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What is the problem that FileBrowser for iPad solves?

It is going to happen that one day you are going to be away from your main computer and you really do need to see some of your files. Not only do you want to see the file but you want to open it up and edit it .You only have with you, your iPhone and your iPad, so how are you going to do it. There are a number of possibilities, there is iPad VPN (Virtual Private Network) as one way it could be done, or you save all your documents into Dropbox and you have Dropbox on your iPad or you could use some remote access software such as FileBrowser.

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FileBrowser for iPad gives you Windows Explorer on your iPad

If you are using the iPad app FileBrowser in some ways it is like having your Finder application, or Windows Explorer (if you’re a Windows geek), on your iPad or on your iPhone, how weird is that?. This FileBrowser iPad app will let you access network folders on Macs, Windows, Linux and your network attached storage drives, NAS.

All of the work with FileBrowser iPad is done from your iPad, rather than used sitting at your computer and uploading files to the iPad. The application lets you look at all of the document types that iOS will support. When you have the access to the files it will pass them on to the right apps and also take from other applications. What you could do for instance, is to take e-mail attachments and to have FileBrowser store them for using later, with the correct application for that file type.

One way of using this would be to stream music and your video files from your computer in your home office, directly to your iPad. You could do this and send them to your iPhone also if you wanted. If you have an NAS storage device, then you could access the files on it without having to turn on your computer. On the other hand AirVideo is a great app specially for that.

Find how to wave the rubber chicken at FileBrowser for iPad

FileBrowser for iPad, as with other applications of this type, can take a little bit of rubber chicken waving and the old voodoo magic in order to set up. According to customer reviews for the application, the customer service is good enough, that if you do have a little bit of a problem, they are more than happy to help you out and get you up and running.

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