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iPhone vs iPod Touch

Okay then, so we have had the Apple iPhone 5 event and I am more confused than ever. Well, maybe not that confused because the combination of features and prices are starting to firm up my choice of next iOS device. With the fact that Apple announced the new versions of the iPod Touch at…

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Using Blogsy

Type in Blogsy This is a test of the application called Blogsy which I’m going to do a review of and the quick run through of what the application is capable of. It is quite handy to have an application on your iPad that will let you do blog postings to platforms. I like to…

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Win a Virtual Laser Keyboard for your iPad

Special offer for all my blog readers especially on the Amazing iPad and NoStylus – Virtual Laser Keyboard You may have seen that there have been reviews here about applications such as Textkraft and Word 2 Text. These are applications by the developer Invofole who also make 1a Easy Writer and Schreibkraft. I have been…

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