iMovie for iPad tutorial

A good test for a new piece of software you have on your iPad or on your desktop or laptop computer, is to just open it up and see what you can do with it. This approach is especially appealing to those users that don’t like to read manuals. I think it is a good […]

How to add movies to iTunes

Easy to add movies to iTunes iTunes will accept a number of different video codecs and there are also quite a few that it will not take. The video codecs that are not accepted tend to be from the Windows universe such as the .avi and the .wmv file types The easiest way to add […]

Using the Air Video iPad Solution for Streaming Your Videos to Your iPad

Watching videos on your iPad using air video iPad There are two parts to the solution, for getting your videos off your Mac or your Windows computer. You can download the air video app from the iPad application store within iTunes which costs €3.39, but you also need to go to the website of Air […]

Handbrake Presets on Handbrake on Windows and Handbrake for Mac

Handbrake on Windows – Handbrake presets When it comes down to converting video, there is a myriad of settings, that you can play with and ultimately completely mess up. You have a variety of codecs that get wrapped inside various file types and it is not just the video part of the file that you […]

What is an iPad Used For? Depends on Who You Ask!

What is an iPad used for? – good question It is a very good question, what is an iPad used for, and the answer is going to depend largely on who you are asking. For example, if you are asking me the question, then I’m likely to say that it is good for finding information, […]

Does The iPad Have a Camera And What Can you Do with it?

Does The iPad Have a Camera This is a question that was very popular when the iPad one came out, and for a short while after the iPad 2 became available. Does the iPad have a camera? When the iPad was first introduced, everybody kind of expected that Apple would put everything into the new […]

An Extra Display For Your Mac Using the iPad as Second Monitor

Using the iPad as second monitor If you are like me, then it is quite likely that you like to spread your applications on as much screen display space as possible. Even when you have a 27 inch iMac, or maybe even if you have the new Apple Thunderbolt Cinema display, the latest new large […]

Best Video Monkey Settings For Ipad – Video Conversion for iPad

How to use VideoMonkey iPad settings I just downloaded the latest version of Video Monkey which is 0.10 and there is not a specific setting to use for Video Monkey iPad. You would think that after this amount of time that the iPad has been available that there would be a button for one click […]

A day out with the iPad – Using Edito the Markdown Editor

Today I was a tourist professional, well that was my nominated title anyway. My wife is a teacher of teenagers in a vocational school. They learn how to be tour guides, tour operators, hotel receptionists and any other work in that line. Today was a trip with the youngsters to Roses in Catalonia and they […]

Aside – the stunning HTML5 Magazine for iPad

Magazines for iPad or News on iPad I decided to have a look at the subject of Magazines on the iPad because of getting an email which told me about Aside. The email came in from and the headline is all about HTML 5. They have built this magazine for reading on the iPad […]