A day out with the iPad – Using Edito the Markdown Editor

Today I was a tourist professional, well that was my nominated title anyway. My wife is a teacher of teenagers in a vocational school. They learn how to be tour guides, tour operators, hotel receptionists and any other work in that line. Today was a trip with the youngsters to Roses in Catalonia and they had to give us tourist professionals a guided tour. So that we could recommend it to the businesses we were supposed to be representing. So that was the whole day and not much time to write my daily blog post for the #blog2011 blogathon.

So did I take the iPad with me? Of Course I Did !

Did I have time to do anything with it ? Not flaming’ likely. Well not much anyway. I was able to get the ipad out while the group were looking around a bird sanctuary, that I had been to before quite recently. I found a text that I had written for an article in TextMate using Markdown and then had converted to html text. I got that inDropbox. Strangely it didn’t have a Open In button so that I could read it without having to look at the code in amongst the text. I also tried opening in a couple of iPad text editors and again it had the code in there.

Then I remembered Edito a specialist text editor. This one allows you to write markdown and then had a button to tap that shows what it looks like with the formation applied. Seeing as it also deals with html code seeing as it is perfectly possible that you might put html code in the same document. Hey Presto ! I was able to see what I wanted to pretty clearly. There is a limit to the number of ways you can see the text depending on the style sheets that are available in the app. It was good enough though and I was able to read it while filming myself for a podcast. Looks like the iPad is good enough for business use. Due to some top iPad business apps.

I will add the movie to YouTube as soon as I have edited it and post it here as well.

Have you created any videos for Youtube lately?