Reading books on iPad – Books to download

I like reading books and I also like audio books. It is even possible to find free downloadable audio books. The good thing about audio books is that you can ‘read’ books while you are doing something else, such as walking the dog. My dog needs a quite a lot of walking, so I can do quite a lot of reading. But if for you, the idea of reading is more like sitting in a nice comfortable chair with your feet up, then I think there is nothing better than to read books on iPad. You can get an iPad book into an iPad reader and really relax and get lost in the story.

Books to download

The advantages are reading books on iPad

There are a number of advantages for reading books on iPad and that has to start with the fact that you can have a large number of books with you at all times. Especially if you are going travelling on a long trip and you need to have some reading material, then you should be making a trip to the i bookstore. You can look in the iBookstore and find books to download and there are plenty of other places where you can find good books to download.

One of the places that I like to read books is while I am having my breakfast or lunch, or in fact any meal where I’m sitting at the table. With an old-fashioned dead tree type of book, it is just about impossible to keep the book open to the page that you are reading. I need to have both hands free for wielding my knife and fork, so there is no way to keep the book on the right page. When you are reading an iPad book using one of the various iPad reader applications, all you have to do is to prop the iPad up and give it an occasional swipe when you need to turn the page. Reading books on iPad this way really works well for me.

Disadvantages of reading books on iPad

Well the only disadvantage that I can think of, is that it is almost impossible to read books on the iPad whilst sitting on the beach. Unless it is cloudy, then why are you sitting on the beach, then the bright sunlight will stop you from doing any reading. That is one good reason to also own a Kindle.

Reading books on ipad

Kindle books on iPad

Although there are quite a few iPad reader applications that you can use to get your literary fix, I find that the one that I use most is the Kindle app for iPad. This is not because it is any better than the Apple iBooks application. It is mainly because I have an automated way of finding free books to download. There is a website called ‘If This Then That’ and I have found an automation recipe that gets me free books from Amazon. Usually the if this then that automation works very well and the book that it tells me about is free. Lately though, some of the suggestions have been books that needed to be paid for, although still very cheap. Right now I have enough reading material on my iPad, in the Kindle for iPad application to keep me going for some time.

Another sort of reading – Textbooks for iPad

With the advent of the superb application called iBooks Author there has been an explosion of textbooks for iPad. There were already ebook text books just the same as there were epub books, but now they are much enhanced. The Apple ebook textbooks built upon the functionality of the old standard epub, with the addition of video, audio, 3-D images and more. This sort of textbook is the way of the future and Apple own this space at the moment. In the spirit of competition, it would be very good to see another software manufacturer produce a competitor for iBooks Author.

There are cost advantages to having electronic books rather than the paper-based textbooks. This is extra important for the homeschooling community who will no longer have put up with tatty used homeschool books. Kids have never looked after the paper books very well and it would be normal to find scribbles and notes in the margins. A paper-based book like that would be quite difficult to sell on. Ebook textbooks are infinitely updatable and therefore more likely to be up-to-date with regards the content. You can take notes electronically using your iOS device either within the iPad reader, or within a separate application.

free applications

iMage Tools

Textbooks for iPad – Useful and more interesting

It has already been shown that the students reading books on iPad are more engaged with the content. This will have obvious benefits in terms of the learning experience and many school districts have seen the wisdom of having iPads in the classroom. Personally, I have been able to use an iPad in the classroom as a teacher. Unfortunately, within the school where I was working there were no other iPads, so I couldn’t take full advantage of the technology. I would really like to be able to connect up the projector to an Apple TV and wirelessly transmit from my iPad. Working this way in the classroom would give marvellous freedom of movement and this would be beneficial to the classroom management.

Head on down to the iTunes bookstore

At the start of this article it was about the leisure activity of reading books on iPad technology. There are many different types of books though and it is not surprising that I got waylaid and moved on to talking about ebook textbooks. So whether your interest is in reading for enjoyment or reading for educational purposes, I think you should be looking at reading books on iPad. There are plenty of books to download, some are free, some are inexpensive, but all of them have advantages over the old fashioned dead tree-based books.

Reading on the iPad using iBooks for Mac

App Store iBooks for Mac

iBooks and Kindle app for reading on the iPad

iBooks for Mac doesn’t actually exist what you need is the iBooks for iPad, so that you can read your electronic books. It is time to give up on turning pages on the dead tree versions of books and go in to the world of electronic books. There are plenty of books that you can buy from the iTunes store in the books section, but to get you started as there are also plenty of free iBooks. You can even download books from Google books for free. Google have a huge project on, where they are digitising a very large number of books and there are quite a few other sites to where you can get free iBooks. If you still really need to have iBooks for Mac then there are applications that you can get that will allow you to read the books on your desktop or laptop computer. There is Stanza, there is a Sony digital reader, Adobe Editions, also there is one more that I’ve tried for reading e-book’s on my Mac, it is open source and so ugly that I’m not even going to mention the name of it here.

Free iBooks for iPad

If you want to get into reading iBooks on the iPad and you don’t want to spend any money, then there are number of places you might look to get your free iBooks for your iPad. One such place is called and it is very easy to download what they call, the best books at the best price, as in they are free. You may search through the site by browsing through the titles which are most popular. There are recent reviews that you can use to help you decide which books you want to download and read. These reviews are made by other visitors to the site to help you decide on books for Reading on the iPad. Found another place for free ebooks which is well worth a look – FreeBookNotes

Collections of free iBooks

On the ManyBooks website you will find some user generated bookshelves, books to read before you die, science fiction after 1950 and you can even find stories about fairies. If you look in the section for the 1950 science-fiction it does seem to be just some books from 1950 through to 1956. Obviously there seems to be more work to do on this particular list and you needn’t expect to find the latest bestsellers in there either. This doesn’t mean that the books aren’t any good. For example Philip K Dick is one of the authors in the list with a book called ‘Piper in the Woods’ and he is the author that is famous for the book that became the Blade Runner movie with Harrison Ford.

ManyBooks net free ibooks

One of the best lists on the ManyBooks website is the list of the books that became movies. In this list you will find fantastic stories, drama, horror, westerns and adventure stories. So if you like reading books and you want to read them on your iPad using iBooks for iPad, then you will surely find plenty of free iBooks there. This site claims to have more than 29,000 books to choose from, that you will be able to read on the Kindle
, the Sony e-reader, the Nook and also the iPad.

iBooks download for iOS

The iBooks application which includes the iBook store will also let you download the latest bestsellers as well as the top classics. The view you have is of a wooden bookshelf and it is easy to tap on a book to open it. Then you are easily able to flip or swipe, to move from one page to the next to have a very nice reading experience. If you add a bookmark while reading a book on your iPhone when you go to the iPad copy of the book, to read some more, you’ll find that the book mark is there also. If you are a student, then you will like the ability to add notes to sections of text.

free ibooks

It is very handy indeed that the iBook store allows you to get a free sample of any book, to help you decide if you want to spend the money on buying the book. That seems to work in just the same way as in the music store where you are able to listen to 30 seconds of a song. As well as being able to read the ePub format books you may also have PDF documents in your personal collections. If you download books from Google books you can add them to your collection and read them on your iPad.

Reading your free books for iPad in bed

I have read a few books using iBooks on the iPad, I like the fact that we get an animation when we are moving from page to page. It is extremely useful being able to adjust the brightness of the page and you can even change the styling so that it is easier to read. One other really good thing about reading on the iPad is when you are in a low light situation – which could be on an aeroplane when the lights go out or it could be in the bedroom and your partner is asleep and you want to continue reading, you can continue reading even when the Kindle e-Ink becomes useless. There are number of fonts to choose from and you can give the page a sepia colour which also makes it easier on the eyes for reading.

Reading on the iPad

Below is a list of some sites were you can go to get your free books. If you are content creator yourself then you may also want to produce your own e-book’s. You will be delighted to hear that there are applications available that will let you do just that. Scrivener on the Mac will allow you to output to the e-book format, it is a shame there is no Scrivener for iPad. You can also create your books on your iPad, the apps are quite simple in terms of the facilities that they offer, but you will get properly formatted the books from applications such as Book Creator, EBook Magic or Demi Books Composer.

iBooks for Mac

Reading novels has to be one of my favourite uses of my iPad. Sometimes I might be reading pdf on iPad but that is more for when I am learning something, or it is for business. It is really good when you are reading a book and you can just open the app and continue reading from where you left off. With some apps you will find that the position you are at in the book will synchronise across devices. So you might be reading ebooks on ipad and then change to the iPhone and pick up right where you left off. When you are reading pdfs on ipad as opposed to reading novels it is just as comfortable as an experience. I like ibook for iPad but mostly I use Kindle
for iPad. The Kindle app is a great way to get at your reading material. It is pretty easy to get the reading material into the right format too.

Apple complete reading experience needs an iBooks for Mac

The iPad for reading ebooks is one way to go, but I think we also need iBooks for Mac. To have iBooks Mac it would cover all bases as far as the Apple reading experience is concerned.

Free Writers Workflow Book.


Actually Using the Book Creator and Does it Offer Enough

Did you know that you can make ebooks right on your iPad? You can open up an application bring images and text in from other applications on your iPad, arrange them how you want them to be and the end result will be an e-book that you publish into the iBook store. You can make iBooks that you can sell or you can make iBooks that you can give away, whatever you prefer.

Testing an iPad Application to make an actual eBook

I’ve been testing out some of these applications for making eBooks and the one that I have downloaded and paid for is called Book Creator. It has a simple interface which makes it easy to use. The other side of that of course is that it is a little bit too simple and it doesn’t do enough, considering the price of it. There are other e-book creators out there and I may have to check them out to see if they are better in terms of what they can do.

The Amazing iPad

The e-book ePub format is quite strict, for example it is difficult to set up text to flow around an image, images have to be inline. Alignment of text and images is something that you can do quite easily if you’re using Pages. With Book Creator what you have to do is to split your text into smaller text boxes, so that you can have one text box which will go to the side of your image. Then you put the rest of the text so that it flows on downwards after the image has been inserted. So it is possible, but completely manual.

Getting your text onto the pages of your eBook

When you put text into Book Creator, if it is a large piece of text, it will flow right off the bottom of the screen and you will be wondering how on earth, you are going to get it to fit onto your page. What you have to do is to scroll down until you find the blue dots which are the markers for the middle of the vertical sides of the text, so that you can change the shape of the text box. Another possibility to set up your text so that you can have it fit on the page, is to change the size of the text to something really small. When the text is really small you are able to see all of your text box and can shape it to fit the space where you want it. There should be a way to put the numbers in to set the size of the text box manually, but there isn’t.

Overflowing text has to be split into sections

Another thing that makes putting text into this application a little bit more difficult than using a standard word processor, is the fact that you do have to split the text into sections that will fit to the length of the page. In Book Creator I found that the way to do this was, to set the width of the text box and just see how much of the text I could keep in that particular text box. Then I would double tap to enter the text editing part of the application to select the text that would be overflowing, to cut it out of that box. The next step is to create another text box and paste in the text I had just cut out. Then I would have to do the same until all of the text was added to my document.

e book creator

Formatting only possible per text box in Book Creator

Something else with the text editing that I don’t particularly like, is that I am not able to apply formatting to text areas that I have put in. Perhaps I want to have a line of text as a level 3 header, or I want it to be in bold so that it stands out as a header. The problem is, is that with this application it is not possible to format just one part of a text area. To be able to make titles for parts of the text, I had to separate the text out into a text box of its own. Then I was able to apply the formatting to that text box.

It really shouldn’t be that difficult to be able to apply formatting to certain parts of the text, as the underlying technology of the e-book format is HTML. Although adding text is something that needs to be improved upon, adding images to an e-book with Book Creator is much easier. Take the images from the Photo Roll of your iPad and resize them as you see fit once they are in. You can’t do any rotating of an image, which is a bit of a shame, but you can make images bigger or smaller, no problem at all.

Putting the assets of your book in order on the page

With the items that you have included in your e-book, when you have selected something, you can tap on the Inspector icon in the menu bar at the top. Within the inspector in Book Creator you can change the size of text, make it bold, italicised or underlined. You can change the font and the colour of the font. If you want to have a background colour for just that text box, then you can do that to. You can move items to the front or the back and generally that would be used to put an image behind some text.

Setting up the formatting of the eBook in Book Creator

Also within the inspector you can set the formatting for the page. You can set a background colour for the left side and also for the right side of the page separately. Then you have the editor settings set up, to show guides, snap to guides and snap to grid. Mind you I couldn’t see how to turn on the grid in order to be able to see it. Get the book creator app for the iPad

The Amazing iPad

SteamPunk Novel Published using iBook app for Ebook Creation

Getting your novel published and into the iBook store with iBook App

Smashwords  Ebooks from independent authors and publishers

It is not that difficult to make an e-book in the e-book format to get it into the iBook store. If you are prepared to go out and buy your ISBN numbers, then you can deal with Apple direct. What may be a better thing to do for your first two or three books that you write, would be to use a service of one of the e-book aggregators such as Lulu or Smashwords. I know that Lulu will give you an ISBN number for free and they are able to recoup the cost of the ISBN numbers by taking a percentage of the sales. Apple take 30% of sales anyway and Lulu will take 20% of that which is left. Lulu has a calculator for working out how much you will get paid from each sale of your e-book. One example is that if you sell a book for $4.99 then you can expect to earn €3.14 from each sale. When you consider what your earnings would be from the dead tree versions of books after the publishers off taken their cut, then the Lulu self publishing method actually looks quite attractive.

The Amazing iPad

Getting published and making electronic books with your iPad and iBook app

The first thing to do of course is to write your book, as I have suggested before when you’re using the Mac, Scrivener is the way to go. In fact the developers of Scrivener have recently brought out a Windows version, which I think is now out of beta. Of course as I am a Mac guy I’m going to recommend that you are better off with a Mac and an iPad. One of the good things for users of Scrivener, is that you can export directly from it to the e-book format. I have tried this out, tested it a number of times and have found that the format is just right to convert your writing and be accepted by the Apple iBook store.

iBook app Demi Books COmposer

The iBook App application looks to be very good for creative types, to design and make books that are not just text. For instance, in the example book in there, called ‘A Is for Aardvark’, on page 2 there is a button which will when tapped, play a sound. Within the settings at the top of the application there is a preview button. I am trying out that book at the moment and when I tap the button for the sound I get to hear the sound of the Buffalo. On the next page there is a similar button that plays the sound of a cheetah. It is all quite impressive really, I like it.

In the top menu bar, there is a book icon and this is where you set the details of the book. You have the title, icon title, store description and other settings that relate to how the book will be in the Apple Store for books. There are also settings in there for the page navigation and transitions. You can choose from curl left to vortex or have the pages fade into each other when you tap to change your page. At the bottom of this set of book details settings, you will find your button to export out to iTunes or Dropbox.

E-Booking to the Bitter End!

This application, Demi Books Composer is free and looks very accomplished. I plan to create a book with this and take it all away through to the finished product, to see how it all works. I will update this post with more information when I have done that. In the following posts about creating a books I will also be looking at Book Creator, Creative Book Builder, e-Book Creator and also e-Book Magic. I have already bought the application, Book Creator and I am looking forward to trying out that iBook app, which I will also to bring a fully formed book into fruition.

The Amazing iPad

Book Creator for iPad or The Creative Book Builder – Which One To Use

Book Creator for ipad

The Book Creator for iPad compared to Creative Book Builder.

So we have our e-book all written, that is all the text has been extruded from our brain and put in some sort of logical format. Now what we want to do, is to get it out there so that other people can take advantage of it. The creative part is done with the words, and aside from some creativity in terms of making the cover image and adding any illustrations to the book, what we have next is the technical aspect of getting it into the right format for publication.

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Buy an App or get a Free EBook Creation Tool

We could go the free route with the Demi Books Composer, Or we might decide that what is need is an application for the iPad, that will allow us to create our e-book, and we don’t care even if we have to pay for it. Let’s have a look at two paid for applications, one is Creative Book Builder which is coming in at just under four dollars and compare it with the book creator which is costing just under seven dollars. Unless we get a good set of reviews of the book creators for iPad then we are going to have to actually try these out to see which works best with our book.

The Amazing iPad

Creating eBooks From Start to Finish or Are There Limitations

We need to know whether the application software is easy to use. Are there any limitations as to what the e-book iPad application can do? We will want to know if the final published version of the book is going to be up to the standard that we expect for our creative endeavours. Which application is going to give us what we need, without any further steps or cost or will we come across surprises in the form of extra charges to be able finish the job off.

Write the body of the book  in Book Creator and then import into the eBook builder app

Creative Book Builder is easy to use to the point, that anybody could start a book, edit and publish it in just a few minutes. Obviously that’s not taking into account all of the hard work and time involved in actually writing the words. What we’re talking about here is the piecing it together and having is ready to publish. In Creative Book Builder there is no limit to the number of chapters that you can have. You can do the usual things like adding titles, descriptions, pictures, video, audio such as sound effects and music and even be able to put in links, both internally and externally to the book.

Book Creator

Great project and Educational use of iPad

What can the iPad do for the teacher – One of the uses that applications where creating books is being used, is within schools. Students in classrooms love to be able the to take work that they have created for a class and put in it in a format that allows the work to be presented to their classmates, their family and of course, the teacher. Being able to see a finished piece of work creates an incredible feeling of achievement and pride. Being able to give your mother an actually book to read on her iPad in the iBook application, is a whole lot better than having your drawings displayed on the fridge door.

Proper format for ePub as required by Apple

Your book will work properly in iBooks fixed layout format, even if you’re using double page images. So far it has been easy to learn how to use this and it seems to be very intuitive iPad app for eBooks. This application is also great for professors and teachers to use to be able to create the booklets to be passed to the students. The students being able to read the book like this, in some ways are able to connect better to the subject matter, compared to if the same content was being presented as a Keynote presentation.

Design a Cover for your Book

Designs for the front cover can be created in other applications such as using Pixelmator, the Mac application. Or you might do it in Art Studio, right there on your iPad. It is also possible to create your cover within the application bringing in pictures and formatting text as you go. It is but a hop, skip and a jump to have put a book together and published in iBooks. It is quite possible to easily have your professional looking e-book published and ready for reading in about half an hour. Depending on the size of the book and having all the assets ready to insert in Book Creator. Now you can make books for iPad on the iPad. You can make books for free using the creative books ebook creator. Do you buy books for iPad I have bought a couple but I also have a load of books for iPad free from Amazon. Some of the ebook creator apps are  free apps for iPad, which is very handy. Book Creator.

The Amazing iPad

Leave a comment below if you have made an eBook already.

Books, AudioBooks and iPad Book Applications int the iPad BookStore

Using the iPad bookstore

Apple have made such a great success of selling music through the success of the iPod. Then Apple continued that success by selling video, that also could be seen through the iPod and now the iPad, so why not take it a stage further and also sell books and magazines. The publishing industry is ripe for some big changes and us as consumers deserve to have our books available to us on the latest technology. For authors it is a great time, because now it is so easy to be able to self publish and to build up your own readership. The publishers are feeling the pinch with this new way of working and new technology and they have even been expecting authors to do more of their own promotion of their own books, in any case. To a certain extent the iPad bookstore and other bookstores online such as the Kindle bookstore and the Barnes & Noble bookstore for the Nook, is the signal of the death knell of the old way of publishing. What does an iPad do for authors and publishers?

The Amazing iPad

iPad Bookstore challenging the publishing status quo

Despite the fact there are these new changes in the publishing industry, some of the old ways of doing things are still persisting. The publishing industry has this notion that the publishing world should be divided up into the zones or countries. They will actively make it difficult for authors to sell their book in another country. What I’d like to see as an author and also as a consumer of books, is for books to be available worldwide, no limits and no borders.

For the author it is going to be better because it will not be necessary for publishers to have to make deals with distribution systems in a different country or a different continents, to be able to get those books sold. Being able to put your book into a worldwide bookstore such as the iPad bookstore, should be will mean that authors should be able to have better sales, only limited by the language that the book is written in.

Is the iPad Bookstore a good deal for the consumer

For the consumer, obviously the benefit is being able to go to one place and buy a book and it doesn’t matter if the book was originally written by an American in the American market, it will still be available in the iPad bookstore. And the same applies to audio books, as it does to the books that you read in applications such as iBooks, or the Kindle for iPad application. What we really want is to be able to start reading a book, wherever, such as on the iPad while sitting in bed and be able to pick up the book on another device. It could even be the Kindle which would be better to be able to read the same story while sitting on the beach. Realistically, for that to be able to function properly, you would have to be using the same bookstore. So it could work if you are using the Kindle for instance and the Kindle for iPad app. I don’t imagine that it is going to work if you wanted to read a book that you bought from Apple even if you had also bought the same book from Amazon for use on your Kindle. Then you have the iPad being used for reading books in schools.

Steve Jobs Biography top of chart and not even released yet

Ipad Bookstore

Even though I live in Spain, I can on the Spanish iPad bookstore, see books that are in English for me to read. Looking at the top charts for books in the iPad bookstore Spain, the top book in the paid for charts is the book by Walter Isaacson about Steve Jobs. The book costs €16.99 and at the moment it is just available for pre-order as it is not due to be released until later in the month.

In the list of books that you can get for free from the iPad Bookstore, there is the Spanish version of the iPad users manual and the iPhone user guide. Both of these also available in English. There are also books in there for free which are out of copyright, such as the book Dracula by Bram Stoker. Purchasing in the iPad Bookstore is an easy exercise, whether you are paying for a book or getting it for free. You just have to tap on the button, either the one that says gratis or the one that says buy. If you are buying a book from the iPad bookstore, Apple already has your credit card details. You will probably be asked to put in your password for your Apple ID to confirm your purchase. If you are clicking to get a book that is for free, just click and the download will begin.

New ways of marketing for authors on the iPad Bookstore

One of the new ways of working for authors is to to build up a fan base and a readership and to give away a small amount of work for free. What this does is to grow a group of people that like your work, a fan base, and when you put out something that is a full novel, for example, they will be more than happy to buy the work and support your writing talents. In the iPad bookstore in iTunes I have just downloaded a book called ‘The Four Types of Artists – Starving, Dying, Dead, and Rich!’ What would be nice with this book, and with any books in fact would be able to have a sampler of one or two pages, to help me make the buying decision if this was a paid for book. With this book on the iTunes page for it, there is just a description and a space for reviews by readers. No reader reviews for this book as yet. Maybe once I have read it I will put one in there and be the first to give it a rating.

iTunes Store to Search for Book Titles

Just the same as in a normal bookstore you can search for your book by genre. What is different is that you have also have the facility to do a search using the search facilities of the iTunes iPad bookstore. I just did a search for Ken Follett, who is one of my favourite authors. I recently read the book ‘Fall of Giants’. As per usual with the books by Ken Follett, it was a book that once started it was difficult to put down. Also in the search, I can see that there are audio books available to buy from the same author. I would thoroughly recommend the book ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ which is available at the price of €14.99 as an audio book and is also available in there as a book that you can read your iPad, for the price of €9.99.

Books in other languages in the iPad Bookstore

Fall of Giants app

There are some books that are being published for the iPad that are available, not as books but as applications. Interestingly the book the Fall of Giants is available in Spanish as an application, both as a light version and also as a full version. The Light version is free and it seems to me that it would be a good way to get you hooked, because once you had started the story, certainly you will want to either buy the full application, the book, the iPad book or the audio book of the story. There is some good marketing going on there. I have just elected to download the light version of the application which according to the information says that it is available in English and in Spanish. I will know once I get to have a look at it, but it would be a good way to improve my Spanish reading abilities, if the two languages are included in the one application.

Leave a Comment Below

Why not leave a comment at the bottom of this post and tell me which has been your favourite book to read from the iPad bookstore. You can also tell us which has been your favourite audio book or favourite iPad book application.

The Amazing iPad

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iPad Textbooks The Future of Educational Publishing

It is inevitable with the growth of the ebook market and the huge strides with the technology of tablet PC’s that textbooks made with dead trees in paper based books will start becoming available in ebook form instead. No longer will students in schools have to carry around with them a huge backpack full of heavy books damaging their still growing spines. Students will be able to carry all of there books in one simple thin computer and the iPad with iPad textbooks, or etextbooks for iPad, is just perfect for that. We will see a lot more of  iPads in education.

Periodic table
The Amazing iPad

Not only are the books are going to be a much lighter for students to carry in the form of Electronic text books within the iPad there will also be a benefit in that the books can go further in terms of displaying the information with audio, video and 3-D representations. It will take a big turn around in thinking by the publishing companies, but some are starting to move in this direction and producing the sort of textbooks for iPad that will enhance the learning experience. iPads in schools is the future, for sure.

Another thing to consider with the growth of the e-book for use as textbooks for iPad will be the ability of teachers to promote the new form of learning. Teachers are notoriously fuddy-duddy and do like to have a real book in their hands, so it may take some time to have the technology take over completely. Lessons will need to be organised differently so that the information is imparted into the minds of the students in a way that suits the new format and also so that students do not take advantage of things like copy and paste and the ease with which they can’t skim the media without taking in the information and learning it properly.


Textbooks for iPad are starting to become available and the iPad educational app Inkling is a platform for these textbooks which are interactive and built especially for the iPad. Inkling turns the old paper textbooks into interactive learning experiences that are engaging for students and will still be compatible with ordinary text books for classroom purposes.

One particularly good thing with these type of text books is that you have the ability to buy just a chapter or two or if you wish you can buy the complete book. If the chapter of the book is useful then you might want to delve into the rest of the book. There is a complete my book function which will give you the the chapters of that book not yet purchased. Teachers will often use just a chapter or two of a book in a school lesson and it is a shame to have to buy the complete book and duplicate information found in other books you have. Teachers will iPads in school for lesson plans too.

Using iPad Textbooks

In the old paper-based books it was generally frowned upon for writing inside the book to make notes or add to the information, but with electronic iPad textbooks it is possible to have bookmarks and add your own notes so that you can go back to it later and remember more clearly, details about the subject you are learning. With an e-book for iPad a lot depends upon the user interface and with Inkling you do have an intuitive way to read the book and work your way through it so that it is easier to study. Also you can have interactive quizzes which will help you work out how much you have understood of the material within the book.

It is easy to jump to a specific page in iPad Textbooks, very useful for the teacher to say where the students need to start in the class for the day. Also there is a very good search engine included within the iPad textbook app which will predict the words you’re searching for as you type, so that you get to the place in the book so much more quickly.

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Geographic Considerations for Textbooks for iPad

iPad TextbooksWith iPad textbooks there will be pushes from certain geographic areas such as with Virginia in the United States, where they have a free application for students to assess and improve their understanding of the social studies content that they have been following in class. Students can check to see if they’ve learned enough to satisfy the Virginia standards of learning.


In this application students can go over the content, study flash cards and do the multiple choice questions on the content from each chapter. At the end of this study they get a score card which shows how they did with the standard tests. Students are also able to check their latest score with the scores from previous tests, so they know if they are making an improvement with the studies or getting worse.

This sort of specific testing or learning facility is highly geographically based and needs to be suited to the country and to the various areas within a country even. It is not impossible though for education authorities to be able to pay for the programming needed to make these applications to be suitable for their local students.

Medical Textbooks for the iPad


LeukemiaA number of medical facilities have already started to create interactive iPad textbooks on specific areas of medicine such as leukaemia, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. Also within the books you will find links to external multimedia where it is not appropriate to add those illustrations within the textbook itself.

The iPad As A Learning Tool For Small Children

There are a large number of iPad textbooks in the iTunes App Store that are available for educational purposes, some of which are more to be chosen by parents of small children, so that their kids are learning while they are playing and are not so much actual text books that you would find within a school. You will find textbooks for iPad on subjects such as mathematics, the NASA space program, animals, various puzzles, photography and apps that are great for learning languages. These textbooks vary in terms of the content within and also for the level of student. The app for the periodic table is a showcase application which take something I found extremely boring in school and makes it really interesting.


iPad Textbooks in Schools

Certainly publishers of iPad textbooks for schools cannot afford to ignore the technology. Already a number of schools are requiring students to have an iPad to be able to participate within lessons. Some schools are providing the iPad and can lock it down so that students are not sitting playing games during lessons and are actually learning something. Text books for iPad are the future of educational publishing. There are now many schools using iPads in one form or another.
The Amazing iPad

My 5 favourite books to read on the iPad

ClearheartReading books on the iPad is pretty good so long as you are not on the beach trying to read when the bright sunlight will make it nigh on impossible. For those occasions you want a Kindle or a paper book. There are other times when the iPad beats the Kindle or the paper book though, such as when you are in bed and don’t want to have a light on. Or you might be on an aeroplane and the lights have been dimmed. The iPad being backlit is the perfect book reading device.

Something else to consider is that you can listen to books on iPad. I like to get the audio books for iPad from iTunes or Podiobooks.. The latest one I have listened to is by Joe Cottonwood called ‘Famous Potatoes’ It is the story of a feckless loser with no direction in life. You might think it would be difficult to make a story with such a character as the hero or anti hero of the story but Joe pulled it off. I kept wondering what was going to happen to the idiot next. I did prefer his story called ‘Clearheart’ which was about someone that was only a bit of a loser. He was a very decent chap though and you wanted him to succeed in what was happening in the story.

Book three of my five is ‘Under the Dome’ by Stephen King. This one I have in the iBooks application and it was an enjoyable read. Usual Stephen King type of story that was hard to put down once started. I also have ‘Pet Semetary’ in the iBooks app waiting to be read. I also have ‘The Dark Tower’ series of books waiting to be read

While I was searching around in yesterday I found Lens that gave information about free books to download. I have the Kindle app on the iPad and thought I would give it a go. I chose a book by Nate Self called Two Wars’ and paid for it in the Amazon Store. It was free so the price was $0.00 and sure enough the next time I opened up the Kindle application there it was. Not had time to read it yet as I am still only halfway though the book by Dean Koontz called ‘Dragon Tears’. A cop based thriller story but with some supernatural in the background. A strange mix of genres but so far a good story.

Another book on my iPad in the Kindle Application is ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Jane Austin. Such a famous book that I should read at some point, but I can’t say when. It could become one of my favourite books, who knows?

Five Books or iPad audio books I have on the iPad

Some iPad books listened to, one read in iBooks and two waiting in the Kindle app. I do have other books on my iPad ranging from novels to eBooks to technical reference books. Also there is the up and coming iPad Magazines that are written in HTML5 for the iPad, along with Flipboard this is the future of content to be read on the iPad.

  • Famous Potatoes – Joe Cottonwood
  • Clearheart – Joe Cottonwood
  • Under the Dome – Stephen King
  • Two Wars – Nate Self
  • Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austin

So what are you waiting for go and find some iPad audio books. I love the audio books  and i books as I have some work in the summer that leaves me bored as hell. If I didn’t have audio books for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, I would be driven mad.



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