Flipboard is one of those Essential Apps for the iPad

I have been using Flipboard for a while now on the iPad and it certainly is one of those essential apps for the iPad. What is Flipboard? It is a way to take the stuff you are interested in like the feeds in from Twitter and FaceBook and turn it in to a Magazine to look at on your iPad. It look a lot nicer than looking a the view you get of these things off the single social network clients for the iPad. When you first open it you get som e default things to look at and some networdks that you need to sign in to. There is Twitter and FaceBook of course, Flickr Interesting, Tech, Lifestyle, News and Oprah.

Tapping on news too me to a news page that looks like a news paper. In the top middle of the screen there isa button to tap that says News and when I tap on it, I get a choice of the default connections. So I just clicked on Tech and I see there is a news item that Twitter has acquired Tweetdeck. If I swipe from right to left it flips the page for me to the next in the magazine style format that makes Flipboard an essential app for the iPad. After clicking on Lifestyle I get a page that has a (Landscape) story on the left side and three shorter stories on the right. The look of Flipboard is the best thing about the application but is also is fast and easy to read this way.

Using Twitter and FaceBook in Flipboard

So I go back to the contents page and tap the FaceBook button in Flipboard. I get a pop up and now I am logged in. Again it looks lovely in Flipboard.Same as in any other sections of your own personalised magazine you swipe right to left to move on a page and the other way to go back. You can also move your finger along the bottom and scroll to see what is on other pages. When you look at any story and want to read more you tap on it and it opens full screen. I just did that with a story about the iRig Microphone for the iPad. There is also a sound on there that lets me tap to play.

it is not just for consumption of news and twitterings you can also use Flipboard to interact with the stories in this, one of the essential apps for the iPad.I just listened to sounds from a connected FaceBook application called SoundCloud and I signed up for that too.

I am going to have a look at what else I can get into Flipboard which has to be high on the list of iPad essential applications.