The Life of an iPad User – Playing Games or iPad Productivity

I just got caught, by my self playing games on the iPad when I should have been working writing posts and articles. Well I could say it was research, which it was, so that I would have something to write about in this post which is day 27 of the 2011 Blogathon. The idea is to write a blog post every day for the whole month. For the most part is has been pretty easy in terms of what to write about as there are always topics coming up. I have a couple of ideas for the next couple of days. What I should do though is to write a couple in advance and be ready. I can sent the date of posting in WordPress to the next day or whichever day I like. In fact I did do that in the first week when I was always a day ahead of myself.

What happens though is that other areas of life get in the way a little. Today was the research which was about playing a game which is an iPhone game so I had to run in 2X mode on the iPad, but is better for me on the bigger screen, The graphics on the game are good enough for it anyway. Shame that MacHeist didn’t make the game a universal iOS application, as it would then have looked spectacular on the iPad and not just great.

IMG 0171MacHeist is a thing that happens usually each year where a talented group put together a set of games puzzles and quizzes that eventually lead to applications for the Mac given away for free and then on to a Mac Bundle of applications that is hugely reduced in price. I have had some very good applications for my Macs this way. Apps that I use daily and would be lost without. Most people enjoy the whole process but some complain about the method of getting people to send out tweets to advertise the MacHeist in order to unlock a next level or something. Personally I think it is well done and not spammy.

So there I was investigating and I got totally sucked into the game which is the starting point this year. You have to buy the app and it cost me 79 €cents. I have enjoyed the game so far and seem to have got my moneys worth. When I get to the end of the game there is some sort of giveaway. let you know when I crack it. For me I do like these puzzle types of game. I played Duke Nukem 2D for ages when that was the rage, some years ago.

What is your favourite game for the iPad?

I like Sudoku, Words HD (Scrabble type game), this Mac Heist game has been fun, Angry birds is another I have tried. FlightControl is fun and World of Good is brilliant. My mom got hooked into Bejeweled2 on her last visit. One I still have to try that many have raved over is Plants vs Zombies.

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