Playing games with the iPad mini

On the iPad Mini I tried out in the store the other day, there were a couple of games loaded that I was able to give a try. One of these was called SpellTower and the other one was Temple Run. My son had been telling me about Temple Run only the day previous and […]

Cars from Disney coming to an iPad near you

Disney cars racing on the iPad As company called Venturebeat that have created an application which works on the iPad. The game actually interacts with small toy cars which you run across the top of the iPad. The iPad will recognise which car is sitting on top of it, so if for instance is the […]

Let the iPad Applications Tell You What Does the iPad do

What does the iPad do – For the new iPad user To check out what does the iPad do, aside from borrowing an iPad with a huge number of applications already installed on it, by somebody else, then one way to find out would be to have a look in the App Store in iTunes. […]

What is an iPad Used For? Depends on Who You Ask!

What is an iPad used for? – good question It is a very good question, what is an iPad used for, and the answer is going to depend largely on who you are asking. For example, if you are asking me the question, then I’m likely to say that it is good for finding information, […]

Where To Find The Best Free iPad Apps

Obvious really that the best place to start will be in the App Store in iTunes. If you check that out you will see the top iPad applications. A section for the best paid apps and another for the best free applications. I listen to a number of Mac based podcasts and I often hear […]

The Life of an iPad User – Playing Games or iPad Productivity

I just got caught, by my self playing games on the iPad when I should have been working writing posts and articles. Well I could say it was research, which it was, so that I would have something to write about in this post which is day 27 of the 2011 Blogathon. The idea is […]

Tempted by Infinity Blade – Price lowered by 50%

I don’t play many games on the iPad but I am seriously tempted by the Infinity Blade game which has just been updated to version 1.3. I have heard a lot of good things about it and the images I have seen of it looks very good indeed. In the new version there is new […]

Theft of my iPad

On a daily basis this week my iPad is getting stolen. My mom is here to visit and because she didn’t bring her Mac Book with her she is taking my iPad. At least I keep getting it back after the theft but still, what a cheek? I am just teasing really I don’t mind […]

Using the iPad as a second Screen for Full Immersion

Instead of using the connector from the iPad to the TV, so that what you see on the big screen is only a mirror of what is on the screen of the iPad, you can have a second screen with extra information. There are now applications being sold that will use the extra screen real […]

Games on the iPad

iPad Game Reviews I have to admit that I am not really one for gaming, I am usually too busy writing and If I am chilling for a while I will be in front of the television. But I do have a few games on my iPad and I am not averse to a bit […]