Free iBooks for iPad and other iOS devices

Free books for iPad

Now that it is so easy to publish iBooks, there are many authors who are using this self publishing route to build up a fan base of readers for their work. Like so many things on the Internet these days, the way that it often works is that you give a certain amount of your stuff away for free and you have premium content that you expect consumers to pay for. You can easily make your iBooks iPad ready, either producing them using tools like Apple Pages or better still the iBooks Author application. An author can make free ibooks for iPad and within the book create links that go back to a website, so the reader can find out more about the author and his or her works. Just the same, the author can have links to paid for content within the free iBooks.

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Where to download iBooks

You can get your hands on iBooks of a variety of genres from the iBook store, either from within your iOS device or from within iTunes. It is also pretty easy for you to download free ibooks for iPad from an author’s website where they are sharing or selling their books. Can you read iBooks on Mac? If you want to read a book that is in an ePub version, then there are one or two applications that will allow you to read iBooks on Mac. Applications such as Stanza. Personally I don’t find the reading experience with regards books, to be the best way forward on a large screen computer such as an iMac. I prefer to download iBooks to my iPad which gives a much more intimate experience. Sitting on the sofa with the iPad, feet up and a nice cup of tea with a biscuit. What could be nicer than that? I have got a couple of iBooks iTunes books for free including one which is based on the Beatles Yellow Submarine. I found an interesting book about the painter Francis Bacon which is another of those free iBooks for iPad. It’s obviously not that hard to get your book into the iBooks file format and put into the iBook store publishing system.

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iMage Tools

IBooks Author Windows

I have to wonder when people are searching for iBooks Author Windows, are they looking for a way to create iBooks for iPad, in the iBooks file format that is for textbooks, on Windows computers. While I suppose that it is possible somebody is looking for specific details or how to use iBooks Author on the Mac, I suspect that there are some numbskulls that want to do Mac things on a Windows computer. The only thing you can say to these people is to “Get a grip, go buy yourself a Mac!“ Once these people start using a good computer of quality, they will enjoy it so much that they wonder how come they waited so long.

iBooks vs Kindle

The Kindle is a marvellous device for reading books, particularly when you’re on the beach or some other place where the light is bright. You can continue reading when the iPad user might have to wait for some clouds to pass by. Then again when you’re using your iPad and the lights are turned off, you can continue reading, when the Kindle user has to find something else to do. The point is that if you are an author or writer and you want to publish something, then you should really get your work out in all formats possible. You want it so that your novel or textbook, or even your poetry is available in as many forms as possible.

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Free iBooks for iPad but writers have to eat also

I do fully endorse the free and premium (Freemium) content model, with the author building up a following of fans that will buy the premium content, as well as consume the free stuff. It is not right, that there are some people that expect to get everything for free online. Writers, authors, artists, filmmakers and new media content producers also need to put bread on the table. So if you have enjoyed some of the free content put out by the author, show your appreciation by occasionally buying a book, a piece of music, a video or whatever. This way the author will be able to continue producing both free and paid for content for us to enjoy. That includes free iBooks for iPad.