Best Video Monkey Settings For Ipad – Video Conversion for iPad

How to use VideoMonkey iPad settings

I just downloaded the latest version of Video Monkey which is 0.10 and there is not a specific setting to use for Video Monkey iPad. You would think that after this amount of time that the iPad has been available that there would be a button for one click settings to use.

Best Video Monkey Settings For Ipad

Video Monkey

But all is not lost for getting the correct settings for Video Monkey iPad, you just have to know where to look. The first thing to do is to drag and drop a video file into Video Monkey. Then you want to choose the 1st Generation Apple TV in the Convert To drop down list. Assuming that you have dropped in a video that has larger proportions already it will bring it down in size to 1024 by 720 which is the video size for iPad. In the main window where the file is though, you get some details of the file size and frame size and even with the 1024 by 720 set in the format limits it still says the frame size is 1280 by 720. In fact I tested it and that is what it came out as – So that setting in VideoMonkey did not work.

If you put in a file that is for example 960 by 544 and is smaller than the iPad video size, Video Monkey will upscale it and there is probably not much point in doing that. All that you get is a larger file and it is better to let it get upscaled by the iPad itself. So what you should do here is to tick the checkbox Limit output params to input which is under the drop down for Encoding speed.

There are not many settings you can fiddle with in Video Monkey to help you get the right video resolution for iPad. There is a quality setting which will give you a larger file size when you move it from the Standard through High to Go Nuts. You can use the Fastest encoding speed which is default or you can go for Fast, Normal or Best which gives it a two pass so that the quality is higher still with the video conversion for iPad.

History of Video Monkey

There was the Visual Hub application which the developer decided to give up on and what he did was to make the code open source and I believe that Video Monkey was one of the applications that picked up the ball to run with it. I still have VisualHub and it still will convert video for iPad for me. Many of these applications are a Visual front end for FFMPEG, so what you are getting is FFMPEG video for iPad conversion.

Is Video Monkey any good for converting video for iPad resolution?

VideoMonkey does not get my vote at the moment as the right solution for video conversion for iPad. There are not enough settings to work with and some that are there do not work, such as the Format Limits button. Due to the way Video Monkey is now it will be hard to get the best video monkey settings for ipad. I would recommend something else for getting the video resolution iPad optimal.

What else is there for Video Conversion for iPad?

We can get Handbrake to convert to the correct iPad video size. There is FFMPEGX which I will give a try next. I haveMPEG StreamClip which is an application I like and I know works well. There are others too and when I find the best application to do video conversion for iPad I will post the details in here.

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