Going paperless using iPhone or iPad and a touch of automation.

I am a great believer in being as paperless as possible and it is extremely rare that I would print anything out. Especially when you have the iPad available to you and you can read directly off the screen in a way that is quite personal, printing on paper has become superfluous. So that is […]

Features of iOS 5 – The split keyboard

Getting into using iOS 5 on the iPad, what is the new operating system for iDevices really like? Well as you would expect it not such a radical change that you have to relearn everything from scratch. Yet at the same time you want something sexy and new that gives you facilities that to make […]

Gain access to your files with FileBrowser iPad

What is the problem that FileBrowser for iPad solves? It is going to happen that one day you are going to be away from your main computer and you really do need to see some of your files. Not only do you want to see the file but you want to open it up and […]

Shooting Photos with the iOS 5 Camera App

Jumping the gun with iOS 5 and iCloud I made a start to the day, thinking that the date today was 12th of October, naturally I was a little excited at the thought of getting my hands on the latest operating system for iDevices, the iPhone, the iPad and also the iPod touch. I should […]

Augment your Memory with iOS 5 and iCloud Features

More about iOS5 and iCloud – Reminders and Twitter Still talking about 12th October iOS 5 and iCloud day, what else do we have? There is the new Newsstand application and for me it really doesn’t mean an awful lot as I am unlikely to partake of any of the magazines available. Although if I […]

iCloud iPad, iPhone and the Mac and the iCloud Release Date

iCloud Release Date And What It Means To iCloud iPad On October 4th, 2011 Apple had their iPhone – Let’s Talk iPhone event. Apart from announcing the introduction of the iPhone 4S there was a lot of talk about iCloud. Apple also announced the iCloud release date which is October 12th. There is not an […]

Using the Air Video iPad Solution for Streaming Your Videos to Your iPad

Watching videos on your iPad using air video iPad There are two parts to the solution, for getting your videos off your Mac or your Windows computer. You can download the air video app from the iPad application store within iTunes which costs €3.39, but you also need to go to the website of Air […]

Stylus Decisions – iPad Stylus Reviews For More Information

Using iPad Stylus Reviews To Decide Upon Which Stylus To Buy After reading a few of the iPad stylus reviews, it was time to go out and buy one for myself. There are a variety of iPad stylus available and some of them are quite informative about how you might use an iPad stylus. You […]

Using VPN iPad Applications or a VPN for iPad Service

VPN iPad or virtual private network and Internet tunnel If you’re looking for complete anonymity and privacy than what you probably need is VPN for iPad, a virtual private network. What this is is a secure tunnel from where you are doing your surfing, be that from within an iPad or if you are using […]

Peace of Mind with the iPad – iPad Security Issues

iPad Security Issues – Security Of Files On The iPad When I press the home button and move across the slider on my iPad, it goes directly into the applications. Did you know that you can set a pass code from within the settings of the iPad? To do this, what you need to do […]