Which are the Best Photo Editing Applications – FX Photo Studio HD

Using Fx Photo Studio HD to Edit iPad Photos

After checking out ArtStudio for iPad photos editing, I decided to have a look at another photo editing application this one is called Fx Photo Studio HD. It is a paid for application, but it was not expensive at the price of €1.59. These are my first impressions of the application and the first thing to say about it is that it is pretty easy to work with. When it first opens up you see a nice big yellow panel in the middle of the screen and the option to go into the photo album, or to import a photo. If you click on import you can bring in a photo from either Facebook or from documents. The author, the developer has thoughtfully put a recommend button in that panel, so you can like it on Facebook, Twitter about it, or review it on the App Store. If you have already been working on a photo and you can see it behind the panel then you may dismiss that panel and continue working on your previous photo.

Best Photo Editing Applications

Getting Started with the App to edit iPad Photos

When you go to load a photo from within the application, or you tap on the button for the photo album at start-up, it is the same as when you just go into the photo albums to select your image. You are given the option to crop the photo to a square and then you can start going into your choosing which of the effects that are available. You can look at the effects by categories, all effects, favourites and presets. When you click on presets, all of the effects applied to the image previously during that session will be included in a new preset. So if you have loaded two or three effects and you like the effect that you have created, you will be able to use it again really easily. To have an effect put into the favourites section, you just tap on the star to the right of the picture that gives you the preview of that effect.

iPad Photos – Square or Rectangular

At the top of the screen, you will see the icons for load photo, share, undo and redo, tools and options. In the options one of the possibilities is to hide effects. So if there is a particularly horrible effect in the list, that you will never want to use, you swipe across the effect and you will see the hide button. You may also change the preview quality from normal, if you want the application to work faster, change it to low quality preview and too high if you don’t mind that it will load slower. I have turned off the square crop as I prefer to have rectangular shaped images.

Sharing Your iPad Photographs

Within this application you can save your image to the Photo Album, documents and to the clipboard. It is also possible to share your images via Flickr, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, tumbler, Instagram and you may also send it to a printer. I have successfully shared an image from this application to Facebook, but I found that it didn’t work out when I wanted to share an image with Flickr. I took an image of a train station in the Pyrenees in France and applied a distorted mirror effect which made it all wavy, I enhanced the colours of the photo and then applied an effect which gave it rain drops all over it, as if I was taking the picture from behind a piece of glass with raindrops on it. I suppose that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Some Great Effects and Some Daft Ones in Fx Photo Studio HD

There are 190 different effects some of the effects are frames of one sort or another some silly, such as the one that puts cupids around your picture or images of butterflies. There are plenty of effects within this app, that you would never use in a million years, such as the linocut tools. What is good about this application for the manipulation of your photos, is that when you choose a filter or effect to place on your photograph, you get some controls, which allow you to say how strong the effect should be. With some of the effects you only get one slider to change the effect, then on others such as the Hippie photo style, you can change both the contrast and the saturation.

A Bit Crashy here and there

So far I’ve been using this application for about an hour, twice already the application has crashed. When I started the application back up again I got back into where I was, but it was still annoying that the application crashed. The last time that I was doing something to cause the crash, was when I attempted to apply a mask to the photo. The first time it crashed it was because I attempted to use a filter effect on a Photo. So it seems that the application does still need some more work doing to it.

Best Photo Editing Applications

I have since attempted to create another mask on a photograph and it worked without any problems. When you have a mask you can apply effects to a photograph in just the small area that you have masked. One use of this would be to have an image that is mostly black and white and the main subject could be in a brilliant colour. That would be a very dramatic photo. Are you still looking for the best photo editing applications?

The Amazing iPad Verdict on Fx Photo Studio HD

The Fx Photo Studio HD iPad photo editing application is a versatile application that has a large number of effects. The effects can be laid over the top of each other and you also have plenty of control over the strength and application of the effect to your image. Despite a couple of application crashes, I can recommend this application as being well worth having in your arsenal of iPad photo editing apps. The application overall is good value for money, it does a lot with your iPad photographs, for the small amount of money it costs to buy it.

Other iPad Photo Editing Options

I was asked by a reader of the website, to check out another application for editing photos called Snapseed. Although the person that told me about the application told me that it was a good application, I decided not to buy it because the price was quite a bit higher at €3.99 and in the details about it in iTunes, it seemed a little bit devoid in terms of functionality.There certainly is a large variation of apps for editing iPad photos, QQ Image EditorPS Express to Instagram for free and Snapseed and Fx Photo Studio HD that has to be paid for.