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The first of the Good and Geeky books is online and available to buy. I am delighted to get it out there and it felt like I would never get finished a few times. I have read through it so many times now it is making my head spin. Each time I find something to give a little tweak to or I find another spelling mistake or a typo. I used the Hemingway application on my Mac to help me make the sentences were as readable as possible. There is still one chapter I would like to add to it later and I will be adding a chapter when the Photos app comes out from Apple. It feels really exciting to have a book in the store now. I can finally say I’m an author although getting a few sales will help me confirm that to myself. I have added the book to KDP Select which means that it can be borrowed by the Amazon customer that use the Kindle Lending Library.

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In the book I cover my move to the Sony NEX 6. I have chapter about Mac applications I use with my photos on my Mac. There are links to 12 photography based Mac app tutorials. I look at ways you can get your photography mojo back again if you have lost the creativity you once had. Suggestions to beat the photographers equivalent of writers block.

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This book is in the final stages too. I am giving it another read through before I submit it to the Kindle store too. The next book I work on will be covering the topic of email encryption. It will be a very hands on how to guide style of book and a few explanations to go with it all. I get a lot of interest in my GPG tutorials I have on the Wizardgold YouTube Channel.

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