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Momento Journal on the iPhone

Another journalling application you might consider is the application called Momento. This application has also had a recent upgrade to version 3 and is cheaper to buy at only $.99. This is another smart Private diary/journal to help you capture and collect your memories. This is what it is all about after all, exploring your…

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OmniFocus with iOS and Mac

I bought the latest version of OmniFocus for iPad Although I told myself that I wouldn’t because it is too expensive and I already have the previous version, I relented and I bought it. I do kind of need some application like that to help me to organise myself when I am working for my…

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Geolocation on your photos

Over the last couple of days I feel like I have been banging my head against a brick wall, in relation to having my photos geo-tagged. The reason that it is a little bit problematic is that I am using iPhoto and I really don’t think that the Places feature is the best that it…

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