Win a Virtual Laser Keyboard at Amazing iPad

How to win a virtual laser keyboard for your iPad

virtual laser keyboard
There is a draw taking place on the Amazing iPad website to win a virtual laser keyboard that you can use with your iPad. To enter the draw all you have to do is to buy an application from the iPad app developer Invofole which gives you one chance to win the keyboard. The keyboard looks pretty amazing, as what it does is to project a keyboard onto your desktop work surface for you to type on. You get a larger keyboard area to type on although the feel is going to be pretty similar to actually typing on the iPad itself. You get audible feedback with real tapping sounds as you hit the virtual keys.

The apps you need to look at to enter the draw

I have done reviews of two of these applications, Textkraft and Word 2 Text. Textkraft is an application which is a writers tool for reviewing and editing your writing with a built-in thesaurus. It is quite novel in the way that it works and could easily be used to make your writing more interesting. Have a look at the full review of Textkraft for more information.

Word 2 Text on the other hand is a utility which allows you to convert Word documents so that you can edit them properly on your iPad. Word 2 Text strips out the non-essential bloat formatting and during tests I have found performed well with converting Word docs.

Amazing virtual laser keyboard

Recently I have been using my Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad while working in the staff room of the school. I had a long gap in between lessons and to be able to use the iPad for writing was fantastic. Nobody else in the school owned an iPad and many were amazed with the setup are used with the keyboard. There were a good few comments and I wouldn’t be surprised that some of the teachers could end up buying themselves iPads. Imagine, if you will, the amusement and amazement there would be if I was using a virtual laser keyboard instead of the Bluetooth keyboard. The small box units of the Virtual laser keyboard sits on the desk to one side of the iPad and magically protects the keys onto the desk surface. If this competition to win the keyboard was on someone else’s website then I would surely give it a try. The keyboard is available to buy at a price of $170 and so it’s certainly a good prize worth having.

Infovole apps

To find out more details about how to enter the competition go to the Amazing iPad website and good luck.