Win a Virtual Laser Keyboard for your iPad

Special offer for all my blog readers especially on the Amazing iPad and NoStylus – Virtual Laser Keyboard

You may have seen that there have been reviews here about applications such as Textkraft and Word 2 Text. These are applications by the developer Invofole who also make 1a Easy Writer and Schreibkraft. I have been asked by the developer of these applications to make an offer to my readers. Anybody who purchases one of these applications from Thursday 7th of June should send in the receipt and each app purchase will be one chance to win an amazing laser keyboard.

Celluon Virtual Keyboard  A laser projected full sized virtual QWERTY keyboard 1

Amazing Virtual Keyboard

The virtual laser keyboard is worth about $170 and works by projecting a keyboard onto the desktop in front of you. On the Monday following the weekend, a winner will be picked at random. This is a pretty good offer as the Infovole applications are quite inexpensive and also very useful to have on your iPad. The laser keyboard acts kind of like an ordinary keyboard, but is based on optical recognition mechanism. This enables the user to tap on the projected key images and even produce real tapping sounds while doing so. I must admit I would like to be able to try one of these out myself. I can imagine that any people seeing you use this device would be pretty impressed. Last week I used my Apple Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad while working in the school staff room and that combination garnered quite a few admiring glances. So with something like this where the keyboard is projected from a small box in front of you, I would expect to hear the sound of quite a few jaws dropping to the floor.

How to enter the draw for a Virtual Laser Keyboard

Each app purchase from this developer during the weekend starting Thursday 7th June until the Sunday evening of 10th June will give you one entry to the draw. So you could buy all four applications and have four chances to win.

Infovole apps

How to Enter the competition

Buy any Infovole app and have the chance to win the Celluon Magic Cube Laser Keyboard (link to our blog-review of the keyboard). With every purchase of anyInfovole app, e.g. Textkraft or Word-2-Text, you have the chance to win the Celluon Magic Cube Laser Keyboard (value $170):


The campaign runs from Thursday 7th of June 2012 to Sunday 10th of June 2012.
For every purchase of an Infovole App during that period you get one “lottery ticket” – the more apps you buy, the higher is your chance to win! (iTunes receipt is needed for evidence).
Receipts can be submitted until Sunday, 17th of June 2012 to

Within the following days the winner will be selected through a random process.
The winners name will be added to this blog post and will also be contacted by email.
Infovole will ship the laser keyboard to the winner’s address within the following weeks.
There is no recourse to legal action.