Features of iOS 5 – The split keyboard

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Getting into using iOS 5 on the iPad, what is the new operating system for iDevices really like? Well as you would expect it not such a radical change that you have to relearn everything from scratch. Yet at the same time you want something sexy and new that gives you facilities that to make the tasks you want to do at least ten times easier.

I tried out the split keyboard and found that for the most part I prefer the keyboard as it was before. It could be really useful if you need to see more of the screen while you are typing. What I found was that the keys just became too small. That could be something more to do with me needing to put the glasses on to help the eyes function that bit better.

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4 thoughts on “Features of iOS 5 – The split keyboard

  1. Frank says:

    I hate the split keyboard, the place where the split occurs means I’m instinctively trying to use my thumb to reach the other side of the screen. I was looking forward to that feature but now I see no point to it.

  2. admin says:

    I never remember to use the split keyboard Frank. I would rather use two hands on the on screen keyboard or for more typing I will use the bluetooth keyboard from the iMac.

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