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iBooks and Kindle app for reading on the iPad

iBooks for Mac doesn’t actually exist what you need is the iBooks for iPad, so that you can read your electronic books. It is time to give up on turning pages on the dead tree versions of books and go in to the world of electronic books. There are plenty of books that you can buy from the iTunes store in the books section, but to get you started as there are also plenty of free iBooks. You can even download books from Google books for free. Google have a huge project on, where they are digitising a very large number of books and there are quite a few other sites to where you can get free iBooks. If you still really need to have iBooks for Mac then there are applications that you can get that will allow you to read the books on your desktop or laptop computer. There is Stanza, there is a Sony digital reader, Adobe Editions, also there is one more that I’ve tried for reading e-book’s on my Mac, it is open source and so ugly that I’m not even going to mention the name of it here.

Free iBooks for iPad

If you want to get into reading iBooks on the iPad and you don’t want to spend any money, then there are number of places you might look to get your free iBooks for your iPad. One such place is called and it is very easy to download what they call, the best books at the best price, as in they are free. You may search through the site by browsing through the titles which are most popular. There are recent reviews that you can use to help you decide which books you want to download and read. These reviews are made by other visitors to the site to help you decide on books for Reading on the iPad. Found another place for free ebooks which is well worth a look – FreeBookNotes

Collections of free iBooks

On the ManyBooks website you will find some user generated bookshelves, books to read before you die, science fiction after 1950 and you can even find stories about fairies. If you look in the section for the 1950 science-fiction it does seem to be just some books from 1950 through to 1956. Obviously there seems to be more work to do on this particular list and you needn’t expect to find the latest bestsellers in there either. This doesn’t mean that the books aren’t any good. For example Philip K Dick is one of the authors in the list with a book called ‘Piper in the Woods’ and he is the author that is famous for the book that became the Blade Runner movie with Harrison Ford.

ManyBooks net free ibooks

One of the best lists on the ManyBooks website is the list of the books that became movies. In this list you will find fantastic stories, drama, horror, westerns and adventure stories. So if you like reading books and you want to read them on your iPad using iBooks for iPad, then you will surely find plenty of free iBooks there. This site claims to have more than 29,000 books to choose from, that you will be able to read on the Kindle
, the Sony e-reader, the Nook and also the iPad.

iBooks download for iOS

The iBooks application which includes the iBook store will also let you download the latest bestsellers as well as the top classics. The view you have is of a wooden bookshelf and it is easy to tap on a book to open it. Then you are easily able to flip or swipe, to move from one page to the next to have a very nice reading experience. If you add a bookmark while reading a book on your iPhone when you go to the iPad copy of the book, to read some more, you’ll find that the book mark is there also. If you are a student, then you will like the ability to add notes to sections of text.

free ibooks

It is very handy indeed that the iBook store allows you to get a free sample of any book, to help you decide if you want to spend the money on buying the book. That seems to work in just the same way as in the music store where you are able to listen to 30 seconds of a song. As well as being able to read the ePub format books you may also have PDF documents in your personal collections. If you download books from Google books you can add them to your collection and read them on your iPad.

Reading your free books for iPad in bed

I have read a few books using iBooks on the iPad, I like the fact that we get an animation when we are moving from page to page. It is extremely useful being able to adjust the brightness of the page and you can even change the styling so that it is easier to read. One other really good thing about reading on the iPad is when you are in a low light situation – which could be on an aeroplane when the lights go out or it could be in the bedroom and your partner is asleep and you want to continue reading, you can continue reading even when the Kindle e-Ink becomes useless. There are number of fonts to choose from and you can give the page a sepia colour which also makes it easier on the eyes for reading.

Reading on the iPad

Below is a list of some sites were you can go to get your free books. If you are content creator yourself then you may also want to produce your own e-book’s. You will be delighted to hear that there are applications available that will let you do just that. Scrivener on the Mac will allow you to output to the e-book format, it is a shame there is no Scrivener for iPad. You can also create your books on your iPad, the apps are quite simple in terms of the facilities that they offer, but you will get properly formatted the books from applications such as Book Creator, EBook Magic or Demi Books Composer.

iBooks for Mac

Reading novels has to be one of my favourite uses of my iPad. Sometimes I might be reading pdf on iPad but that is more for when I am learning something, or it is for business. It is really good when you are reading a book and you can just open the app and continue reading from where you left off. With some apps you will find that the position you are at in the book will synchronise across devices. So you might be reading ebooks on ipad and then change to the iPhone and pick up right where you left off. When you are reading pdfs on ipad as opposed to reading novels it is just as comfortable as an experience. I like ibook for iPad but mostly I use Kindle
for iPad. The Kindle app is a great way to get at your reading material. It is pretty easy to get the reading material into the right format too.

Apple complete reading experience needs an iBooks for Mac

The iPad for reading ebooks is one way to go, but I think we also need iBooks for Mac. To have iBooks Mac it would cover all bases as far as the Apple reading experience is concerned.

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