How long are you getting from your iPhone 4S Battery and iOS 5

Problems with the battery life in iOS 5 devices

Since the introduction of the iPhone 4S, it seems that quite a lot of people have been complaining about them having power problems with their iOS 5 device. Apple have acknowledged that there is a bug in iOS 5 that is causing power management issues. It is claimed that the problem is for a small number of iOS 5 users only, but as is the way with Apple users, those people having problems are quite vocal. You would expect though that Apple users are going to be technically savvy enough, to be able to get the word out through social networks and podcasts, when there are problems.

One of the solutions that has been put forward to sort out some of these anecdotal reports about battery life problems with the iPhone 4S, has been to turn off a location switch within the settings. This particular location based setting is to do with the time zone management. It is very obvious that if you’re not travelling constantly between time zones, then it is not really necessary for your location to be monitored so closely by the iPhone.

On the other hand there are some owners that are not having any problems at all, aside from the fact that they are using more of the features. So in the first few days iPhone 4S users have managed to get through quite a bit of available battery power. When you have Siri and location-based reminders and other fancy things that you are finding out about in a new iOS 5 device, then the battery is going to take a little bit of a hammering. It is also much easier with the iOS 5 system to push the data from your online services such as the update of your contacts, calendars and of course your e-mails to and from the iPhone. Is it any wonder that the battery of the new iPhone is getting used up quicker.

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