Aurora HDR 2017 Photography Application

Aurora HDR 2017

A colourful way of seeing the world I’ve always liked HDR photos because of the heightened and out of this world style of the colours and ultra-real view it gives me. It reminds me of when I was younger and I got my first pair of Polaroid sunglasses. When I put the glasses on, all […]

iColorama for Photo Creativity

Started with a photo of a car I took a couple of weeks ago. I used Mixer to put another image on top, did some masking and brought in another image over that with the Blend and used a blend preset. Finished off with a little bit of Glow and some more masking. Old Car, […]

PowerPhotos for Apple Photo Libraries Merge

Goodbye Aperture – Hello Apple Photos The best thing for me about Aperture, is the facility to use the plug-ins from various other third-party applications. Third-party plug-ins from HDR application Photomatix, Intensify Pro, Tonality, Topaz Impression and Noiseless, to mention just a few. It is useful to have all your photos in one place. When […]

Instagram and Mextures

Fishy Lishy Metalishy A photo posted by David Allen (@wizardgold) on Jul 5, 2015 at 5:39am PDT Layers I’ve been looking at what can be done with the Instagram photographic social network and I’ve been trying out a couple of new photo applications on my iPhone. One application I’ve been looking at will let you […]

Got the book on Kobo

It took a while to get it sorted and there were problems which turned out to be due to me using two different browsers. Then I didn’t get an email to let me know when it was online ready for sale. Next issue comes when I use Chrome browser to go to the Kobo Writers life […]

Good and geeky Book 1 – Geek Photography

Geeky Photography Book The first of the Good and Geeky books is online and available to buy. I am delighted to get it out there and it felt like I would never get finished a few times. I have read through it so many times now it is making my head spin. Each time I […]

A geeks guide to photography

This book is a collection of articles about  photography with the geek in mind. It started off as a number of articles that were published on the Spondicious photography website and has been added to with more unpublished new articles. The premise of the book is how to be a more creative photographer using technology and […]

On Camera Flash Stinks – Learn to use off camera

Getting the best from your camera flash One of the first things that you have to learn when you are getting into photography is that using the flash on camera is generally not a good thing to do. This doesn’t necessarily mean that using a flash is bad, but you do have to know how […]

My Favourite type of Photography – HDR

HDR photography tutorial – weirdo HDR image We have all seen them! That strange looking HDR image with the over saturated wild looking colours. Or there are those HDR images which are so sharp that they might cut you, with all the details enhanced and emphasised. There is a well-known photographer on the Internet by […]

Being a Geek Photographer

listen to ‘On being gig photographer’ on Audioboo I’m sure that it is true to say that once you get into photography proper, then you are automatically a geek photographer. You won’t be able to help yourself, there will be lots of gadgets and equipment to buy for your photography and then on top of […]