Textastic – More than just an iPad code editor

I was looking at the website by Brett Terpstra after listening to a podcast called the Mac Power Users, because they were talking about a page on which Brett has an interactive table all about text editors for the iPad. There are dozens of text editors for the iPad and some are more full featured than others. Already, I have a soft spot for text editors and have tried out a number of them including Notarize, SimpleNote, Magical Pad, ThinkBook, Nebulous Notes, PlainText and Textkraft, plus a few others. The interactive part of the page that Brett has, allows you to click on features that you require or absolutely must have and then you have a highlighted set of text editors which have what it is that you are looking for. The page is a very useful resource if you are looking for a plain text editor.


Lots of features to choose from in an iPad text editor

IPad code editor Textastic

First of all you can see whether it is a good price for the application and whether it is for iPhone, iPad or both. Then you have a section on syncing abilities, export features and then a number of other features to choose from. So at the top of the table you can click on the feature headers so that you can filter down the list. The features that I would be looking for, would be that it would not be too expensive and would be an iPad application, to start with. Then I would be looking for Dropbox and iCloud synchronisation. So by choosing those three options it filters the list down from nearly 60 applications to 8. After that I chose Markdown preview and Markdown editing features and that filtered it had down further to nothing. So I started again and used Markdown as my initial choice. Then I clicked on iPad, because that is where I would need to use such an application. Dropbox is also one of the vital needs for an iPad note taking application for me. When you are using a text editor on the iPad for Markdown you really do need to have an extra row of keys on the keyboard, so that you can do speedy entry of your text in proper Markdown syntax. After using this tool on Brett’s website, I consistently found that Textastic was one of the iPad text editors that was left on the table. Obviously, this is to do with the fact that it has the largest set of features of all of the applications on the list. A good fast edit tool and yet simple text editor.

An iPad text editor with extra features for the programmer

Textastic is an iPad code editor which will allow you to do programming on iPad. Depending on the sort of programming that you want to do, there is a certain amount of work that can be done within this text editor. For this type of coding work it certainly helps to have numbered lines and to have syntax highlighting. In Textastic, the code editor iPad tool, you can see the code more clearly because of the colours used in the syntax highlighting. Personally, I don’t do much coding, but it is helpful in any case to see what is happening with my text when I’m writing in Markdown, or when I am looking at HTML text. In any case within Textastic the iPad code editor, you also have syntax highlighting for Objective-C, C++, C#, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, shell scripts and some others too. In fact, Textastic is better than that, as it also gives you code completion for HTML and CSS and also for PHP functions. Without a doubt, it is the best programming text editor or iPad code editor that I have seen available for the iPad.

The best iPad text editor

For the ordinary user, i.e. somebody who is not a programmer, Textastic is still a great tool for editing text on the iPad. There are a number of features which allow you to work quickly with text to produce your text documents. Textastic is great for writing in Markdown, what makes it particularly useful is the extra row of keys which are particularly innovative. The extra row of keyboard keys on the iPad each have five symbols on them which give you quick access to characters that you would otherwise have to press a lot of keys to get out.

For the Markdown I can easily get to the hash tag, the asterisk and also the square brackets and round brackets. I tend to use the square bracketing and use the reference type links, as it makes it better for reading the Markdown more clearly. The way that the extra set of keys works, is that you put your finger on to the key and swipe towards the character you require. Or if you only require the one of the characters that are in the middle of the set of five, then you only need to just tap instead of doing a swipe. When I first saw this method of character choosing I expected it to not work too well. After using the application for some time to write Markdown, I can say that not once has the special keyboard messed up. I like it!

Textastic 2

What is text editor

Brett Terpstra’s site for iOS Text Editors. He also has some TextExpander snippets editor text that you may also find useful. Textastic programming iPad tool – an app editor. When you are asking what is a text editor you will find that Textastic will answer lots of questions.

Customer Relations Management for iPad – Doing the Business iPad Style

Salesforce mobile Dashboards

The iPad in the working environment – iPad at work

Customer relationships are really important when you are conducting a business and the iPad is able to help you do the job of CRM, Customer Relationship Management. The iPad is able to keep you connected during your working day and make sure that you have all of the facts of your business right in front of you. There is nothing better than being totally prepared for your next client meeting and having the best iPad apps for business and the business software for mac to help you.

The Amazing iPad

iPad for Business – Always ready for action

Compared with using a laptop computer the iPad is brilliant, because you have that instant on facility, which gives you less thumb twiddling time to have to deal with. It really is most useful to have the information directly there, rather than having to wait for a laptop computer to boot up. Then when you do have the iPad out and in front of your customer, you have the multitouch gestures, so that you can quickly do what you need to do with taps, pinches and swipes. You can flick an iPad business application into action and you have your customer data in front of you and it will be completely natural the way it works. No trouble at all to be able to manage your responsibilities for sales with your customers, wherever you might be. You might even be meeting with a customer at your office or place of business, but then again, you could be out and about meeting somebody, over a cup of tea at Starbucks. Some people even like to do business while eating some food in a restaurant, a little bit of wining and dining, to further encourage the client to part with cash in your direction. One of the good things about the iPad, and there are many good things about the iPad, is that you can even take into a pub and not worry if some beer gets spilt on it.

Connecting to the Salesforce

There are some very specialised applications that you can use to do the Customer Relationship Management with your iPad with apps that have been built for connecting to Oracle or salesforce.com business services. There is also the SAP Business One Mobile Application, with this you are able to look at reports, the content, process requests for approval and do all the management of the customer and partner information and data. All from your iPad which has to be one of the most versatile small business computers out there now.

<img style=”display:block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;” src=”http://nostylus.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/SAP-Business-One-Mobile.png” alt=”SAP Business One Mobile” title=”SAP Business One Mobile” ” border=”0″ width=”549″ height=”358″ />

I need to see the Oracle about the future of the business

Another Customer Relationship Management application for iPad would be Mobile Edge for Oracle’s Siebel CRM. With this you can look at accounts, contacts leads and tickets, as well as checking out business opportunities. You will be able to get in and manage the specially setup fields and objects, that you have configured in your Siebel CRM environment. So that is, just about all that you can do with your main setup, but you are mobile instead.

iPad business apps – SalesForce

<img style=”display:block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;” src=”http://nostylus.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/SalesForce-Mobile-Dashboards-1.png” alt=”SalesForce Mobile Dashboards 1″ title=”SalesForce Mobile Dashboards 1″ ” border=”0″ width=”549″ height=”212″ />

Salesforce.com have an application called Salesforce Chatter for iPad. This allows you to connect with your people and sales groups within your organisation. You have access to the documents and to the links that are shared by others in the same Salesforce group. Basically whatever are those things you to do, to stay connected with your office while you’re out on the road.

Making use of this new technology especially with having some iPad small business apps installed will help you, whether you are a boss or if you are a foot soldier within a business, you will be able to get more done and be more successful. You know what they say about being lucky and being successful. The harder you work, the luckier you get. One of the things that the computer, including the iPad, is good at, is the repetitive tasks. So spending a small amount of time to set up a workflow will pay off, when you are able to use that work flow often and just get more things done.

Using a universal tool instead of a specialist app

Don’t forget that with the CRM business databases, you do also have the option of using FileMaker or Bento to give you what you need to get the job done. The beauty of using a free-form iPad database that can be customised, is that you can make it work well for whatever task you want it to do. You have FileMaker Go for iPad and also Bento for iPad.For Filemaker you have to have the Filemaker application on the desktop computer, in order to create the database format.

Daylite Touch

Daylight touch for iPad

The Daylight search application for iPad lets you organise your sales activities. As the business user it is easy to track new and sales opportunities, that are already there, add or modify the contact data, use the built-in calendar and the task management features. An application like this is built for collaboration and makes it easier for you to collaborate with your employees and also your co-workers.

iPad apps for business

Your specific needs for running your business will be unique to you, and it may well be that you need to try out several different iPad business applications, before getting the right one. Don’t give up though, because there is most certainly an application that is going to be just right for you. For instance what you might need to do, is to be able to recall information on services that you provide and then to capture the customer signature to turn over the responsibility to the right person. Then you want to have that all happen wirelessly, so that the information is sent directly back to the headquarters and the billing department can create a receipt for the customer and send off an invoice using Mac business software.

To a large extent the use of mobile devices like this in the workplace, and at the workplace in the field, is uncharted territory, which has to be learned and be turned into second nature as a way of working. The thing to do is to get your hands on some of the iPad business applications and meld them to your use and needs.

The Amazing iPad

Online Meetings – iPad For Business

Mobile meetings using your Apple devices – iPad for Business

Gotomeeting ipad for business

On account of the fact that so many of us are having a mobile business now, Apple are making it super easy to be able to have meetings wherever and whenever. In fact it is not just Apple that are making meetings in the mobile space a lot easier, because there is also Google plus with their hangouts, Citrix have a product and you also have Fuze Meeting HD and WebEx for iPad. So what do we expect from these applications for our mobile meetings, aside from wanting to save ourselves the money otherwise spent on aeroplane flights and hotel bills. We can also make use of the iPad for business meetings.

The Amazing iPad

Meetings, Webinars, Online Meetings, Gatherings and Video Calls

There are going to be different sorts of meetings, for example you might only just need to talk to somebody and rather than use the phone you might just use Skype. Within a Skype meeting you can have a number of participants and recently it is also possible to have meetings where you can see each other, as in a video call.

With Google Plus you have something similar with the Hangout facility. The way that the Hangout works is nice, in that you get a row of images of the people in the meeting in the bottom part of the screen and the person that is talking goes to the main part of the screen, as in bigger, and that works automatically. You can set it if you want to, so that you have just one person that is always the main speaker in your Google plus, as it gets annoying if the image is constantly changing based upon noises going into certain persons’ microphones.

Fuze meeting iPad business

iPad In Business – Who Takes Charge Of The Meeting?

If you are the organiser of a meeting, then it is quite possible that at some point during the meeting, you might want to allow somebody else to take over the presentation. Using these meetings or webinar software solutions on your Mac or Windows PC you are allowed you to pass over the baton, so that a colleague can take over from you for a portion of the meeting. With the way that meetings tend to have certain types of content and also the fact that desktop computers are able to multitask, then the way of presenting the meeting is going to be from a desktop computer or laptop. It may be possible in the future to run meetings from your iPad, who knows.

Put Some Clothes On When You Are In An Online iPad Business Meeting.

So having meetings where you can see the other people at the meeting, the other users also having video available, you can see how HD pictures of the attendees will be useful so that you can see if people are paying attention to your content. Of course that does mean that if you are working from home you will have to actually put some clothes on, before you start your meeting. Certainly if the meeting is a sales type meeting, then being able to see the expressions on the face of your client or possible client will be extremely useful.

Face To Face Meetings In The Boardroom Using iPads


When you are holding a meeting you might decide to use the Agendas iPad application. By using Agendas you should be able to keep the attendees more focused on the content, on track and on time. With this application you will create an agenda for the meeting and broadcast it to any iPad on the same Wifi network. By the look of it, this Agendas application is more for the face-to-face meetings in a company boardroom or office. You can use this to have an interactive agenda where the attendees will vote or rank the critical questions that are being addressed during the meeting,

iPad In Enterprise – Controlling The Face To Face Meetings

There is a timer to help keep the presenter on topic, and to ensure that the meeting does not overrun time wise. You may also add topics or assign tasks during the meeting and everybody has the same view so they are able to see the record of the changes and the various assignments. With the Agenda application and you can store and track the details of the meeting. This seems to be an absolutely marvellous way to have further collaboration with efficiency, in as much as, everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet and you will be getting things done.

The Amazing iPad

iPads in Business – Enterprise iPad Use

Using the iPad for business – iPad in enterprise

ipad in business

It is business that makes the world go around and we are in the fortunate situation now that we have a lot of different technology to help us do business efficiently. There are a large number of companies, that are now looking to see how they can use the iPad for business. Company directors want to know what does the iPad do? Maybe they have seen the way that Apple themselves use the iPad for their business and would like to get in on the action too. In the Apple retail stores the Apple shop retail people walk around with an iPad in their hand, and they use it in any number of ways to assist the customers and even to make sales. Also in the Apple retail stores, they use the iPad to be interactive sales display units, to inform customers about the various products they have for sale within the shop.

The Amazing iPad

So it doesn’t matter where your business sends you, with the iPad it is easy to keep up-to-date with sales and manage your transactions. As seen on the shop floor in the Apple retail stores, such as in the Apple Store Madrid or the Apple Store Barcelona, you can close a sale deal without having to go find a sales till. You can also find applications for the iPad, that will allow you to do credit card transactions, and get paid straightaway.

When you’re using the iPad for business, it doesn’t have to just be in the realm of sales, it could also be for a business manager that wants to check the bank statements and reconcile transactions at the bank. The iPad in business could also just be used for creating invoices that can be handed to the customer directly. The sooner the customer has the invoice, the sooner it is possible to get paid.

There are number of invoicing applications that you can get in the iTunes App Store for iPad. Just choose one that suits you and gives you a professional looking invoice. You’re not going to want to carry a printer around with you, but you can e-mail the invoice directly from the iPad. But it is not just invoices, you can also do estimates, purchase orders and deal with credit.

Invoice2Go for iPad does the business

Within this invoice2Go for iPad application you have 20 built-in templates, or if you prefer you can design your own. It is easy enough to add a company logo and set it up just the way that you want it. Of course with the iPad you will be able to link into your contact list to select a customer. Once you have entered in the item information the application will calculate in the VAT or taxes and work out the total. You can show the invoice to the custom there and then, send it off by e-mail or if you want to you can have it synchronised with your desktop version of the invoice2Go application. As you would expect in this type of application, there will be built-in charts and reports and you will be able to track the invoices and also the payments received from customers.


Another app you might look at, would be a QuickSale for iPad, which also has all of the things you expect to see in an invoicing application. For example, it is easy for you to apply a discount, which can be a certain amount, or a percentage of the total. It could even be that you just want to apply a discount to one item and you are able to do that with QuickSale for iPad. There is also a Credit Card Terminal for iPad application which integrates with this Quick Sale for iPad app. Very important in these difficult financial times to make sure that you get paid and getting paid instantly as soon as the sale is made is better still. Also these business applications for iPad will let you keep track of product that you have available for sale, your inventory.

Get the signature on the business deal using your iPad

There will be times when you need to get a signature from your customer or client, to seal the deal and to allow the process to take the next step forward. On such occasions you can use the iPad with an application that allows for document signing. One such application that will let you sign a document is called DocuSign. This is an application that lets you create your own documents which you can add via Google Docs or box.net and also gives you preconfigured template’s for use with the application. If you have a customer in front of you, then you can have the customer sign the document in person. It is also possible to e-mail the document if that is what is needed for that particular sale.

If you are working with PDF documents there is an application called SignMyPad and you can do all the adding of text and dates plus signatures to a PDF, as annotations which can be e-mailed or uploaded to your Dropbox for iPad. With such a system is it possible for you to streamline the workflow of doing business, making you look professional and probably increasing your sales. As soon as the customer or client has signed the document, you can upload to the Dropbox folder so that they can be processed at a later stage.


Show me the money – Be Square

This is going to work best when you use the iPad with the 3G connection to give you the extra mobility. It may also be the case that you don’t need 3G, if you are always connected by Wi-Fi in the place where you are using the iPad. An iPad and an application like Square can replace the cash register and smooth the inward flow of money. Square is a point of sale application which will take payments from debit and credit cards into the iPad. The application comes with a credit card reader which you attach physically to your iPad. The other similar application would be credit card terminal for iPad which you use with an Authorise.net account, for accepting payments.

Cooking the books – Using the iPad for business

If you’re looking for a time and billing suite for your accounting purposes, you might like to have a look at Bizmo accounting. It is easy to track expenses, receivables and payables, as well as for doing your bank reconciliations. The application has been designed for use in with the iPad, in which case it is made so that you can efficiently enter the data using the iPad’s touchscreen. In the case of Bizmo accounting you are using the cloud for your accounting and you’re able to sign up for extra services if you need them. On the other hand you might prefer an application that will work with your accounting software already on your desktop computer. There is an application called Account Edge Mobile, which has a sister application for the desktop and by using both those applications you can get the accounting job done. Businesses are really getting to see what is an iPad used for.

The Amazing iPad

iCloud vs Dropbox What sort of battle for supremacy will there be?

Storing your stuff in the iCloud vs dropbox

For quite a long time now, nearly as for as long as the iPhone and iPad have been available, we have had the ability to store our stuff in Dropbox. Dropbox were very clever in the way that they published their Dropbox API, that led to the developers of other applications, to include Dropbox as a feature within their applications. Great to have 2 GB of Dropbox storage space for free and the possibility to increase that by telling other people about Dropbox, so that you could get up to 10 GB without having to spend a cent. So it was a genius move by Dropbox, which led them to being the de facto standard for moving files to iPad or copying files to iPad, for many applications. Now we are going to see a small battle that will be iCloud vs dropbox.

As soon as you put on 10.7.2 onto your Mac computer and also have iOS 5 on your iDevice, you have 5 GB of space available for free in iCloud. In this storage space you can store your device backups, contacts and calendars, iCloud email, documents and application data. As part of the deal, the content that you have purchased such as applications for your iPad and iPhone, music from iTunes, TV shows and books, get to be stored in iCloud, but don’t count towards the storage limit. So for many Apple users, that 5 GB should be plenty to be getting on with. Then of course there’s going to be a number of paid for plans ranging from $20 to up to $100 per year, that will suit even the most data hungry Apple user.

MobileMe users that had an account in action when iCloud became available were also given 20 GB of extra storage space for free. There was a message though, that they would be expected to pay $40 to continue using the extra space, at the end of the time period that the free 20 GB was available for.

Quite often the things that are built into a system, because they are free and built-in will get used in preference to other facilities, even if those other services are also free. An example of that will be lazy Windows users that continue using Explorer as their web browser, despite the fact that it has so many security holes in it. So from this we could perhaps deduce, that unless iCloud is absolutely useless, which it isn’t, that there will be a large take-up of the use of iCloud by iPhone and iPad users. Apple when designing iCloud for us, had in mind that they would make it as easy as possible to use, and as painless as possible to set up in the first place.

What is the introduction of iCloud going to mean for the long-term battle iCloud vs Dropbox?

I would hazard a guess that Dropbox is still going to be a large part of the way that we use our iPhones and iPads. I doubt very much that the developers of the applications that use the Dropbox API will stop using Dropbox as a way of moving files to the iPad. It is good for us users to have a choice of how we do things and there would be huge complaints, if Dropbox was to be taken away from our favourite iOS apps.

Apple have done similar to Dropbox, in that they are making the API available to all iOS developers. So we can expect to see the iCloud way of working being made part of many applications, if it is easy to add to an application it could well be, that new applications from some developers might only include iCloud for file synchronisation. I think that we can be fairly sure anyway that Dropbox is not going away any time soon.

iWork iCloud synchronisation is a bit of a disappointment

One of the things that we expected to see with the iWork applications from Apple, is that it would be possible to do fully synchronised round tripping with documents. You would be able to work on a document on your iPhone, perhaps a Numbers spreadsheet, stop what you’re doing on it and move to your iPad to finish the work. It was also expected by many Apple users that it would be the same process, to be able to open the same file on the Mac and continue working away. Well it is possible, but it is not the same in terms of synchronisation. Because the file type is not exactly the same on the Mac as it is on iOS, what you have to do is to download from iCloud, a copy of the file so that you can open it in iWork for OS X Lion. Then to get that file that has been changed in OS X back into iOS, you had to do a drag-and-drop from the Finder into iCloud. This is not the same as having synchronisation, that is so good that you don’t know it is there. I do hope that something is done about this to improve the situation.

The future of iCloud vs Dropbox

So as it stands at the moment with the iCloud vs MobileMe and the iCloud vs Dropbox, we can see that iCloud does still have a little way to go in order to properly shine. iCloud iDisk does have some excellent possibilities for changing the way that we work on our computers and iDevices, it will be interesting to see how this works out over the next year or so. Right now it is in the hands of the third-party developers, as well as with Apple itself, as to how good and how pervasive iCloud will be in the future.

iCloud Split Keyboard

iCloud review – iCloud download and setting up iCloud email

ICloud email 1

Last week on Wednesday when iCloud became available, I was able to do the iCloud download. It was Thursday before I was able to get the iCloud setup and to be able to do an iCloud review. It is necessary to spend a bit of time with new things like iCloud, to properly see how it all works. According to reports that I have seen on Twitter, reports that I have heard on podcasts and gripes that I’ve heard generally across the web, it has not been all smooth sailing. Personally my experience of iCloud so far has been mostly positive.

The Amazing iPad

Some issues for a small number of iCloud users

One of the difficulties some people have said that they have experienced with setting up iCloud, has been due to the follow-through from MobileMe. A number of people that have, or have had MobileMe accounts, have run into the odd small difficulty. Mainly this has centred around the people having more than one Apple ID, but there’s also been a little bit of a problem for those users, that have had one shared ID for a number of people.


Gain access to your files with FileBrowser iPad

IPad FileBrowser

What is the problem that FileBrowser for iPad solves?

It is going to happen that one day you are going to be away from your main computer and you really do need to see some of your files. Not only do you want to see the file but you want to open it up and edit it .You only have with you, your iPhone and your iPad, so how are you going to do it. There are a number of possibilities, there is iPad VPN (Virtual Private Network) as one way it could be done, or you save all your documents into Dropbox and you have Dropbox on your iPad or you could use some remote access software such as FileBrowser.

The Amazing iPad

FileBrowser for iPad gives you Windows Explorer on your iPad

If you are using the iPad app FileBrowser in some ways it is like having your Finder application, or Windows Explorer (if you’re a Windows geek), on your iPad or on your iPhone, how weird is that?. This FileBrowser iPad app will let you access network folders on Macs, Windows, Linux and your network attached storage drives, NAS.

All of the work with FileBrowser iPad is done from your iPad, rather than used sitting at your computer and uploading files to the iPad. The application lets you look at all of the document types that iOS will support. When you have the access to the files it will pass them on to the right apps and also take from other applications. What you could do for instance, is to take e-mail attachments and to have FileBrowser store them for using later, with the correct application for that file type.

One way of using this would be to stream music and your video files from your computer in your home office, directly to your iPad. You could do this and send them to your iPhone also if you wanted. If you have an NAS storage device, then you could access the files on it without having to turn on your computer. On the other hand AirVideo is a great app specially for that.

Find how to wave the rubber chicken at FileBrowser for iPad

FileBrowser for iPad, as with other applications of this type, can take a little bit of rubber chicken waving and the old voodoo magic in order to set up. According to customer reviews for the application, the customer service is good enough, that if you do have a little bit of a problem, they are more than happy to help you out and get you up and running.

The Amazing iPad

Probably The Best PDF reader For iPad

Security for iPad and The Best PDF Reader for iPad

The PDF format for documents is useful in a number of ways not least because it is multiplatform and therefore not dependent upon device. There are security experts out there which would tell you to beware of the PDF format, as it has been used by virus makers and hackers to spread nasty things across the Internet. Adobe have a constant fight on their hands to keep the format safe, there are always new updates to handle security. Despite the possible risk to iPad security we can be fairly sure that at some point in time you will be required to open up and look at a PDF document on your iPad. So we need to know which is the best PDF reader for iPad.

The Amazing iPad

My own favourite for the best PDF reader for iPad would be a GoodReader for iPad. This GoodReader application has been one of the top-selling applications for the iPad over the last year and for sure would be in the top 10 lists of must have apps for many iPad users. GoodReader will handle large PDF and text files, huge books, magazines and even files of 100 MB or more and do it speedily.

You can use GoodReader to mark up PDFs, you can use typewriter text boxes, sticky notes, lines, arrows and freehand drawings to annotate on top of a PDF file. Being able to annotate a PDF file is useful when you are collaborating on a document as part of a team. With the best PDF reader for iPad, GoodReader, you can add rectangles, ovals, various shapes, text underlines and strikeouts.

Copying files to iPad or moving files to iPad with GoodReader

Because of the way that you can manage files with GoodReader, it is very easy to create folders, move or copy and rename files, within the best PDF reader for iPad, many people use it for file management. This is because you can also send your files to other applications from GoodReader. To do this open up a file of whatever type, for example I have a text document open here, when you look at the bottom bar of the screen choose the second icon from the right, tap on that and select open in. In the list of options I can see a number of applications that I can use to open a file. In my list for text files I have ThinkBook, NebulousNotes, Dropbox for iPad, Evernote and obviously the list that you have will depend upon the applications that you have installed.

Best PDF reader for iPad

When you open up GoodReader, which is probably the best PDF reader for iPad, on the left you will see a list of your documents which you can sort by name, by date or by size. On the right-hand side at the top you have Preview, if when you tap on your document it goes straight into the document, just make sure that you have the preview enabled. If it is enabled then you will see a thumbnail of your document and below if there will be two buttons, one which is Open in and the other is Don’t preview this document.

This time I have a .PNG file which is an image file and in the choices for the apps I can use to open in I have Notarize, Art Studio, Dropbox for iPad and Team Viewer. When I tell it to open in Dropbox I get to see a dialogue, that allows me to choose where I want to put the file. In this case because it is a picture file I would choose a folder that is suitable for images. Using a combination of GoodReader and Dropbox in this way, is a good way for moving files off the iPad or copying files off the iPad. It is also possible to take a file from Dropbox and send it to be opened up in a GoodReader.

When looking at the right side of the screen in the opening view of GoodReader, the second area is called Find Files, under that there is Manage Files, Web Downloads and Connect to Servers. Below that is a set of six icons, the first one is access to the photo albums on the iPad. The second of those icons is for Wi-Fi transfer and you would use it want to connect to your iPad via Wi-Fi. This is quite interesting as it is another useful way to copy files to iPad. I followed the instructions and I entered the IP address in the finder on my iMac, I could also have entered in the Bonjour address. Once I had done this, I had a Finder window with a list of all the files that I had in GoodReader on the iPad. It was then a completely simple task to be able to drag and drop files from a Finder window on my Mac, to transfer files to the iPad.

Reading PDF docs on iPad

GoodReader as the best PDF reader for iPad

Within the GoodReader application when you’re using it as the PDF reader you can set it so that you have single pages or one pages visible. You can also change the way that the page is viewed. For example, you may like to have the background a colour other than white and the text not black, so that is easier on your eyes. While in this view, I found it is difficult to get back from this setting, to the other way of viewing PDFs. When I tap on the screen the menu bars top and bottom of visible for a moment and then vanish again. I’m finding it difficult to get back to where I was before.

When viewing the PDF in the normal mode, one single tap on screen quickly brings up the menu bars top and bottom. In amongst the buttons in the bottom menu there is one which allows you to crop the page this could be handy to sort out a malformed PDF document. Also from this bottom menu bar you can choose the last but one from the right, to get to the options, which allow you to open your file in another application, e-mail the file or a summary of the file and you can also send the file to print and even flatten the file. When you flatten the file it probably makes it so that the annotations you have placed in their are embedded into the original file.

The Amazing iPad

Have to write more about GoodReader for iPad

There are still other features within GoodReader that I have not covered in this article as yet. I may have to do another article to cover some of the other things that I have missed. Certainly it is a good idea for you to get this $2.99 application on your iPad, as without a doubt it is the best PDF reader for iPad. It is in my top 10 of must have applications for the Amazing iPad.


12th of October is iCloud Day

Tomorrow is iCloud Day and iOS 5 Day

The Amazing iPad

There has been talk by some of the Apple cynics, about how well iCloud will work. They are basing this on past versions of MobileMe, which did have few difficulties on release. To be fair there are a number of things that could go wrong, doing synchronisation of data does have the possibility of screwing up, fairly easily. I would like to think though, that Apple have learned from the previous difficulties with cloud computing and that the large data centre that they have now, is up to the job and more.

What’s we will not be getting as iPad users with iOS five

Just thinking about Siri, and wondering whether this is an iOS five or an iCloud new thing, but you’re not be able to use Siri new iPad. This is probably because to use Siri you need to have more memory. So even though you are running the A5 processor you still don’t have sufficient technology in order to be able to run Syria and talk to your iPad. If you want to do dictation you can still use Dragon dictation. It is just that you won’t be able to use the functions that Siri offers of setting up appointments, or have the integration with the system that the new service offers.

What is going to be good in iOS five

According to the iOS five on the Apple site, there are over 200 new features added.

  • Notification centre
  • Newsstand
  • iMessage
  • Reminders
  • Twitter integration
  • PC free
  • Camera enhancements
  • Photos App will do more
  • Improvements to Safari including tabbed browsing
  • Enhancements to the mail app
  • Improvements to calendar
  • Wi-Fi sync
  • Multi-gestures for iPad
  • Airplay mirroring

There are quite a lot of improvements to the operating system of the iPad which will arrive to us at some point during the day of 12th October. Depending on how you use your iPad, which of these broad areas of system improvements, that gets you excited, will be different. With such a big upgrade though, there is sure to be something for everybody.

IOS 5 and iCloud whats coming

iCloud Day Brings the Notification centre

It will be handy to have all our alerts in one place, whatever it is that we are doing. When you get in a new e-mail, a text or friend requests there will be a notification at the top of your screen and you can swipe down to have a look at them. If you don’t want to deal with them, the notification will disappear after a delay, so that you can deal with them later. When your iPad is in the lock screen situation you can swipe in order to be able to respond to one of your notifications. It will be interesting to see in use, exactly how that works. Will responding to one of your notifications unlock your iPad? Will we have to put in the password, or if not, does the iPad stay locked except for the notifications that you work with?

iMessage on iCloud Day

The users of the BlackBerry have been using the BlackBerry messaging service instead of sending text messages. The benefits of that is that they’re not using costly text messages as provided by the phone provider. iMessage will give us the same sort of messaging capabilities between people with an iDevice. You will still have to use the text messaging service that comes with a phone, if you want to send a text message to a friend without an Apple iDevice.

The Amazing iPad

There is a messages app and your use that to send text, photos, videos, your location and contacts. You will be able to send a group messages and be able to track your messages with delivery receipts and optional read receipts. Just the same as within Skype messaging, you will be able to see when somebody else is typing, to know that a new message will be coming in quite soon. If you have started a message session on your iPhone, it is not going to be a problem to pick up your iPad and continue the conversation, right where you left off.

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iPad Must Have Apps That You Really Should Have on Your iPad

iPad Must Have Apps – The Essential Ones

iPad must have apps, will rather depend upon what is you want to do with your iPad. It is totally dependent upon how you wish to use your iPad, or what type of user you are. Having said that, there are one or two applications that have been made for the iPad that I think every iPad user should put on to the iPad. Of course there are some iPad applications that are must haves’ on the iPad such as Mail and Safari, as they are included as standard applications by Apple. But there always will be one or two applications that should have been included on there, but have to be added as an after market addition.

The Amazing iPad

The really important iPad must have apps

Security is really important, whichever type of computer you are using, whether that be a MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad or even a Windows computer. Keeping good, safe passwords is vital and it is just about necessary to use passwords on a large number of websites. Seeing as many computer and iPad users will use their computing devices to access banking accounts and other important information online, 1Password or a similar application, has to be included in the list of iPad must have apps.

TextExpander is a dead cert to be one the list of iPad must have Apps

TextExpander touch for the iPhone Typing Shortcut Utility Saves You TimeAlthough the iPad has the predictive text facility, which will fill in the rest of a word for you as you are typing on the on-screen keyboard, it only works on a word by word basis. To this end I will suggest that Textexpander should be included in the list of iPad must have apps. Textexpander works as a stand-alone application and also it is integrated into a number of other applications. Amongst the other types of applications it works in, you will find note taking applications in the majority, but also you will find it in many other types of application, such as getting things done, to-do lists, blogging applications and various social networking type of applications. Text expander has even been included in the Attendance app which is intended for teachers to use on the iPad.

What text expander does, is to allow you to create snippets of text which could be a single word or even a whole section of boilerplate text, that you use frequently and for that snippet to be inserted when you use a particular short code. For example if you type in the word ddate with an extra letter at the beginning of it, it will insert today’s date for you. Maybe you are answering a lot of e-mails in which the answer is quite often the same, you could save yourself a whole lot of typing by having canned answers. Textexpander is an extremely useful application and is also available for use on the Mac, it can be synchronised by using Dropbox.

Other possibles for the iPad must have apps list

Other applications which would be in the list of iPad must have apps, would probably include GoodReader, Pastebot, your favourite Twitter application and possibly Skype. Even though there is a video application already on the iPad, I will also include the VLC and AirVideo as iPad must have apps. Everything else will be down to personal taste. What are your favourites to include in this list?

The Amazing iPad
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