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Using technology to help with weight loss

There is nothing like technology to get me into the swing of things. Whatever that might be! I have been using an application called Noom Coach which I found out about because I have been using the application called Noom which is a pedometer, step counter. This application Noom Coach/ Noom Weight Loss is basically…

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The Range Tool in Audio Evolution Mobile

Home, home on the range tool I have got quite fond of the application called Audio Evolution Mobile to use on my android devices, both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and also the Nexus 7. The application is a multitrack digital audio workstation for mobile and is extremely useful for creating audio files. In the previous…

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Playing video with a Twonky Beam

Twonky Beam is quite amazing and connects easily with the Apple TV This application was suggested to me by a Twitter friend called Ross Craig who goes by the name of Pirate Jim. He suggested it to me because of the fact I was trying an application called BBQ Screen that I wanted to use…

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