iPhone vs iPod Touch

Okay then, so we have had the Apple iPhone 5 event and I am more confused than ever. Well, maybe not that confused because the combination of features and prices are starting to firm up my choice of next iOS device. With the fact that Apple announced the new versions of the iPod Touch at the same event, I could be moving more towards buying that device instead of an iPhone.

The story so far with my iPhone

At the beginning of the summer I bought an iPhone 4. This is because I needed to replace the iPhone 3 which was getting rather long in the tooth. My main use for it was to play podcasts and I needed that to keep me sane during quiet periods at work. I bought the iPhone 4 for €499 and I must say that I have been very happy with the device. With the fact that I use dictation so much, I do find that I miss the ability to dictate in the same way as I do with the iPad. Due to my desire to have an iOS device that I can dictate to and control with my voice using Siri, I would need to get the iPhone 4S. At least I have the new iPad Siri, I can still use Siri with iOS 6.

iPhone vs IPod Touch

iPhone vs iPod Touch – decisions decisions

I was quite pleased to see that the iPhone 4 has come down in price substantially, instead of the €499 that I paid recently, it is now available for €389. I can’t complain about the difference in price because I needed to buy the phone when I needed it. What I might complain about is, that the iPhone 4S has not come down in price a similar amount. If the 4S had come down enough, then I would be saving cash towards buying one of these iPhones. This is because, if it comes to a decision between having the iPhone 4S or the iPod touch fifth-generation, then there is no contest. The extra connectivity available within the iPhone over the iPod Touch is more useful to me than is the larger screen of the iPod Touch.

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Costs and tech comparisons – iPhone vs iPod Touch

So now that I can rule out the iPhone 4S from my buying decision, the next comparison to make it is between the iPhone 4 and the iPod touch. I should say that the reason I need to get another device is because I have promised the iPhone 4 that I have been using during the summer, to pass it on to my wife. I needed the use of it while I was working during the summertime and now she’s back at work and will make better use of it than I will. I have my iPad three available to me here while I am working from home with all of my Wi-Fi connectivity. I actually have very little use for the phone capabilities of the iPhone.

I can’t say that I am particularly looking forward to the idea of using her nearly smart phone rather than the iPhone, but we do have an older iPod in the house that I can use to listen to the podcasts. So I will have to be carrying around a separate phone and an iPod. There is one other reason why I might be better to have an iPhone rather than an iPod Touch, it is for the GPS facilities. Yesterday I went on a bicycle ride of 20 km and I used to the application called Trails. This is a super application which records your journey while you are walking, cycling or with whatever other transport. For this you do need to have the mobile phone connectivity for the data for the maps. Of course having a GPS receiver in the phone is also necessary. My friend who has an iPod Touch is able to get around this to a certain extent by using a Bluetooth GPS receiver connected to his iOS device. Yet another thing to have to carry around.

IPhone 5 Siri

Given my circumstances, which would you buy? An iPhone 4 or one of the new fifth-generation iPad touch’s.

There are plus points to having the iPod Touch such as the faster processor, the better screen, 32 GB of storage rather than only 8 GB and the ability to dictate to it using Siri. It would be nice if I could afford the iPhone5 Siri.

The plus points for the iPhone 4 would be the GPS, the mobile connectivity and to be honest I am having difficulty in coming up with any other reasons. Is it worth to buy this device even though it only costs €70 more than the new iPod Touch.

As I am writing this article the new iPod Touch is becoming more desirable to me. With regards the connectivity, for the most part I am within range of Wi-Fi. For the times when I am out of range, I do have the MiFi product which does at least give me data. It will not turn the iPod Touch into a phone for me, so I will need to take something with me to take phone calls.

Compare specifications between iPhone models  Apple Store  U S 1

One more thing to take into consideration

There are very strong rumours that there will be a new iPad Mini, possibly available in October. On account of the fact that the new iPod Touch is not available until October either, perhaps I would be better to wait and see what happens. It could well be that there will be good reasons to buy such a device which at present is still just a mythical. It is a little hard to see how the iPad Mini will fit into the price ranges that Apple have presented us with. It will probably have to be more than the €319 32 GB model of the iPod Touch. This will be more than the predicted pricing from the Apple pundits, so maybe there will be capability differences that will allow Apple to price it lower. If that happens, then I could still have a conundrum on my hands with regards to deciding which device to get, based upon the relationship between the capabilities and the price. Obviously, like most people I am looking for the best bang for the buck. Look out for a new iPod review. When does the new iPod Touch come out? October 2012. Along with the new iPod Touch release there are new iPod Nanos which have changed shape again. Good to see Apple new iPods even if it has led to my confusion with the iPhone vs iPod Touch debate for me.

Using my iPad to edit video and other stuff

I am so pleased to have the iPad 3 to work with now with its two cameras. It means that I can use iPhoto and do some of those iPhoto Journals and also use other iPad photo applications. Not only that but I can shoot video on the iPad. I had a go at that today and it sort of worked. When I had recorded into the iMovie app the video was upside down in the app. I suppose the trick is to set the app the right way up as I. The same as it will be when I set it down to make the recording. What happened today was that I flipped the iPad over after I had tapped on the button the make iMovie record.

Shooting video with the iPad three

The other thing I noticed after shooting the video on the iPad was that the sound quality was not that good. I could have used my iRig microphone but I didn’t have it with me. It should have been decent enough because I was in the car doing this.

Still trying to get my head around ThinkBook

I like the application but I have found some thing s that are not so good. I would like the app to let me turn larger lumps of text into separate notes that can be indented. I want a way to change a question type note to a norma, note easily. I would like better ways to import text too. Overall I think the interface and the way it works needs a bit of a sorting out. Still believe that it is useful for outlining and worth the $1.99 but it could be better. Why is it possible to have book inside pages?? That metaphor just doesn’t work!


Magical Pad for outlining


MagicalPad is another app that does a pile of thing and could just fit in with what you want to do. It will do mind mapping, although not as good as you get with iThoughts HD it also will do outlining and work for note taking. It is very free form in the way it works and you can combine all these things on one page. That makes it quite useful, and unique. Again with this one it seems that it is not so easy to split chunks of text into smaller sectioned so that it can be indented and outdented. The import functions are very limited with MagicalPad too. Seems that it is just the way things go with iPad apps. We just have to get used to the idea that we need to start working on a project in one application and then maybe work with a couple of other apps along the way to the finished product.


You can read more about ThinkBook on the NoStylus web site as well as see the video in which I demonstrate how it works. I even have a second video in the works to show how to import templates from the ThinkBook website. Working how to do that was a bit of a marathon also.



IPad to edit video and other things

I really did touch the screen of my iMac the other day and expected a window to move. I said to myself “You silly arse.” had a good laugh at my stupidity and that was that. I did wonder late though if one day we will see desktop computers fro Apple that have touch screens included.

Loving the dictation on the iPad and also in Mountain Lion

The only thing. I wonder about is the need to work in a quiet environment to use it properly. If you have music playing in the background or maybe the telly is loudly filling the room with drama, documentaries or other speech. Will the dictation work well enough? I know that I sometimes when I am working want to use the dictation, but can’t because of the extraneous noises.


iPad Safari settings for buying Lingerie in secret

If you like to go shopping for ladies lingerie using your iPad and Safari and you would like to keep it secret then you should know about how to enable private browsing. With private browsing you will see a black bar at the top of the application and none of the sites that you visit will be logged. You can check out those sites that you don’t want your fellow shared iPad user to see. When you have finished looking at your ladies underwear or whatever it is that you like to look at you can go back to the normal mode of Safari browsing.

IPad safari settings

Keeping your secrets with iPad Safari settings

Don’t forget that you can also clear out the cache and data from the Safari settings within the system settings. These cookies are usually there so that your settings within websites are kept and the pages will load faster. Whether it is for privacy or not you might consider clearing out the cookies from your system every now and then.

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The list of websites in the Safari history blabbed on you

If you forgot to set your private browsing when you’re off buying that ladies underwear, then there will be a list of sites in the history. If you’re using the iPad as a shared computer with your significant other, then you may want to clear out the history. With a proper relationship you shouldn’t really have secrets from your significant other, but they could have been an occasion where you are buying a present. It would be a shame to let the cat out of the bag so that the present would not be a surprise when the present giving day arrived.

Safety, privacy and security on the iPad

There are going to be perfectly valid reasons why you want to keep things completely quiet and to yourself. You can set up Safari so that you have private browsing. If you forget the private browsing facility that is available to you then you can also clear out the history, after the fact. So whether you like to dress up at the weekend, or you are buying presents for a loved one, rest assured that the iPad will keep your secret.This

How to select all text in your iPad text apps

One of the things that you’re bound to do at some point in time using your iPad, is to edit some text. Whether you are using the on-screen keyboard, an external Bluetooth keyboard or maybe you are dictating, you will want to make some changes. To make these changes you will need to select the text, one or two words or a whole paragraph, to do what you have to do. You could take a selection of text and easily delete it using the backspace key. If you’re working in something that is more than just a straightforward text application, such as the Apple Pages app, then you might want to apply some formatting.

<img style=”display:block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;” src=”http://nostylus.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/iPad-text-apps.jpg” alt=”text apps” title=”text apps” ” border=”0″ width=”551″ height=”413″ />

Controlling your text app with your fingers

In your text application such as Nebulous Notes, Textastic, SimpleNote, Blogsy or my present favourite, which is Byword, you can double tap on a word to select it. The trick is to hold your finger on the screen on the second tap and move it to extend the selection. With this iPad tip or trick, you can quickly select the text in your document.

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Selecting paragraphs in your text application on the iPad

In my tests I have found that there are some applications in which the trick of tapping three times to select the paragraph works fine and then with others it doesn’t. In Byword on the iPad you have to get the triple tap just right and sometimes it feels like it needs to have four taps to select the paragraph. In Apple Pages application the triple tap to select, works perfectly. While I was testing this in the application Textastic this selection trick does not work at all. That is not too big of a problem though, because there are other selection tools within that application.

How to select all text within the document

If you tap and hold then let go, you will see a pop-up with the choices of Select, Select
All and Paste. The paste option might not be there if you have nothing on your clipboard. So with this context sensitive menu that has popped up, you can easily select all of the text within your document.

With all of these amazing iPad tips and tricks for selecting text you have sufficient tools to be able to control your iPad text apps. You will be able to select text and then either delete it or format it in the iPad text application. These iPad text selection tricks are available across the board whether it be a free text app or one that you have paid for. You now know how to select all text.

<img style=”display:block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;” src=”http://nostylus.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/IMG_0380.jpg” alt=”How to select all text” title=”How to select all text” ” border=”0″ width=”551″ height=”413″ />

Using Blogsy

Type in Blogsy

This is a test of the application called Blogsy which I’m going to do a review of and the quick run through of what the application is capable of. It is quite handy to have an application on your iPad that will let you do blog postings to platforms. I like to use WordPress but other people might like to use Posterous, Tumblr, Blogger or Joomla. You can even make a blog post to Squarespace.

It is easy to add text to your documents and you can also add photos and videos. The application does take a little bit of getting used to, in terms of how to get your pictures into the document. After you have done it once or twice you will find it very very easy. As the actress said to the Bishop….

You have the possibility of making the text bold, italics or underlined and you can set the formatting to be left justified or one of the other justifications of the text. you can set a paragraph to be header one, header two or header three, or whatever you want and you can even include a block quote. There doesn’t seem to be a way to have the text flow around an image, unless you go in and edit the HTML in the code side of the post.

To get started you need to set up the access to the blog and you can if you do that by adding a blog to the Blogsy application.


iPad Apps for teachers – Teaching with iPad

The iPad revolution in teaching

I have become very interested in how iPads’ can be used in hands of educators. This is because of a brief return to teaching for me during April and May this year. While I was working as a teacher in a Catalan school, working as a language teacher, I made great use of my iPad. I used the iPad in the classroom as a place to keep all of my notes, of course I used Evernote for that. I used the iPad in the classroom to show video and also to play audio to the students. I also used Bento, the database application for taking the register of attendance. Truly one of the best iPad apps for teachers, and there is a plethora of apps for teachers.

Ipad apps for teachers
I would have loved it if I could have included and made use of the iPad even more, within my classes. Certainly it would have been absolutely brilliant if the students in the class had iPads to use also. As you might expect in Spain, even though I’m working in the relatively well-off area of Catalonia, the cost of Apple gear seemed prohibitive to the students and also to the teachers within the school. There was a good deal of interest in my iPad in the staff room as well as in the classroom. There were gasps of, “Hey that is cool!“ When teachers saw me using my Apple Bluetooth keyboard for inputting text into the iPad. The kids were delighted when I let them speak into the Talking Tomcat application, so that they can hear themselves speaking English with a funny voice. Great to see the Catalan children suddenly becoming less shy about speaking English, so the Talking Tomcat was a complete success.

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A one to one Apple iPad program seems impossible, but what about BYOD or BYOT?

This is where the creative teacher and also the students alike, work on the basis of bring your own device or tool. Where the money is not forthcoming from the school administration departments, then there maybe possibilities of allowing students to bring in their own devices. In the school where I was teaching, the students had cheap Windows laptops which can be used by them in the classroom. Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to see how they were being used, I would certainly have been interested to find out more.

There are certain applications that can be used as collaboration tools within a classroom. There are also Web services, like Socrative and VoiceThread, that can provide a way for students to work together to produce content for their own class. Teachers that are diving into this type of use of technology within the classroom are saying that iPads and teacher software are having a revolutionary effect on teaching.

To a large extent, teaching using technology is still in a transition phase. In the UK, for instance there has already been a huge initiative to install the large interactive whiteboards in most if not all classrooms. There are some lucky schools both in the UK and also in the USA, that are going down the route of the one-to-one iPad per child. In many cases, students are allowed to take their iPad home with them. Often in these instances there will be a free iPad for teachers, well it is needed for teaching with iPad.

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iPad Apps for teachers and digital textbooks too!

The iPad is there to be used for digital textbooks. There are a number of good reasons to move towards digital textbooks, such as the content being more up-to-date and a large number of books being able to be carried in one small device. No longer will children have to carry large rucksacks full of books from one classroom to another. The iPad does everything that the student is likely to need within the classroom using a variety of iPad educational applications. There are iPad apps which are specific to the subjects being studied, as well as iPad applications which can be used for creation of content as required by the whole learning process.

Teaching with iPad

Digital content management – Creating a student digital portfolio

As part of the daily grind of student life, pupils have to produce work that can be there to either gather as a repository of their learning, or use for revision of learning in preparation for exams. So what is needed, is a student digital portfolio which will have all of the content created, during their time in school and also from home work completed. However the teaching is conducted during the school periods, it seems there will always be the need for homework. Having such a digital portfolio has certain advantages and benefits, for example the multimedia nature of learning by using good technology, should make the whole thing more engaging. Teachers should be encouraging the use of video and audio alongside text and pictures, to bring the subject matter to life. Get more of the senses working. I have seen some teachers turn to iTunes for keeping a digital portfolio. Not really made for the job and a database like Bento could be employed.

iPads as a tool for education

Jumping headfirst into teaching using technology with tools such as the iPad, could certainly be rather daunting for many teachers. Such an approach would require a completely new way of thinking. Instead of teachers being the font of all knowledge, standing in front of the class pushing out the information, teachers may need to work more as facilitators. It may even be the case that teachers will allow themselves to get into a situation that would lead them also to learn things from students. That is not a bad thing, it shows students that we are all lifelong learners as well as boosting the self-confidence of pupils. If such a process is handled correctly, there’s no reason why it should have an impact upon the classroom management.

The iPad is good for classroom management

While I was teaching in the classroom in the Catalan school, I ran into the age-old problem of a couple of kids thinking that they could mess around while I was writing on the whiteboard. I was able to get around this to a certain extent by moving myself to the back of the class and getting students to write on the board for me. One of the great things with the iPad is that it can be used in such a way that you can write on your iPad, having it mirrored onto the board at the front of the class. This can be onto one of those interactive whiteboard beasts, it could be through a projector onto a screen, or it could even be onto a television screen.

There has been a report by a teacher in charge of a school where instead of using the interactive whiteboards, he was able to set up a alternative system within the classroom. This system was based around the iPad used by the teacher and then mirrored to a large television via the Apple TV device. Teachers using this system found it preferable, as they were able to unchain themselves from the front of the classroom. They were able to stand behind or near to the typical back of the classroom type of kids, to ensure their participation in the lesson. Teachers were able to do this at the same time as getting the information in front of all of the students in an effective way. There are lists of best apps for teachers and teaching with iPad in the class can be fun too.

Another use for this type of system could be where a teacher wants to show a student work to the rest of the class. For instance a student might have completed a particularly difficult mathematics calculation. This work could be photographed using the iPad and immediately displayed on the display device at the front of the class. Even easier if the work is digital, if the class have their own electronic devices to work from, that work could be shared either directly to the screen or shared to the teachers device and then displayed. There are one or two iPad applications that allow the teacher to pass the connection from his or her device to the screen, so that, the students work will be shown instead. Content for interested students could be made available online and at the end of the class there could be content that is shared out to the whole of the class.

Advantages of iPads in education

  • Students are more motivated when using technology like this.
  • There is a feeling by students and staff alike that they are working more effectively.
  • It seems that there are more chances for collaborative working when using iPads.
  • Teachers producing classroom content using iBooks author can tailor the work to the class.
  • There are cost savings compared to traditional textbooks.
  • It has been found that the standard and quality of work by the students is higher when using good technology.

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Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater

While I love technology and the use of it to improve teaching and learning, I wouldn’t like to see tried and tested successful practices being lost and forgotten. The technology doesn’t have to be used for the sake of it and there will still be a place for the pencil or pen on paper. It would also be terrible for a teacher to use the iPad or any other technology, just because they felt they had to. Especially so, if the teacher was not prepared to make other changes in order to be able to properly integrate the iPad into their teaching. I have come across teachers that have a dislike of technology and a mistrust of change. Change is going to happen, whether we like it or not and we just have to embrace it.

Obviously for some parts of the teaching faculty, there will be a need for training in order to get the best from iPads in the classroom. Without a doubt, education has to develop for the 21st-century and it is an exciting period of flux and change. In a few years time, schoolchildren will think that the use of technology such as iPhones, iPods and iPads as well as devices from other operating systems such as Android, as being totally normal. There is going to be a mix of schools that go with a 1 to 1 iPad per child and some that will go down the route of Bring Your Own Device. The BYOD is going to be harder to manage for the teachers in the classroom and may require a more creative way of working and of expectation to get to the required objectives of a classroom session. I could see that collaboration between students in groups that have a mix of devices.

iPads for schools along with iPad apps for schools for creative teachers is the way forward into the future. There are wikis and Twitter conversations going on to spread the knowledge about iPad school apps and school books on iPad.

  • What are your favourite iPad apps for teachers?
  • Do you plan to take up teaching with iPad technology?
  • Have you done any iPad teaching? How did it go for you?
  • Can you recommend the iPad for school work?
  • Do you have experience of best apps for teachers?

Put a comment on this web page, I would love to hear what you have to say about this, if you are a teacher. In fact if you are a student in a school, what do you think about all of this?

Collaborative software for the iPad – iPad whiteboard

Whether it be in the educational scenario or possibly for a business use, an iPad whiteboard application can be very useful for project collaboration. You do have some online collaboration tools available, I believe there is one within Google docs. When you have a situation when two or more people are working together, it can be very beneficial to have a single workspace. An excellent use of iPads in the classroom. Basically what we are talking about here is a surface or a virtual surface that a number of people can work on at the same time. So this could be something like a brainstorming session, mind mapping where the collective mind is brought to bear. It is time to ask yourself should I get an iPad?

Collaboration software for the iPad

There are applications available such as Syncspace, Screen Chomp and Zigzag Board. Some of these work as online services where you send what you have worked on, in your hand drawn fashion, to a central server. You also have those that will connect to each other over a Wi-Fi network. These can be used in teaching situations where a group of students could create a document where every has had a hand in making it. Project collaboration can be a great way of working in a group to generate ideas, or just be a way to enhance the learning experience. It is perfectly possible that one student can explain a topic in such a way that it gets through to another student, that maybe had previously been feeling confused. The iPad has a lot of uses beyond reading free books for iPad. You have some great choices of Collaborative software available in the App Store,

Collaborative software


You get a drawing space which you can zoom in and out of, that you can share in real-time over the network. All you need to do is to turn on the synchronisation and give the link to the document to the rest of the people in the group. Everyone will be able to see the drawing and also make changes using Syncspace.

You can add images to the background and then use the limited drawing tools to draw over the top of, or alongside them. So for example, the way that you could use this, is to have a number of images spaced out on your drawing area. You can then add typed text next to, or over those images, along with using your amazing iPad sketching abilities. There is a very limited palette of colours to choose from and only four widths of drawing line. Also you get to have a dotted line or a continuous line. At the bottom of screen you have icons which will take you to the full-size view of the drawing, or a fit to window version. There are also a couple of arrows you can use to quickly move up, down, left or right.

When you choose a picture to use in the background, you can resize it and rotate it. Once you have done that and put it in position, you can’t move it unless you delete it. It is possible to change the settings to have a plain, lined or squared background and you can also set the document orientation for how it will be seen on external displays or in shared images. You do need to decide on whether you want to work in portrait or landscape mode when you start, as you can’t rotate the whole of the image or have it rotated automatically. When I changed from portrait mode to landscape mode, the image stayed in the same position.

<img style=”display:block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;” src=”http://nostylus.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/iPad-whiteboard.png” alt=”IPad whiteboard” title=”IPad whiteboard” ” border=”0″ width=”599″ height=”419″ />

Sharing your SyncSpace Document with Collaborative software

There is an icon in the toolbar that allows you to turn on document sharing and in the same menu you are able to invite by e-mail or iMessage. You can also copy the sharing link and send by any other means you have available. If you want to restrict who else can look at the document you may also set a sharing password.

Collaboration software
You can also share your document out in other ways, such as by e-mail, as a PDF, Facebook or through Twitter. There is also the ability to send to Campfire, your Photo Library or open it as a PDF in a PDF reader.

I can see that this Syncspace application could have some useful specific uses as a collaboration tool. As a shared interactive whiteboard collaboration tool, Syncspace does have just about enough tools to do the job. Personally, I would like to see the ability to resize and rotate images at any time and I would like it to work better in landscape rotation.

Syncspace collaborative software for the iPad

In the latest version it has been made possible to find drawings that are nearby. There is external display mirroring if you want to have your sketching and notes displayed via HDMI or Apple TV. Even though this collaboration software is useful and easy-to-use, I get the impression that there is more to come in future versions. I would expect to see more tools added such as highlighters and the ability to draw shapes. The interface of the application will probably mature as it develops also. The price of it is $7.99, which I think is perhaps a little too much for it in its present incarnation. Have a look at other iPad collaboration applications to compare and contrast functionality. Check out the videos that show what these applications can do in the reviews available, for these iPad project collaboration apps.

The nitty-gritty of using an iPad whiteboard app

When you have mirroring enabled so that what you are doing on your iPad is being displayed on an external device like a television or a projector, as a teacher this would allow you to be mobile within the classroom. Teachers can use the iPad with an Apple TV and an interactive white board. This can be very useful when the typical back of the class type of student needs a close eye on them to make sure they are working in the class. It generally keeps the class on their toes if you’re not tied to the front of the classroom and is especially good on account of you not having to have your back to the class. Still it is true that teachers don’t have eyes in the back of their heads, despite what they may claim.

Also note that collaborative software applications such as Explain Everything and ScreenChomp will do similar job for you and allow you to record it at the same time. Useful for distribution of content and flipping the classroom approach where the student has more of an input to their own pace of work. Combine this with creating your own textbooks using iBooks Author and it all gets very interesting.

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iMage Tools

Explain Everything App – A Teachers iPad App

Using the iPad application Explain Everything

It doesn’t take more than a cursory exploration of the application Explain Everything for the iPad, to find out that it is an incredibly useful and versatile app. So what is Explain Everything, exactly and what does it do? Well the answer to that question is in the name of the application itself. You can use the app to explain and share tutorial videos, collaborate with others and develop ideas and you can also use it to do live interactive presentations, using an iPad in the classroom.

Making tutorial videos with Explain Everything and sharing those videos

Explain Everything Teachers iPad app

The first thing to do is to select your source material for your video. These can be PDF documents, presentations and photos that you can bring in from various sources. These sources can be from your e-mail client, dropbox, Evernote or from your camera photo roll. Once you have these visual source materials included on one or more slides, you can then start to explain and comment, recording your explanations as you go. When you have finished you can export your movie, which you can then share out to your viewers through e-mail, Dropbox, Evernote and also to YouTube. The finished item is a top quality movie that sort of like a slide show on steroids.

What you may want to do instead of sharing out a final completed video is to export the project as an Explain Everything project file. All of the descriptions and explanations that you have already captured within the file, you can rework yourself later or pass on to somebody else to have them collaborate and modify what you have started.

If you’re going to do live interactive presentations with an application like Explain Everything, then you’ll want to be completely comfortable in the way that the application works. You should be familiar with all off the tools and what you can do with them. In order to get a smooth presentation and look like the expert that you are. You will be able to do a live interactive presentation that looks totally professional. With this Explain Everything app you will have put all your source materials in there first of all and then you will use the manipulation tools and presentation tools to bring it to life.

Tools available to you in Explain Everything

Explain everything

When you have the application open in front of you, the thing to do is to start with a new project. On the left side of the screen are your main tools for dealing with your presentation. Starting from the top the first tool is to add new slides and the second tool is your slide sorter. With these you can rearrange the order of the slides, duplicate slides and delete a slide as well as adding new slides.

The drawing options with Explain Everything

Tap and hold down on the next tool which is the drawing options tool and you have 11 preset colours to choose from. Then there is also an option to choose absolutely any colour you like from an easy-to-use colour chooser. There are five pen thickness options to choose from and you can also set the transparency of the pen, the opacity. While there is no specific highlighter tool, by using the opacity setting you can create your own. The only other choice for the pen tool is whether you have a soft or a hard drawing line.


When using the drawing tool you get a nice flowing line which is of sufficient quality, that you could use it to write a signature for instance. In my initial tests of Explain Everything, I’m finding that you have an unlimited size of slide. This would be extremely handy if you want have a pre-drawn explanation that could be hidden away from view until you are ready to show it. I was able to grab a group of objects I had placed on screen, resize and rotate and set just the way that I wanted them, when I wanted them.

The pointer tools in Explain Everything

There is a set of nine pointers that you can use. Two of them are like laser pointer spots and then you have a set of six arrows, four which point to the right and two that point to the left. And finally you have a pointer shaped like a hand. These pointer tools do not create any permanent objects on your presentation, but will be recorded in your movie.

The shapes and lines for your presentation

Tool number five on the left side of Explain Everything is where you will find your shapes such as circles, squares, stars, arrows and lines. You have the same colour choice facilities as you get with the freehand drawing tool, except you get two sets, one for the fill and one for the border. You can also choose the width of the border. You can get an unfilled shape by setting the opacity of the fill to zero.

Use text as part of your explanation

There is a very wide range of fonts available that you can use within your presentation. You can change the size of the font, the colour of the font and choose a type of text box border. I find the font size chooser is fiddly to use, for example the font is set at size 36 point and you want 18 point, then you have to tap the down arrow 18 times to get the size that you want.

When you have drawn your text box on the screen you can change the size of it as you see fit. There is a small icon in the top right-hand corner of this text box which is for changing the size. As the top centre of the text box you can specify whether you want to go for left justified, centre justified or right justified text. After you have put your text in there, tap on the tick icon top left to say you are done.

It is possible to make changes to the text at a later stage if you wish. You might decide that you would like a different font or different size of text. Double tap on the text box and then tap on the tool icon in the tool chooser bar on the left side of the screen. Then you can do all the changes that you need to make and finish off by tapping the green tick icon once again. All very easy to do and very configurable to help you in your quest for creating a good explanation movie / slide show.

Adding images or even a web browser

There are a number of possibilities for adding images. You can bring images in from your Photo Roll, Dropbox, Evernote and Box.net. Where it gets interesting is that you can insert a webpage that you can scroll through in your interactive presentation. Not only that, but you can also use the drawing tools to highlight any sections, drawings or text on the webpage. I can see that this would be extremely useful if you wanted to explain how to use a web-based service.

When you have chosen an image you have the option to free select, which allows you to draw a totally freehand shape and select just a part of a full image. You can also do a rectangular crop or rotate the image before you bring it in. Not much point rotating as you can do that easily when you have it in the presentation.

Organising objects on slides in Explain Everything

The next couple of tools on the left side of your working area are for deleting objects and for rearranging objects towards the front or to the back. Finally you can also undo something if necessary, you have enough levels of undo as you are likely to need. The application will also autosave your work as you go.

Explain Everything  Explain Everything

Creating your Explain Everything presentation and recording it

The last tool in the list on the left side takes you into the slide view. Within this you can still add slides and reorganise your slides. You also have the drawing tool and the point tool. I’m not quite sure the best way to use this view of your Explain Everything presentation, although it could be useful for practising a presentation before you record it.

The real work with the iPad application Explain Everything is in the recording of the movie. Just press the record button and use all of the tools that are available, move between slides and you can pause recording where you need to. Your audio will be recorded at the same time. To get the best quality you might want to use an external microphone like the iRig iPad microphone.

Exporting out your Explain Everything movie

You do get quite a few options for exporting your move out from Explain Everything and the first one I tried was the export to Dropbox. It does take a while to do the job, depending upon the length of your movie as it has to compress the movie before sending it to Dropbox. The movie I recorded was approximately a minute and a half long and it took around about 10 min for the file to be compressed. I was then given the option to select where in dropbox I wanted it to go. There is a screen with icons of all the folders, which is good but it would have been nice to have the option to create a new folder. So really before I started exporting to Dropbox it would have been better to create a folder specifically for Explain Everything movies. And then I have another nine or 10 min for the file to be uploaded to Dropbox. It was all fairly easy process and quite painless, you just have to be patient and wait while it does its thing.

Here is an example of an Explain Everything movie

free applications

iMage Tools

The verdict on Explain Everything

Very useful, polished application that has loads of options and tools to use. it can only get better as the developer adds more features and further enhances Explain Everything. Well worth the small sum of money to buy and it gets a big thumbs up from Mac20Q. I think we will certainly be seeing more iPad use in the classroom with iPad teacher apps like this. There is more technology for teachers so we are seeing teachers with iPads and teachers with apps. This Explain Everything app, I think will be invaluable for good teachers and technology proficient educators. There you go – That explains everything.

Win a Virtual Laser Keyboard for your iPad

Special offer for all my blog readers especially on the Amazing iPad and NoStylus – Virtual Laser Keyboard

You may have seen that there have been reviews here about applications such as Textkraft and Word 2 Text. These are applications by the developer Invofole who also make 1a Easy Writer and Schreibkraft. I have been asked by the developer of these applications to make an offer to my readers. Anybody who purchases one of these applications from Thursday 7th of June should send in the receipt and each app purchase will be one chance to win an amazing laser keyboard.

Celluon Virtual Keyboard  A laser projected full sized virtual QWERTY keyboard 1

Amazing Virtual Keyboard

The virtual laser keyboard is worth about $170 and works by projecting a keyboard onto the desktop in front of you. On the Monday following the weekend, a winner will be picked at random. This is a pretty good offer as the Infovole applications are quite inexpensive and also very useful to have on your iPad. The laser keyboard acts kind of like an ordinary keyboard, but is based on optical recognition mechanism. This enables the user to tap on the projected key images and even produce real tapping sounds while doing so. I must admit I would like to be able to try one of these out myself. I can imagine that any people seeing you use this device would be pretty impressed. Last week I used my Apple Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad while working in the school staff room and that combination garnered quite a few admiring glances. So with something like this where the keyboard is projected from a small box in front of you, I would expect to hear the sound of quite a few jaws dropping to the floor.

How to enter the draw for a Virtual Laser Keyboard

Each app purchase from this developer during the weekend starting Thursday 7th June until the Sunday evening of 10th June will give you one entry to the draw. So you could buy all four applications and have four chances to win.

Infovole apps

How to Enter the competition

Buy any Infovole app and have the chance to win the Celluon Magic Cube Laser Keyboard (link to our blog-review of the keyboard). With every purchase of anyInfovole app, e.g. Textkraft or Word-2-Text, you have the chance to win the Celluon Magic Cube Laser Keyboard (value $170):


The campaign runs from Thursday 7th of June 2012 to Sunday 10th of June 2012.
For every purchase of an Infovole App during that period you get one “lottery ticket” – the more apps you buy, the higher is your chance to win! (iTunes receipt is needed for evidence).
Receipts can be submitted until Sunday, 17th of June 2012 to promo@infovole.de

Within the following days the winner will be selected through a random process.
The winners name will be added to this blog post and will also be contacted by email.
Infovole will ship the laser keyboard to the winner’s address within the following weeks.
There is no recourse to legal action.

What do you think-Should I get an iPad?

Should I get an iPad – What a question

If you are wondering what should you do with regards to the question, should I get an iPad? The only answer is yes of course you should buy an iPad. If you don’t have a lot of money then you could wait until you see an iPad for sale cheap. There is also the possibility that you could get lucky and find a good deal to buy an iPad. Do you have any friends that have the iPad original that are upgrading to the latest version? You could buy the iPad from them for a good price and enjoy a bit of top-quality iPad computing.

Should I get an iPad original or a new iPad?

I am at present still using the original iPad on a daily basis and enjoying the experience. For the most part I don’t think I need to get the latest new and shiny version of the iPad. They specifically made for me with the iPad would be the ability to record the screen as video and unfortunately I can’t do that with the iPad original version. That really is the only reason why I would present consider making the upgrade move. If you don’t have an iPad at all rights now, and you are thinking, what should you do, what are you waiting for? Start doing a search for the best prices for iPad and saving the cash so that you can get the iPad that you desire.

Should I get an iPad

Should I get an iPad 2 or the new iPad

I was looking at the prices of the iPad on the Apple website and there is not a huge difference in price between the iPad two and the new iPad. For the version that I was looking at the difference was only about €80. For such a small difference in price I would be better to wait until I had the extra €80 so that I could enjoy the higher resolution screen and the faster processor. Only if I was desperate to have a new iPad right now and I couldn’t wait until I had the extra cash, would I get the iPad two. The iPad two is still a worthy tablet computer to buy and considering how much I enjoy my original iPad, I would be even happier.

Which iPad 2 should I buy – Choices Choices.

Whichever version of the iPad you decide to go for you may still be wondering what should you do. So when looking at which iPad 2 should I buy, basically you have to think about whether you need to have 3G connectivity first of all. Then you can decide on how much memory you need. If you are buying from the Apple website there is not a lot of choice for a new iPad of this iPad model. 16 GB is the only available memory capacity for the iPad two. Then again, if you are buying second-hand you could still get one that is 32 GB or 64 GB.

Which ipad 2 should I buy

So should I get an iPad?

Did you ever wonder – what do iPads do? Stop messing about and a bite the bullet. Head off now to your nearest Apple store and stop thinking about what should you do. You know that you want one and possibly even need one. It doesn’t matter if you buy the iPad original, an iPad 2 all the latest iPad, just so long as you can join in the fun. You can get some awesome iPad apps to work and play with and most will also work on the iPad original model. So should I get an iPad? There is only one answer of course and that is – You betcha!

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