have to do is to match up the iPhone shot with the DSLR shots. Click on the iPhone image and press command C to copy to clipboard, then click on the DSLR shot that you want to have Geo located and in the edit menu you will find Paste Location. So you can see why it could be quite tedious if you’re going for the accurate method with one shot per exact location and photo. If you’re on a walk around a town or if you’re out in the countryside you could have quite a lot of matching up to do.

Using third-party software for geolocation

I have found some third-party photo software called myTracks which will help you automate the process of adding geolocation to your DSLR photos. It has taken me a little while to work out how to use it, as the help files and manual are written by a person that is using English as a second language. It is not that bad actually, in terms of the language, it is probably more that it is describing the software more than it is showing you how to use it. There are a couple of how to videos, but without a voice-over track to explain what is actually happening. I will be remedying that, with some YouTube tutorial videos that you will be able to use to find out how to use this software.

How to use myTracks

You can use the myTracks application with either an extra GPS unit that will export the recorded track of your wanderings. You can also use an iPhone application that will very accurately record your movements. The iPhone myTracks application is a free app on the iTunes App Store. Then what you will need, is to use the myTracks Mac OS X application to use with your recorded GPS data along with your photos. It is possible to synchronise the GPS data from the iPhone into the Mac application. A couple of times the Mac application didn’t see the iPhone to be able to synchronise, so I switched off the synchronisation service on the iPhone and switched it back on again. Hey presto, it worked.

The way that the application works is to match the time settings on your camera with the time settings as recorded with the GPS data. This means that you have to make sure that your camera and iPhone are set to more or less the same time. There are also some settings that you can use to offset the time one way or the other so that it will better match.
Geotagging in iPhoto

Step-by-step using myTracks

  1. When you’re ready to start taking photographs start the application or the GPS device recording your waypoints.
  2. Take all of your photos as you go and when you’re finished, turn off your GPS recording.
  3. Download your photos to your computer, into either iPhoto or Aperture.
  4. Synchronise the GPS data into the myTracks software.
  5. Click on the GPS Track that you want to use.
  6. Select the photos in iPhoto/Aperture then drag them and drop them into the myTracks application. You will see a window pop-up to say that the photos are being imported.
  7. Have the photos selected that you have just imported and click on the button to write the EXIF data.
  8. Go Back into iPhoto and in the Photos menu choose the menu item to Rescan for Location.

Other features of myTracks

There are other features that are available within the myTracks software that I will look at in another article and video. It is possible to do things such as create a track from a pool of photos. Obviously for that to happen you have to have photos that already have location tagging applied. So you could do that with a set of photos you take with your iPhone, for example.

One of the photos I Geo Located with myTracks

IMG 2070

I did use the application on the iPhone and took photos from within the application. Those photos stayed inside the application and didn’t go to the Photo Roll automatically. I was able to get those photos into my computer by other means, I think I did it through iTunes. You get to see little thumbnails of your photos on small pointers within the map in the iOS application.

Overview of geo-locating photographs

I did get quite frustrated with setting it up in the first instance, but once I got going it wasn’t too bad. If you want to do it for free, then you can just use the method of taking an iPhone picture at each point you use your DSLR camera. If you only need a more or less correct location, then you could use one iOS photo to get the data for a whole day’s worth of photos.

There are benefits to having exact locations for every single photo and using the third-party myTracks apps, is without doubt a very good solution. As I said, it is necessary to dive in there and really work out exactly how to use the software. On the other hand, another solution would be to go and buy a camera has already has GPS tracking included within its features.

Now to go back to playing games with my iPad .

Do I Need an Apple iPhone 4 case now?

The amazing iPhone and I am late to the party

The iPhone 4S has been available for some time now and the iPhone 5 rumours have already started. And yet I’ve only just upgraded from an iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4. Strictly speaking, I haven’t even done that. The iPhone 4 that I have just bought from Apple is not actually for me, but for my wife. She has been in need of a dose of iPhone goodness for some time now. When she bought her last phone, a crappy feature phone, I did suggest at the time that she should get an iPhone. I wasn’t listened to, nothing new there then.

Apple iPhone 4 case 1

So my plan has been to get a new iPad, so that I can do the Wizardgold YouTube videos showing how to use applications for iOS. On top of that, my iPhone 3G was getting rather long in the tooth and I could do with a new iPhone for myself. Then again, for most of the year I don’t really need an iPhone, as I don’t make many phone calls at all. I could be better off with an iPod Touch and a cheap old phone that just makes phone calls. So what happened, that made me change my plans, was that I was offered a reasonable amount of money for my iPhone 3G. So after much gnashing of teeth and cogitating, I decided that I would sell it and put the money towards a newer model of iPhone.

Which model of iPhone to buy and what about an Apple iPhone 4 case?

I did consider the iPhone 3GS, as my mother and sister have both recently got one of these. As they live in England, they were able to get one of these 3GS iPhones, without having to pay any money and just £20 a month for the contract. A very good deal, indeed. Here in Spain though, I would have to buy one of those outright and it would cost €350. The only thing against buying a 3GS would be that it is old technology now and has less value in terms of longevity, than getting one with the number four in its name. The present version of the iPhone 4S that was out of my price range, would cost to much to buy at €600. At only €100 more than the iPhone 4, the extra amount would be worth it in terms of the better processor, better camera and for Siri, but as I say not in my price range.

So the model to get was the iPhone 4, even though there is only one size available at 8 GB. When setting the new iPhone up, I found I had to do a certain amount of pruning after being used to a phone with 16 GB of space. Not a huge problem really, as I was able to take off most of the music, to leave plenty of space for the applications and enough for some iPhone photography. So after selling the old iPhone, I gathered up some available cash to place an order with Apple for the iPhone 4. The order was placed early Monday afternoon and I was amazed that the delivery date was going to be the following day.

A new iPhone 4 winding its way from Italy to Catalonia

The iPhone had to come from Italy and it was fun to watch it on the UPS tracking website, move from the original warehouse to the UPS hub, onto Cologne in Germany, before heading to Barcelona. Quite amusing really that it took the long route to get here and was still able to do it in just over 24 hours. We were quite exciting to get the delivery and proceed to the un-boxing stage. It was only after getting the phone out that I remembered that I would need a smaller SIM card in order to activate the iPhone. It was going to be impossible to wait long enough to get a mini SIM card from the mobile phone company. So I decided to do a Google search for instructions to cut one down manually. In the end it turned out to be very easy to do and I soon had the SIM card in the slot and the activation in progress.

The plans for the use of the new iPhone

On account of the fact that I don’t make many phone calls and that my wife uses her phone quite a lot, I decided that it would be better for her to have the iPhone 4. For the moment though, I am working at a campsite and presently I am able to make better use of the phone than she is. So the plan is for me to use this new phone until August 20th when the job finishes and to pass the phone on. My priority is for the new iPad third-generation, so that I can dive into making the you Tube videos showing how to use iPad applications. I plan to use the application Reflections on my Mac and stream the video from the iPad to the iMac and record it using ScreenFlow. I was a little surprised to find that it isn’t possible to do the same thing using Airplay or Reflections with this new iPhone 4. Another reason why the iPhone 4S would have better value for me.

iPhone 5 release date – Apple Rumours Bloody Rumours

There is a possibility that Apple will release the iPhone 5 in the autumn of this year. That could be sometime around October or November, so what I might do is to start a fund for a new iPhone for myself. I wonder if the Apple iPhone 4 case will fit the iPhone 5? I will be able to possibly take advantage of lower prices on an iPhone 4S after the iPhone 5 has been released. Youtube videos about iPhone apps and Siri for some fun too. There were some comments made about the iPhone 4S Battery and iOS 5

Apple iphone 4s

Taking note of the differences between the old iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4

Setting up the new iPhone 4 was pretty easy after I cut down the Sim card and was able to activate the phone. I restored the phone from a backup, during the setup process. That made it easy to have all of my data on the new phone. No worries about doing a factory reset in August and setting up the iPhone one more time. I get the feeling that the iPhone 4 is better built and of higher quality than my old iPhone. The screen looks great with it being a Retina Display, so I will be looking forward to seeing the Retina Display on the third-generation iPad when I get it.

Shiny and new on the outside with the iPhone 4 – Better operating system on the inside

With the iPhone 3G, I have been stuck with the iOS 4.2.1 for quite some time now. Even though I have iOS version 5 on the amazing iPad, it is still rather nice to see up-to-date software on an iPhone. I am enjoying the much better quality cameras and the ability to use PhotoStream. I have also been looking forward to being able to use the new features in iPhoto for iOS, in particular the Journal feature. Really, I think it is about time that the Journal tool was included in iPhoto for the Mac. Definitely I should spend some time finding out, what else I can do with the taking of photos and movie clips with the iPhone 4. I will also be able to install iOS 6 on this phone.

It is certainly very nice to have a much faster processor and to benefit from a little bit of speed. I like that there is the Compass application on the iPhone. Didn’t have that on the previous phone. Another application that could be useful to get, now that I have a iOS device that will do magical video, could be iMovie for iOS. Another thing that this iPhone will be useful for, is the scanning of QR codes. Sometimes you find these codes in tourist information places. All you have to do is to take a quick picture to gather up extra information, about whatever it is you are looking at. My wife is going to particularly love that feature and make great use of it. All in all, an excellent purchase and I would expect this iPhone to last 2 to 3 years and still be highly useful, even then. There are plenty of Apple iPhone 4 cases to choose from and they also fit the Apple iPhone 4s

Dragon Dictate mac speech recognition software

Today after checking some iPhone 4S news I thought I would try out the Dragon Dictation iOS application for iOS. It works well but doesn’t really give iPhone 4 voice control, aside from letting me post my words to Twitter and Facebook. Do you know of any apps that supply voice control iPhone 4? Maybe I should hold out for the iPhone 4S for myself. I will have to save up the cash, that’s all.

Looking for an iCloud Download – iCloud Review

Apple iCloud review

The cloud services that Apple have recently introduced called iCloud is their answer to the way that computing is going on these days, as in into the cloud. For some time now it has been possible to use Dropbox for data and file sharing. I have recommended to my readers many times that Dropbox is the best way to have a another backup of your data in the cloud. I still have a free account and I have 10 GB of storage space available. Many times I have used Dropbox for having files shared to me and also for sharing files out. As you might expect from Apple, iCloud does work a little different from the way that Dropbox works.

Comparing iCloud with Dropbox

iCloud review

With the Dropbox file sharing, basically what you do is to have a folder on your computer, and you save your documents into that folder. These documents are automatically sent to the Dropbox account in the cloud and then they are made available to your Dropbox apps. This Dropbox application that you have on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or you could have it on an Android phone, can access your Dropbox files, when you are computing on the move. With iCloud the way that it works on your iDevices is that the service is baked into the applications. To start with, we see that from iCloud you can have your files that you work on automatically uploaded to the online servers. Then those files that you have worked on will be pushed out to your other iDevices. For the moment the Mac is not quite in the loop with iCloud. If I want to get a file as I have worked on in my iPad that is in iCloud, I have to open up a browser window with iCloud to download that file. One would hope that in time there will be file compatibility between the iOS files and the Mac OS X files of iWork.

The applications which have iCloud included in them at the moment are the Apple iWork applications, Keynote, Pages and Numbers. So if you are working on a Keynote presentation using your iPhone, then that file will be immediately available on your other iOS 5 devices that have been set to work with iCloud.

The iCloud technology has been made available to all Apple developers, be that for iOS all for OS X and we will be seeing more applications in time that will have the iCloud functionality baked into them. Already we have iCloud connecting up to our e-mail and as part of the iCloud deal we get an e-mail address that is Already I have set up my iCloud e-mail address and I have it so that all of the other e-mail addresses that I was using before are forwarded to my iCloud account. That way all of the e-mails that I get, I can see in one place in the Mail application on whichever Apple Computer I am using. I expect that given time there will be a list of applications that are available with the iCloud technology and perhaps that will help us to make our choice whether we want to buy that app or not.

ICloud and iOS5

Pictures flowing in the Photo Stream

For me one of the most useful items that is included within iCloud is the Photo Stream. I really love it when I can take a photo on my iPad and within just a few seconds the picture has found its way into the Photo Stream that I am viewing on my Mac. That picture is also going to be on my iPhone as well. I have it set so that photos that get into my Photo Stream are automatically brought into iPhoto to be kept for posterity. Or at least until I decide that I want to delete them. It is good news to find out that the amount of space taken up by the photos in Photo Stream and there could be up to 1000 of them, is not counted in the amount of space available for free in the iCloud service.

Find my iPhone

If you want to locate your phone, then that is also a part of iCloud functionality. I can go to the iCloud webpage and I will see the icons that will get me into the corresponding iCloud service. There is e-mail, which is excellent to have, in case I want to connect to my e-mail over the web from somebody else’s computer. And in amongst the other icons there is an icon called find my iPhone. I can go into this section of iCloud, the find my iPhone web application and it will tell me where in the world is my iPhone or my iPad. In fact this application can also be used to locate your iMac or MacBook Air if they are registered with iCloud.

I just went in there and gave it a try and it was unable to find my iPhone or my iPad but it did offer to e-mail me if it was found as a later date. I am not sure why it didn’t find my devices, it could be something to do with that these devices would have to be found, using Wi-Fi triangulation. Maybe if I lived in a town rather than on the edge of a forest this would have worked.

Apple iCloud download

When you upgrade to the latest version of Mac OS X and you have the latest versions of the iWork apps, that is as much downloading as you need to do, to be able to use iCloud on your Mac. As I mentioned, the access to iCloud on the Mac is through the web browser. You have to have the latest version of iPhoto which connects up to the Photo Stream.

Apple  iCloud release date

There is the iCloud download for your IOS devices and those devices do have to be the later models of the iDevices that are able to run iOS 5. You just have to connect your iPad or your iPhone to your computer by the USB cable and in the summary page of information for the device in iTunes you click on the button for Check For Updates. You can use the Find My iPhone application on your IOS device and you can do the iCloud download for that either directly on the device itself or through iTunes.

The Marauders Map otherwise known as Find My Friends

If you have somebody that you would like to stalk, although you will actually need their permission, you can use the Find My Friends application. This is another new feature of iCloud. What you can do is, to use it if you were having a meet up, all of the participants could give permission to be stalked for the day or the weekend of the meeting. Then at any time during that period any other people that are included will be able to look into the Find My Friends application and to see where everybody else went to. This Find My Friends Application could be very useful when people are on the way towards a meet up, for the way that it integrates with the GPS mapping. You could have the service tell you directions for getting to where the others have already congregated. Maybe if you have the iPhone 4S, you will be able to ask Siri to set this up for you.

iTunes Match

As part of the iCloud service you can have the items that you buy from Apple through iTunes, such as your videos and music pushed out to all of your iOS 5 and OS X computers. So if you buy a song on your iPhone, then when you get home you will find that song is already in your iTunes library on your Mac.

With iTunes match which is available as a cost of $24.99 you can have all of the music that you already have in your iTunes library available to you, on all of your devices. It could well be that you have a ripped copy of a CD that you own and you will be able to stream that set of songs from iCloud – iTunes Match to your IOS devices. Another great benefit of this is that usually the version that you can stream and download to your other device from iCloud will be of a higher quality than the version that you have already. The iTunes Match service is supposed to be available from the end of October 2011. As of this date in November it is late and has not yet been implemented.

Contacts and calendars with iCloud

ICloud email app

Having been a previous user of MobileMe, I was looking forward to seeing the way that contacts and calendars worked with iCloud. This is because in between using MobileMe and iCloud becoming available, I did try to do some synchronisation of my contacts and calendars using the Google services. It was not a complete success. The Google services were difficult to set up in the first place and never really worked out well, nor looked very good either. Before the advent of Google plus, I regarded Google as being well-known for making efficient software that was just a bit ugly.

There were one or two people that when upgrading to iCloud did run into a couple of difficulties with seeing duplicates of contacts or problems with the duplication of events in iCal. Much of the time this was due to unfortunate combinations of software and for most users it did actually work quite well. I prefer to use the Apple supplied software that came with my iMac, my iPad and my iPhone for the calendar functions and the contact list functions. I like the way that the address book integrates with other applications on my Mac or on my iPhone. I can start typing a name while in my mail application and it will give me the suggestions, so that usually I only need to type a couple of letters to have the full e-mail address in front of me, of whoever it is I’m writing to. It is also useful while I’m in e-mail to be able to click on a date and have that date pushed into my calendar app, iCal, as an event. Usually it will also take into consideration any time zone differences.

Apple iCloud review

Overall the introduction of iCloud seems to have been very successful. The one or two issues that did come up, such as the duplicating of some addresses for some people and the lateness of iTunes match are not too difficult to get fixed.

While it is very handy to be able to have the push technology used when you are working on your iWork applications, we will have to wonder how quick there will be any sort of take up from third-party developers. If there was a Scrivener for iPad application, it would be very useful to be able to work on whichever device and have my documents there and also available in the same condition in which I left them, while editing them elsewhere. Apple do certainly need to do something about making it possible to save documents in the same way on the OS X side of things, rather than making us have to do manual uploads and downloads of the iWork documents we have been working on.

iCloud review – Apple users worldwide are enjoying using iCloud and the crowd experience of iCloud will be found in an iCloud wiki. It is possible to go and look in the help forums on the Apple website, where Apple users have talked about their experiences and pooled their information about how iCloud has worked for them.

How long are you getting from your iPhone 4S Battery and iOS 5

Problems with the battery life in iOS 5 devices

Since the introduction of the iPhone 4S, it seems that quite a lot of people have been complaining about them having power problems with their iOS 5 device. Apple have acknowledged that there is a bug in iOS 5 that is causing power management issues. It is claimed that the problem is for a small number of iOS 5 users only, but as is the way with Apple users, those people having problems are quite vocal. You would expect though that Apple users are going to be technically savvy enough, to be able to get the word out through social networks and podcasts, when there are problems.

One of the solutions that has been put forward to sort out some of these anecdotal reports about battery life problems with the iPhone 4S, has been to turn off a location switch within the settings. This particular location based setting is to do with the time zone management. It is very obvious that if you’re not travelling constantly between time zones, then it is not really necessary for your location to be monitored so closely by the iPhone.

On the other hand there are some owners that are not having any problems at all, aside from the fact that they are using more of the features. So in the first few days iPhone 4S users have managed to get through quite a bit of available battery power. When you have Siri and location-based reminders and other fancy things that you are finding out about in a new iOS 5 device, then the battery is going to take a little bit of a hammering. It is also much easier with the iOS 5 system to push the data from your online services such as the update of your contacts, calendars and of course your e-mails to and from the iPhone. Is it any wonder that the battery of the new iPhone is getting used up quicker.

IPhone BatteryiPhone during the time you spend in the car, so that you can keep it all up and running.

Streaming music, photos and Video around the house with iPhone Air play

Having your music videos and photos streamed around the house using Apple TV

Apple airplay came to us with the iOS 4.2 and basically what it is, is a way to stream our content over Wi-Fi from one device to another. What Apple boasts is that you can have the whole of your iTunes library, that is all of the songs and all of the playlists, in all the rooms around your house. What you can do, is to have speakers set up all around the house, maybe have some in the bedroom and some in the living room and then you can stream your music to more than one room at the same time. All you have to do to get set this up is to select multiple speakers from the pull down menu for speakers. Then in iTunes you can choose where you want to send the music. So I opened up my iTunes to checkout iPhone Air play and wasn’t able to find a pulldown menu for speakers, so obviously this is only available if you have the hardware connected up. So you do need to have speakers that are Wi-Fi enabled, so that they can be seen on your network.

The Airplay wireless is integrated into some speaker docks, AV receivers and stereo systems from various manufacturers. One nice detail about Airplay is that when it is working, it will stream information about your music at the same time. So if you have a speaker dock that has a graphical display of some sort, you will see the name of the singer, the song titles and the album names. So when you are in the other room you will see all of the information about the music and will not be playing it blind. Of the manufacturers that do Airplay, you will find famous makes like Marantz and Bowers and Wilkins.

iPhone air play

iPhone air play or iPad airplay set up

If you want to stream content from an iPhone, it has to be a iPhone 3GS or later. With an iPod Touch, it is from the second-generation models of the iPod Touch that you can do this. You are also required to have iOS 4.3 or later to stream from third-party applications or from websites that have opted in to the use of . If you want to stream content that is DRM protected so it will play to the Apple TV, then you also need an active Internet connection for it to actually work. What it all comes down to, is that you will need to have the hardware to be able to take advantage of the iPhone airplay mode and the iPhone airplay apps.

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