12th of October is iCloud Day

Tomorrow is iCloud Day and iOS 5 Day

The Amazing iPad

There has been talk by some of the Apple cynics, about how well iCloud will work. They are basing this on past versions of MobileMe, which did have few difficulties on release. To be fair there are a number of things that could go wrong, doing synchronisation of data does have the possibility of screwing up, fairly easily. I would like to think though, that Apple have learned from the previous difficulties with cloud computing and that the large data centre that they have now, is up to the job and more.

What’s we will not be getting as iPad users with iOS five

Just thinking about Siri, and wondering whether this is an iOS five or an iCloud new thing, but you’re not be able to use Siri new iPad. This is probably because to use Siri you need to have more memory. So even though you are running the A5 processor you still don’t have sufficient technology in order to be able to run Syria and talk to your iPad. If you want to do dictation you can still use Dragon dictation. It is just that you won’t be able to use the functions that Siri offers of setting up appointments, or have the integration with the system that the new service offers.

What is going to be good in iOS five

According to the iOS five on the Apple site, there are over 200 new features added.

  • Notification centre
  • Newsstand
  • iMessage
  • Reminders
  • Twitter integration
  • PC free
  • Camera enhancements
  • Photos App will do more
  • Improvements to Safari including tabbed browsing
  • Enhancements to the mail app
  • Improvements to calendar
  • Wi-Fi sync
  • Multi-gestures for iPad
  • Airplay mirroring

There are quite a lot of improvements to the operating system of the iPad which will arrive to us at some point during the day of 12th October. Depending on how you use your iPad, which of these broad areas of system improvements, that gets you excited, will be different. With such a big upgrade though, there is sure to be something for everybody.

IOS 5 and iCloud whats coming

iCloud Day Brings the Notification centre

It will be handy to have all our alerts in one place, whatever it is that we are doing. When you get in a new e-mail, a text or friend requests there will be a notification at the top of your screen and you can swipe down to have a look at them. If you don’t want to deal with them, the notification will disappear after a delay, so that you can deal with them later. When your iPad is in the lock screen situation you can swipe in order to be able to respond to one of your notifications. It will be interesting to see in use, exactly how that works. Will responding to one of your notifications unlock your iPad? Will we have to put in the password, or if not, does the iPad stay locked except for the notifications that you work with?

iMessage on iCloud Day

The users of the BlackBerry have been using the BlackBerry messaging service instead of sending text messages. The benefits of that is that they’re not using costly text messages as provided by the phone provider. iMessage will give us the same sort of messaging capabilities between people with an iDevice. You will still have to use the text messaging service that comes with a phone, if you want to send a text message to a friend without an Apple iDevice.

The Amazing iPad

There is a messages app and your use that to send text, photos, videos, your location and contacts. You will be able to send a group messages and be able to track your messages with delivery receipts and optional read receipts. Just the same as within Skype messaging, you will be able to see when somebody else is typing, to know that a new message will be coming in quite soon. If you have started a message session on your iPhone, it is not going to be a problem to pick up your iPad and continue the conversation, right where you left off.

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