Textastic – More than just an iPad code editor

I was looking at the website by Brett Terpstra after listening to a podcast called the Mac Power Users, because they were talking about a page on which Brett has an interactive table all about text editors for the iPad. There are dozens of text editors for the iPad and some are more full featured […]

Customer Relations Management for iPad – Doing the Business iPad Style

The iPad in the working environment – iPad at work Customer relationships are really important when you are conducting a business and the iPad is able to help you do the job of CRM, Customer Relationship Management. The iPad is able to keep you connected during your working day and make sure that you have […]

Online Meetings – iPad For Business

Mobile meetings using your Apple devices – iPad for Business On account of the fact that so many of us are having a mobile business now, Apple are making it super easy to be able to have meetings wherever and whenever. In fact it is not just Apple that are making meetings in the mobile […]

iPads in Business – Enterprise iPad Use

Using the iPad for business – iPad in enterprise It is business that makes the world go around and we are in the fortunate situation now that we have a lot of different technology to help us do business efficiently. There are a large number of companies, that are now looking to see how they […]

iCloud review – iCloud download and setting up iCloud email

Last week on Wednesday when iCloud became available, I was able to do the iCloud download. It was Thursday before I was able to get the iCloud setup and to be able to do an iCloud review. It is necessary to spend a bit of time with new things like iCloud, to properly see how […]

Gain access to your files with FileBrowser iPad

What is the problem that FileBrowser for iPad solves? It is going to happen that one day you are going to be away from your main computer and you really do need to see some of your files. Not only do you want to see the file but you want to open it up and […]

Probably The Best PDF reader For iPad

Security for iPad and The Best PDF Reader for iPad The PDF format for documents is useful in a number of ways not least because it is multiplatform and therefore not dependent upon device. There are security experts out there which would tell you to beware of the PDF format, as it has been used […]

12th of October is iCloud Day

Tomorrow is iCloud Day and iOS 5 Day There has been talk by some of the Apple cynics, about how well iCloud will work. They are basing this on past versions of MobileMe, which did have few difficulties on release. To be fair there are a number of things that could go wrong, doing synchronisation […]

iPad Must Have Apps That You Really Should Have on Your iPad

iPad Must Have Apps – The Essential Ones iPad must have apps, will rather depend upon what is you want to do with your iPad. It is totally dependent upon how you wish to use your iPad, or what type of user you are. Having said that, there are one or two applications that have […]

Transferring Files to iPad with DropBox for iPad

DropBox for iPad – Have your files follow you everywhere I’m sure, I must have mentioned DropBox before, but it’s a useful service and it is well worth it to mention again. One of the best things about DropBox for iPad, in fact Dropbox wherever you use it, is that it is free. Now free […]