iPhone vs iPod Touch

Okay then, so we have had the Apple iPhone 5 event and I am more confused than ever. Well, maybe not that confused because the combination of features and prices are starting to firm up my choice of next iOS device. With the fact that Apple announced the new versions of the iPod Touch at […]

Using my iPad to edit video and other stuff

I am so pleased to have the iPad 3 to work with now with its two cameras. It means that I can use iPhoto and do some of those iPhoto Journals and also use other iPad photo applications. Not only that but I can shoot video on the iPad. I had a go at that […]

iPad Safari settings for buying Lingerie in secret

If you like to go shopping for ladies lingerie using your iPad and Safari and you would like to keep it secret then you should know about how to enable private browsing. With private browsing you will see a black bar at the top of the application and none of the sites that you visit […]

How to select all text in your iPad text apps

One of the things that you’re bound to do at some point in time using your iPad, is to edit some text. Whether you are using the on-screen keyboard, an external Bluetooth keyboard or maybe you are dictating, you will want to make some changes. To make these changes you will need to select the […]

Using Blogsy

Type in Blogsy This is a test of the application called Blogsy which I’m going to do a review of and the quick run through of what the application is capable of. It is quite handy to have an application on your iPad that will let you do blog postings to platforms. I like to […]

iPad Apps for teachers – Teaching with iPad

The iPad revolution in teaching I have become very interested in how iPads’ can be used in hands of educators. This is because of a brief return to teaching for me during April and May this year. While I was working as a teacher in a Catalan school, working as a language teacher, I made […]

Collaborative software for the iPad – iPad whiteboard

Whether it be in the educational scenario or possibly for a business use, an iPad whiteboard application can be very useful for project collaboration. You do have some online collaboration tools available, I believe there is one within Google docs. When you have a situation when two or more people are working together, it can […]

Explain Everything App – A Teachers iPad App

Using the iPad application Explain Everything It doesn’t take more than a cursory exploration of the application Explain Everything for the iPad, to find out that it is an incredibly useful and versatile app. So what is Explain Everything, exactly and what does it do? Well the answer to that question is in the name […]

Win a Virtual Laser Keyboard for your iPad

Special offer for all my blog readers especially on the Amazing iPad and NoStylus – Virtual Laser Keyboard You may have seen that there have been reviews here about applications such as Textkraft and Word 2 Text. These are applications by the developer Invofole who also make 1a Easy Writer and Schreibkraft. I have been […]

What do you think-Should I get an iPad?

Should I get an iPad – What a question If you are wondering what should you do with regards to the question, should I get an iPad? The only answer is yes of course you should buy an iPad. If you don’t have a lot of money then you could wait until you see an […]