Momento Journal on the iPhone

Another journalling application you might consider is the application called Momento. This application has also had a recent upgrade to version 3 and is cheaper to buy at only $.99. This is another smart Private diary/journal to help you capture and collect your memories. This is what it is all about after all, exploring your […]

The iPhone 6 – Our One Week Anniversary

A week with the iPhone 6 My first full day with the iPhone 6 and I felt a little bit disappointed with the amount of time I got out of the battery. I found myself wishing that I had bought the larger version which has the bigger battery and has been shown to last longer. […]

iPhone 6 Coming to David Allen Wizardgold

China is a long way away I ordered the iPhone 6 just over a week ago and finally it was released from the factory in China to make the long journey home to David Allen Wizardgold in Catalonia. I ordered the Silver model with 64GB and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. After […]

OmniFocus with iOS and Mac

I bought the latest version of OmniFocus for iPad Although I told myself that I wouldn’t because it is too expensive and I already have the previous version, I relented and I bought it. I do kind of need some application like that to help me to organise myself when I am working for my […]

Following an app suggestion I got the Moves app

A while back I had been thinking of getting the Fit Bit, but I was completely put off by the price. The Fit Bit is a gadget which you wear on your body and records your every move. The idea is that you record how many steps you take during the day and you use […]

Geolocation on your photos

Over the last couple of days I feel like I have been banging my head against a brick wall, in relation to having my photos geo-tagged. The reason that it is a little bit problematic is that I am using iPhoto and I really don’t think that the Places feature is the best that it […]

Do I Need an Apple iPhone 4 case now?

The amazing iPhone and I am late to the party The iPhone 4S has been available for some time now and the iPhone 5 rumours have already started. And yet I’ve only just upgraded from an iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4. Strictly speaking, I haven’t even done that. The iPhone 4 that I have […]

How long are you getting from your iPhone 4S Battery and iOS 5

Problems with the battery life in iOS 5 devices Since the introduction of the iPhone 4S, it seems that quite a lot of people have been complaining about them having power problems with their iOS 5 device. Apple have acknowledged that there is a bug in iOS 5 that is causing power management issues. It […]

Streaming music, photos and Video around the house with iPhone Air play

Having your music videos and photos streamed around the house using Apple TV Apple airplay came to us with the iOS 4.2 and basically what it is, is a way to stream our content over Wi-Fi from one device to another. What Apple boasts is that you can have the whole of your iTunes library, […]

Getting it back with an iPhone locator or iPad locator

Get my touchscreen computer back – iPhone locator and iPad locator If you put your iPhone, iPad or your iPod Touch down someplace or other and you don’t know where, there is now an app that you can use to find it again. In fact you can even find your Mac using this find my […]