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iPad Photo apps vs a Digital Art App

Art Studio - iPad Photo Editor

So I spent quite a bit of time trying out a few of the photo editing applications,Photoshop Express, QQ image editor HD, Instagram and also Photopad by ZAGG. Of the bunch of those I found that the Photoshop Express from Adobe was the most polished, iPad app of them. The other ones did also have features which were useful, to a certain extent one could say that, maybe it is necessary to have more than one iPhoto, iPad application for working on your iPad photos.

Make use of one app for doing a specific task that it is good at doing and switching applications, to use a different one when you want to complete a different sort of task. The only problem with this is if you need to do something that’s requires multi-steps and you need to use two or three applications to get the job done. Maybe that could be the reason, why you would think about paying for an iPad photo editing application, that would possibly do all of the things you need and save you a certain amount of messing about.

Art Studio - iPad Photos

There are times when paying for an App is the way to go

All of the free iPad photographers applications I looked at, were a little limited in what they could do, even though they were not really one trick ponies. For example, one thing that I wanted to be able to do, was to merge a couple of photographs together. With the QQ image editor HD I was able to have more than one photo within the workspace, but merging the photos was not one of the tricks that pony could manage.

Art Studio for editing iPad photos and creating digital art

What I did now, was to have a look at an art application which is designed more as a drawing and painting, digital art creation tool, but is able to have layers. You can put one photo on one layer and then have another photograph on a different layer. Then it is possible to change the way that those layers interact, for example changing the opacity of the layer and the blend mode. The art application that I was looking at is called Art Studio. It was easy for me to have two photos in one piece of art, on different layers and it was easy for me to take a layer and to move it, scale it and rotate it. I could even draw on it.

Laying down the layers

I got some quite interesting effects in Art Studio with my iPad photos by changing the opacity of the top layer, while the blend mode was set to multiply. I had a nice little adjustment slider to fiddle with at the bottom of the screen, while I was working on the layers. Then I changed to using the tools available and I used the eraser to rub out part of the top layer and let the layer underneath show through more. The end results were quite artistic in fact!

Because you have a number of layers available for you to work on, you can start a new layer in your photographic art and work within that over the top of your photo. That leaves the original layer still in good condition, so that if you need to scrub out all that you have done already and start again, you could do so easily, without ruining your original image.

Art Studio best photo apps

No shortage of tools to use in Art Studio

There are a huge number of tools available to paint and draw with, in Art Studio. Within the tool it is possible to change many of the characteristics, so that you get exactly what you want. In the scatter tool, which is a kind of brush tool that has five initial choices of scatter, which can be set to soft, medium and hard. The style of the brush can be changed so that it will fade at the start or at the end, the spacing can be changed, the jitter and a whole host of other settings.

iPad Photo Editor -Art Studio

Art studio is an excellent drawing and painting application, that can also be used for editing your photos on your iPad creatively. There is a limitation to the size of the image that you can work on, but that image size is quite workable.

With using Art Studio as an iPad photo editor it would be much more useful than the straight up photo editing applications. Especially useful, if you wanted to make a poster that included one of your iPad photos as well as text and drawings. Overall I have to say that Art Studio would be a good choice to use as an iPad photo editing app. It is the best photo editing app I have found so far, for sure you can do more with this than you can with Photoshop Express.

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